Wall Doxey State Park
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Located in northern Mississippi, Wall Doxey State Park is the perfect weekend retreat. The park has a 66-acre lake that is loaded with catfish and walleye, as well as a boat launch that makes getting out on the water easy. The woods of the park are home to over a hundred species of birds, including the yellow rumped warbler, owls, and green heron. A relaxing 1.9-mile nature trail loops around the lake and highlights the park’s many species of trees and plants.

In addition to all of the park’s natural sights, you’ll find a number of recreational facilities. The park has two disc golf courses that are open to RV campers, as well as a volleyball court, playing field, and playground. There is also an interpretive display that highlights the park’s wildlife.

The park has two main RV camping loops that have over 60 sites combined. The sites all have electrical and water hookups for your RV. The campsites are within walking distance of the lake and the park’s nature trail, as well as the park’s disc golf courses and recreation field.

RV Rentals in Wall Doxey State Park



Wall Doxey State Park is located just a short drive from Memphis, as well as the campus of Ole Miss. The park has only one main road, and it is wide enough to easily accomodate large rigs.

If you are coming from Memphis, take I-69 and I-22 from the city and you will get to the park in just under an hour. From Nashville, take I-40 west from the city to reach the park in around three and a half hours. If you are driving from Jackson, take I-55 north from the city and you will arrive at the park in around three hours.

There is only one main road in the park, so getting to your campsite is quite easy. Even large rigs will have no trouble navigating the park. The weather stays fairly warm year round, so there are few winter hazards in the park.


Public Transportation

Campgrounds and parking in Wall Doxey State Park

Campsites in Wall Doxey State Park

Reservations camping

New Back Loop

The New Back loop is the larger of the two main camping areas. It has 47 sites to choose from for your RV, all of which have electrical and water hookups. The sites also have fire pits, grills, and picnic tables. You’ll still be within walking distance of the park’s boat launch.

Old Front Loop

The campsites at Wall Doxey State Park are divided into two main loops: Old Front and New Back. Combined, they have 62 sites to choose from, all of which can be reserved online. The campground is open year round. You’ll need to book at least a day before you arrive, and can book up to a year in advance.

The Old Front loop is the smaller of the two RV camping areas. All of the sites have electrical and water hookups, and are within walking distance of a bathhouse and laundry room. The sites all have a picnic table, fire pit, and grill. There is a drinking water access point located within the loop.

The Old Front Loop is located to the north of the New Back loop, and is closer to the ranger station and the park’s boat launch.

Seasonal activities in Wall Doxey State Park


Recreation Field

If you want a break from boating or hiking, head to the park’s recreation field. There is a site that is perfect for football and soccer. There is also a softball diamond, if you want to organize a game. All of the recreational areas are within walking distance of the two camping loops.

There is also a volleyball court near the park’s main areas, as well as a number of picnic sites where you can relax and have a snack.

Playing Disc Golf

Wall Doxey State Park has two disc golf courses that are open to use by RV campers staying at the park. The courses weave in and out of the forests, making for challenging holes with varied terrain. The courses charge a small fee per round.

The courses aren’t far from the campground, and are also close to the park’s main ranger station. You’ll also be close to the park’s recreation field, where you can play football, soccer, and softball.


The park also has a hiking trail that leads along the 66-acre lake. The 1.9-mile trail loops around the lake, and is pet-friendly. You’ll find an abundance of waterfowl near the trail, as well as dozens of bird species in the woods.

The trail can be accessed by hikers of just about any age. You’ll find information on the wildlife along the trail, so you can learn more about the local flora and fauna of Mississippi.



Fishing is the park’s most popular activity so don't forget to pack your rod and reel in the camper or trailer. The 66-acre lake at the heart of the park is known for its catfish and walleye. The boat launch is located just west of the Old Front campsite loop, so you can get out onto the water quickly.

You can also night fish from the shore or in a boat that follows state regulations. Bow fishing is allowed on the lake, provided that you have the proper state licenses.


The park’s lake is a also a great boating spot. The lake’s shady shoreline is perfect for canoeing and kayaking on hot summer days. You’ll also find an abundance of water life along the water’s edge, from waterfowl to owls and warblers.

The wide boat launch makes it easy to get large boats out onto the lake. The park does not offer boat rentals of any kind, so bring what you need along with your rig. There are a number of nearby businesses that offer boat rentals.


Wall Doxey State Park is one of the best spots in the area for birdwatching. You’ll find a wide range of bird species throughout the year, including the yellow rumped warbler, green heron, barred owl, and hermit thrush.

Mississippi State Parks provides a checklist with all of the birds that you’ll find in the park. You can also consult the websites of local birdwatching societies or the state audubon society if you want a field guide for the area.