Warm Springs Wilderness


Located in western Arizona, Warm Springs Wilderness is made up of over 112,000 acres of land that is managed by the Bureau of Land Management. The wilderness was established 30 years ago and is also referred to as the Black Mesa. You will find mountains, valleys, washes, and foothills. The Warm Springs Wilderness stretches for ten miles across the Black Mesa.

The Warm Springs Wilderness is unique because of the different areas that it consists of. You will see vast deserts, but there are also deep winding canyons. During the autumn and winter, you'll see several different types of vegetation and wildflowers decorating the area. Many people who visit Warm Springs Wilderness enjoy a day of hiking followed by a dip in one of the hot springs to relax.

There are also numerous campsites nearby where you can park the RV or set up a tent to get a good night's rest. You also won't have to worry about Warm Springs Wilderness ever being overcrowded or noisy due to how large it is! It's the perfect place to have a change of scenery from your busy everyday life.

RV Rentals in Warm Springs Wilderness



If you're interested in visiting Warm Springs Wilderness in Golden Valley, Arizona, there are a handful of popular routes you can take. The wilderness itself is easily located by taking interstate 40 or interstate 70. Depending on where you're coming from, you may have to pay toll fees along the way. Warm Springs Wilderness is an incredibly mountainous area.

You will need a vehicle with four-wheel-drive to even enter the wilderness. There are paved roads leading up to the entrance, but it does turn to gravel near the Warm Springs. The paved roads along the way wind quite a bit and some have very sharp turns. If you are traveling in a larger vehicle such as a camper van or RV it is crucial to take your time and make sure your vehicle is no longer than 40 feet.

There isn't much cell phone service in the area and bringing a physical map could help you in the event that you get lost without any reception. Once you arrive in the wilderness the majority of people get around on foot or horseback. Either way is a great way to see the area.


Public Transportation

Campgrounds and parking in Warm Springs Wilderness

Campsites in Warm Springs Wilderness

First-come first-served

Crossroads Campground

Crossroads Campground is located near Lake Havasu City, Arizona. It is open year-round and offers affordable camping for both RVs and tent campers. There is an on-site BLM campground host that will help you with any of your camping needs. It is a semi-developed campground and campsites are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Due to the fact that it sits on the Colorado River, this can be a great place to stay if you're visiting Arizona during the warm summer. There you can fish, swim, and enjoy other water activities. There is a 14 day per month maximum stay. Each of the 24 campsites has a picnic table for your convenience. There are also pit toilets and trash bins located all around the campground. This is a beautiful place to rest your head after a long day visiting Warm Springs Wilderness.

Lone Tree BLM Campground

Lone Tree BLM Campground is open year-round. Campers can stay here for free for up to 14 days per month. It is just east of the Havasu National Wildlife Refuge. Lone Tree offers dispersed camping for RV campers. There is tent camping allowed, but since the pad type is gravel it may not be the most comfortable. Camping here is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

RVs are limited to a maximum length of 40 feet. Catching the sunrise over the hills and mountains surrounding you is a great activity that the whole family will enjoy while staying there. There are no amenities and it is a little loud due to being close to Highway, but it is still peaceful. It is well-maintained and doesn't often feel crowded due to a large number of parking spots. Lone Tree is an awesome place to stay while visiting Warm Springs Wilderness.

Kingman Wash Lake Mead National Recreation Free Camping

Kingman Wash Lake Mead National Recreation Free Camping can be found in Lake Mead National Recreation Area. If you're interested in dispersed camping, you may want to stay here. Campsites here are available on a first-come, first-served basis. One of the best things about staying here is that it is free. One of the only amenities you will have is vaulted toilets.

There are no picnic tables, fire rings, or RV hookups. If you're camping in a tent, this may not be the best campsite for you, but it is perfect for RV campers. You'll be surrounded by mountains and have a beautiful view of the lake. Kingman Wash Campground displays a breathtaking view of the stars once nightfall comes. It is important to note that you should check the weather before staying here. This area is prone to flash flooding. As long as it's dry, this is a great place to stay!

Seasonal activities in Warm Springs Wilderness



Warm Springs Wilderness is a hiker’s paradise. There may not be specific man-made trails for you to hike on, but that just means the entire wilderness is yours to explore.

The terrain is very rugged, meaning it is crucial to have the proper hiking gear such as boots and walking sticks. By hiking around the wilderness you are able to see all types of vegetation, animals, and the beautiful scenery that you will be surrounded by.

Hot Springs

We can't talk about warm spring wilderness without talking about the hot springs throughout the area. Hot springs are natural bodies of water that are heated by the earth.

Many people claim that hot springs have healing abilities that other bodies of water don't. Whether or not that is true, relaxing in one of the hot springs throughout the wilderness is a great way to soak and relax your muscles after a long hike. Be sure to pack your swimsuit!


Backpacking is quite similar to hiking. The main difference being you bring a backpack full of essentials with you when you go backpacking. Avid backpackers will bring food, a cooking apparatus, a map, safety gear, and even extra clothes.

Backpacking is an activity that is meant for people who have experience in the wilderness or plan to spend an extended period of time at Warm Springs Wilderness. Packs are usually quite heavy and this isn't an activity for children.


Horseback Riding

If you have horses of your own, you can enjoy a bit of horseback riding while you're visiting Warm Springs Wilderness. There aren't any designated trails, but horseback riding is one of the most popular activities that people enjoy during the off-season.

Because of the warm temperatures in the summer, it is suggested to go horseback riding anytime from October to April. Be sure to bring plenty of water for both you and the horse!

Animal Viewing

If you like animals and spending time outdoors, when you visit the Warm Springs Wilderness you will get the chance to take part in viewing animals in their natural habitat. To get the best experience possible, make sure to pack a pair of binoculars.

What animals can you expect to see? You will likely see bighorn sheep, a variety of different snakes and amphibians, mountain lions, coyotes, and various types of birds. This is a great activity to try if you're bringing children with you on the trip!


Picnicking is another great activity that the whole family can enjoy. Whether you're about to head out on a long hike or are you just came back from one, a delicious meal surrounded by beautiful scenery is a delightful off-season activity. Nothing beats a homemade sandwich, fruit, veggies, and some trail mix! There are no trash receptacles throughout the wilderness, which is why it's important to take your trash with you and help preserve the land.