Virgin Islands Coral Reef National Monument
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Looking for your next great beach adventure and want to give island life a try? Consider a trip to Virgin Islands Coral Reef National Monument. It's an amazing place to enjoy some R&R in the heart of a tranquil island paradise.

Virgin Islands Coral Reef National Monument is located in the Atlantic Ocean on the island of St. John, one of the islands that forms part of the U.S. Virgin Islands. On January 17th, 2001, President Bill Clinton designated the area a national monument. This property's main purpose was to provide protection to over 12,708 acres of marine land submerged beneath the ocean. Nestled directly next to the property line for the Virgin Islands National Park, the monument grounds offer a large variety of interesting eco-systems, coral reefs, and plant life. Found on the grounds are such unique and beautiful geographical features as rich mangrove orchards and seagrass beds.

The property is home to an area known as Hurricane Hole that offers protection for many different marine organisms and is also a haven for ships during bouts of inclement weather. Hurricane Hole also offers visitors opportunities to enjoy many different popular seaside activities including snorkeling, diving, paddling, swimming, and more. The area is known for its tranquil air, making it the ideal spot to relax and reconnect with nature.

For a wonderful vacation in the heart of paradise, plan a visit to Virgin Islands Coral Reef National Monument. You'll have an amazing time.

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Travel to the Virgin Islands Coral Reef National Monument is somewhat complicated and requires a flight into the airport on the island of St. Thomas where a ferry transports passengers to the island of St. John. To reach Virgin Islands Coral Reef National Monument by land, you can travel by car or bus to Hurricane Hole. All other areas of the monument property are only accessed via water. For ferry schedules and associated fees, check out the St. John ferry's website.


Parking is available just outside Hurricane Hole. Since all other areas of the monument are accessible only by water, there is no car parking.

Public Transportation

Buses travel from the Saint John ferry terminal to Hurricane Hole on a daily basis. Consult the ferry website for schedules and associated costs.

Campgrounds and parking in Virgin Islands Coral Reef National Monument

Campsites in Virgin Islands Coral Reef National Monument

Alternate camping

Camping Near Virginal Islands Coral Reef

Since a large portion of the monument is under water, there are no RV camping opportunities at the monument itself. On nearby St. John, you'll find one option for tent-only camping. Given the location, you can expect most campsites to be close to the beach or have direct beach access.

Soak up the sun and enjoy this slice of paradise as you use this campsite as a base to explore the Virgin Islands Coral Reef Monument.

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Virgin Islands Coral Reef National Monument rests on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, making it an ideal spot for families who enjoy a refreshing dip in the crisp waters. Bring along your bathing suit, your beach towel, and sunscreen, and you've got a recipe for adventure in one of the most picturesque beaches.

Swimming at Virgin Islands Coral Reef National Monument is unsupervised, so exercise caution and only swim when weather conditions are favorable. Your dog may tag along on your beach excursion but must remain on a leash.


With miles of coral reef and colorful marine life to explore, Virgin Islands Coral Reef National Monument is an excellent place for doing some snorkeling. If you are an experienced snorkeler, you can head out on your own, but the St. John Ferry terminal also offers information about guides who can join you on your snorkeling adventure to ensure your safety and provide you with interesting facts of local significance.

Bring along sunscreen, snorkeling gear, and lots of drinking for your day of fun on the water.



At Virgin Islands Coral Reef National Monument, you will encounter some of the most incredible scenery you've ever laid eyes on. Wander along the sand-lined shores, dipping your toes in the ocean, and taking pictures of the distant island vistas.

You will also discover an abundance of both plant and animal life that are worthy of recording on film. If you're planning to snorkel, an underwater camera will provide excellent pictures of your maritime travels.


With such an incredible backdrop to inspire you, you won't be able to resist enjoying a picnic lunch at Virgin Islands Coral Reef National Monument.

There are several picnic areas which offer tables for public use, or you can simply roll out a beach blanket in the sand where you can spread out your feast for your family and friends to enjoy.



The area surrounding Hurricane Hole offers ample opportunity for exploration and hiking. The terrain is quite diverse and can be both sandy and rocky in spots. You will want to be sure to have your camera along with you to capture the incredible scenery you will encounter along your travels.

Wear appropriate footwear and bring along lots of drinking water to ensure you are properly hydrated. Even in January, high temperatures are commonly around 80 degrees Fahrenheit.



If you're fancying getting out on the water but aren't interested in doing a deep dive, paddling might be the perfect activity for you at Virgin Islands Coral Reef National Monument. Bring along your paddle board and start out paddling from the shore. When you find the ideal spot, you can enjoy paddling around in the ocean waters or simply recline on your board to enjoy the salty ocean air.