Washington to Baffalo Road Trip Guide


Washington, District of Columbia, is more than just the country’s capital. Built on the Potomac River, the city is abundant with history and many fascinating attractions that keep visitors coming in all year round. Washington D.C. is full of iconic monuments and memorials, making it one of the most visited places in the world.

The city has a diversity of occupations that has helped build the economy, with a low unemployment rate. With about 203 days of sunshine annually, there are plenty of recreational activities to do, as the city ensures that you have so much fun while enjoying the outdoors.

But while the city is full of attractions and interests, an adventure with your family to Buffalo is yet another fascinating and must-do activity. An RV road trip starting in Washington will bring to you some of the best sites in the region, along with viewing the country’s ever-captivating landscapes on several highways. You’re guaranteed an experience of a lifetime on this trip.

There’s so much to learn and this RV road trip to Buffalo with your family is just the beginning.

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Max RV length
Max trailer Length
Road trip length: 2-3 days
Recommend rig: any
audience: family

Point of Interest

Monocacy National Battlefield

Coming from Washington, you will no doubt have heard about the historic battle that saved the city. But do you know how it really played out? Take a walk through history to visit the Monocacy National Battlefield in Frederick and learn about the civil war.

The park has scenic trails of various difficulty levels that elucidate phases of the battle and provide a scenic walk through nature, so make sure to visit one or all of them. A self-guided tour takes you through the strategic locations related to the battle. Get a grasp on how men of valor saved the district. Take your tour to the next level and visit the Park’s preserve area that currently is home to several wildlife and bird species. All these are within the park’s vicinity.

A visit to the park will require you to spend about half the day, so if you leave Washington DC early enough, you will have the opportunity to spend ample time at the park before moving on to the next attraction or camping in your RV overnight at the nearby Gambrill State Park.

Chimney Rocks Park

After about three hours of driving from Monocacy National Battlefield, the city of Philadelphia comes into view. What does the view of Philadelphia from on top of the rocks offer? You can only know when you climb at Chimney Rocks Park! Climb up the rocks with the family and have some elevated fun while at it.

From the rocks, the view is both scenic and panoramic, so don’t forget to come with your camera. Whether you’re here for a picnic with the family or you need some quiet alone time, this park will give you just that.

After a pleasant time on the rocks, you may not want to leave the city immediately as there are still several attractions waiting to be seen. Canal Basin Parks and Visitors serve to suit all your RV camping needs while offering its resort amenities to make your visit as pleasurable as possible.

Winkler Gallery of Fine Art

Art comes in many forms and everyone appreciates it differently. Artists use their works to creatively tell the story of the past and connect it to the opportunities of the future. As the trip takes you into Philadelphia, make a stop at Winkler Gallery of Fine Art to see diversity in arts.

The gallery displays artworks that aid the development and appreciation of arts through exhibits that provide enrichment and satisfaction for guests and visitors. The artworks include stained glass, acrylics, mosaics, and blown glass. You could easily spend the whole day at the gallery and not know it.

Outside of the art gallery, the world itself can be art. If there’s still time available, take time to explore the city of DuBois and be inspired. You can visit the Southside Picker for antique souvenirs and relics for the avid collector. However you choose to utilize your time here, endeavor to make it worth your while.

Allegany State Park

Having been on the road for quite a while, you should definitely stop by at Allegany State Park in New York to enjoy some of nature’s finest beauties as the park is well known for immersing all its guests into nature in its entire splendor. Spectacular is the word for it! The vast open lands and trails make the park suitable for hiking, biking, swimming, skiing, and snowboarding.

Plus, you get to see wildlife and birds of different species. Visitors can explore the connection and nearness to nature provided in the Recreation Center. There are several activities and learning experiences for guests of all ages. In addition, guests have access to a picnic arena, restaurants and drinking areas.

Relaxation centers are open for all guests with accommodation available for families and groups in addition to the camping opportunities for your RVs, available all year round. This makes this place a great destination for a family vacation. Worth the stop!


This artsy city is second to none. Buffalo is home to contemporary and modern arts that keep the community alive and detail its history. There is only one thing Buffalo does better than arts: food. The culinary scene is quite large and unbelievable; hence the city is dubbed ‘The Foodie Haven.’

Visitors are welcome to visit the not-too-shabby city its with mild climate and topography which makes it easy for a lot of people to make it home. Visitors should be prepared as they will always find something interesting to satisfy their adventurous cravings. Plenty of carnivals and concerts keep the city alive and buzzing. Visit Buffalo in the winter and celebrate it Grand Buffalo Style.

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