Voorhees State Park


Voorhees State Park is a state park and campground in New Jersey. Spanning 1,400 acres, the park is run and maintained by the New Jersey Division of Parks and Forestry. Unsurprisingly, the main recreational pursuits here are outdoor based. Think, hiking, fishing, and star gazing!

The park has an interesting history. It served as a camp for the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) during the Great Depression of the 1930s. They planted the trees and constructed the shelters and trails you’ll find in the park today.

Strolls through the park are well rewarded. There are some stunning views of Round Valley Reservoir and Spruce Run Reservoir. But it’s not just the views on land that are impressive. With an observatory on-site and an interpretive hiking trail based on the solar system, it’s a popular spot for star gazing. A total of 11 official hiking trails make this the perfect destination for hiking enthusiasts.

For those who wish to stay the night, the campground offers a choice of 47 campsites for tents and RVs. There are also two group sites for 30 to 50 people. Prefer not to camp? There are three pretty basic shelters available with wood fired stoves and bunk beds. Please note that while dogs are permitted in the day areas of the park, the campground is not pet-friendly.

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Voorhees State Park is located off 251 County Road 513 through High Bridge in Glen Gardner, New Jersey. Follow the signs to the park and you'll find the entrance on the left-hand side. The main access road within the park is paved so you should have no trouble getting around.

Parking is available at the various points within the park, including at the campground, picnic areas, and at the various hiking trail heads.

Once you’ve set up camp you can get around on foot or by bike.


Public Transportation

Campgrounds and parking in Voorhees State Park

Campsites in Voorhees State Park

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Voorhees Campground

Voorhees Campground offers 47 tent campsites as well as several sites for RVs and trailers. There are also two group campsites: Campsite A caters for 50 people, while Campsite B caters for 30 people.

Each campsite has a picnic table and fire pit. There are no hookups for RVs, but facilities include a dump station, modern toilets and showers.

In addition to the campsites, there are also three shelters with a wood stove and bunk beds. These shelters sleep up to four people each.

The campground is open April to October. The observatory and various picnic sites are located close by. Please note that while dogs are permitted in the day areas of the park, the campground is not pet-friendly.

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Star Gazing

It’s not often you find a state park that’s so perfectly tailored to star gazing. Voorhees State Park has an observatory on-site with a 26-inch telescope for admiring the night’s sky – the largest working public telescope in New Jersey. Sky-watch programs are held here between March and November. You can also hike the 0.25-mile Solar System Trail within the park. It has interpretive signs with information on the planets. Interestingly, the signs are spaced to scale showing the distance of the planets from the Sun.


There are 11 official and well-marked trails within Voorhees State Park. Crosspark Trail and Parcourse Trail are open to hikers only, while the others are all multi-use trails. As each hiking trail leads through different terrain, from single-track rocky trails to wide grave roads, you’re sure to find something that suits you. The Parcourse is also ADA-friendly.

Interpretive Programs

Don’t miss the exciting interpretive programs held within Voorhees State Park. There’s something for all ages. Topics range from history to nature and include kids-themed programs, family nature walks, gardening days, and more. Please note that you will have to register and pay in advance for these programs.



Voorhees State Park is the perfect picnic destination all year round. It offers several picnic areas with picnic tables and grills throughout the park – you can choose your scenery. There are two group picnic areas available for larger groups (75 to 100 people each) which can be booked ahead of time.


Hunting for deer, small game and turkey is permitted in over half of Voorhees State Park (774 acres). Hunting is not permitted in or around any public use areas, including the campground. Please note that you will require a valid hunting license to hunt here, following the regulations of the Division of Fish and Wildlife.


Anglers will be in their element at Voorhees State Park with its scenic angling opportunities. Several small ponds in the park are home to bass and bluegill. You will need to bring along your own fishing equipment and ensure you have a valid fishing license from the state of New Jersey’s Division of Fish and Wildlife.