Welcome to Rockville

If you love rock or metal music, head to the Welcome to Rockville Festival this year to enjoy the best national and international bands.

Event information

Welcome to Rockville is a must-visit festival for fans of rock and metal music. It is held annually at Metropolitan Park in Jacksonville and features the best classic rock, modern rock, and metal bands.

Jacksonville natives like Lynyrd Skynyrd, Limp Bizkit, and Shinedown have headlined the event in the past. Other past performers include Godsmack, Puddle of Mudd, My Darkest Days, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Korn, Evanescence, Five Finger Death Punch, and Lacuna Coil.

The festival was founded by Danny Wimmer and is produced by his company, Danny Wimmer Presents. He is a veteran in the field of music festival production and is the driving force behind other events like Aftershock, Rock on the Range, Carolina Rebellion, Northern Invasion, Louder Than Life, and Chicago Open Air.

The festival was first held as a one-day event in 2011. It was extended to two days in 2013 and became a three-day fest in 2018. All the musical acts are performed on a number of stages spread across the grounds. There will also be plenty of other entertainment options and food tents on the venue for festival attendees to enjoy.


There are a couple of ticket options to choose from with Welcome to Rockville. General admission and VIP tickets are available for single days as well as all three days. You can also choose between various levels.

Prices range from $90 for single-day general admission tickets to $450 for VIP weekend passes. There are also bundle and specialty tickets on offer as well as various packages. Once you purchase your ticket, a uniquely coded RFID wristband will be mailed to you about four weeks before the festival. All ticket sales are final, and no refunds or exchanges will be offered.

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When driving an RV through the Sunshine State, make sure you have all the information you need about local road travel, accessibility, and toll roads. Always abide by the rules of the state and stick to speed limits. Your route might bring you through Florida from the west or through Georgia from the north to arrive in the Jacksonville area near the coast. You can also dial 511 on your phone to get up to date traffic information on the go.

Parking areas

Parking will be available all around the festival venue on the days of the event. Spots will be allotted on a first-come, first-serve basis. It’s a good idea to get there early so you can set up camp as desired and not have to wait in line to park as long. Normal traffic patterns will be disrupted on festival days, so be sure to follow the signs and instructions posted.

Public Transportation

Festival organizers recommend taking public transportation or a taxi to the venue to help alleviate traffic and avoid the stress of finding a parking spot if you choose not to camp on site. You can get dropped off close to the site by bus, train, or intercity rail. There are a number of designated drop off locations if you plan on taking a taxi or ridesharing.

Where to stay


In order to park your RV on the festival grounds, you’ll need to purchase an RV camping pass. There are two options available: RV camping passes and RV + companion vehicle camping passes. A maximum of six campers can stay in the space. Your RV must have a vertical exhaust stack, and no water or power hookups will be provided.


You will find several great RV parks to pick from in and around Jacksonville and along the St. Johns River waters. You can choose to camp in the rugged outdoors or select a beachside location. Florida is well known for its luxurious, well-equipped RV parks that come with a ton of amenities like electricity, cable, water, and free wireless internet.

Getting around

No cycles, strollers, scooters, or personal motorized vehicles will be allowed on the venue, so you’ll need to get around on foot. Metropolitan Park is ADA accessible, and wheelchairs, small three or four-wheeled scooters, and power wheelchairs will be permitted for use by patrons with disabilities. However, guests will not be able to rent wheelchairs.

What to pack


Loose, light-colored clothing is recommended since it’s likely to be hot and sunny. T-shirts, loose tank tops, or tank tops with shorts are your best bet to stay cool. Choose comfortable sneakers or flip-flops since you will probably be on your feet all day. Also, wear a hat to shade your head from the Florida sun.


It’s a good idea to take some essentials with you like sunscreen, binoculars, a hat, sunglasses, earplugs, a sealed bottle of water and a light blanket. You will only be able to carry a small purse, hand-held clutch, a small clear plastic, vinyl, or PVC bag, a clear one-gallon resealable zip-top bag or a clear drawstring bag.

Health & Safety

The Florida sun is notorious for being harsh, so carry sunscreen and reapply it liberally throughout the day. Make sure you stay hydrated and pace yourself to keep going on all three days of the festival. Alcohol will be sold only to those with valid IDs. Anyone not respecting the festival rules will be escorted out of the venue. Welcome to Rockville requests that guests adhere to current moshing and crowd surfing guidelines for the safety and enjoyment of all attendees.

Where to eat


You can cook at your campsite on the stove that’s within your RV. You also have the option of using a small propane grill that works on 16 oz. of propane or less. Open fires of any kind will not be allowed on site. Cooking is not permitted near the stages, and outside food or beverages cannot be brought into the festival areas.


You’ll have plenty of restaurants to choose from if you decide to eat out in Jacksonville. It has a thriving food scene, and you find a great local eatery in any neighborhood you visit. Be sure to try some fresh seafood at one of the exceptional seafood shacks while you’re in the city.


Every year, festival organizers collaborate with local restaurants, food trucks, vendors, and caterers to provide delicious food and drink options to festival attendees. Food tents will be set up in the general admission and VIP areas. There will also be a number of beer gardens on the venue serving beer, wine, liquor, and non-alcoholic beverages.



There will be elevated security measures in place for the duration of the festival. You will need to enter the venue through a security checkpoint where all bags will be screened. You may also be subjected to a TSA style pat-down or metal screening. Once you enter the grounds, you will not be able to leave and re-enter at will.


Keep in mind that Welcome to Rockville is an outdoor event that will be held rain or shine. Exchanges or refunds will not be given if the day’s festivities are eclipsed by inclement weather. It’s a good idea to carry a poncho and wear rain boots to be prepared.


Medical teams will be present on site to provide any required assistance. You will be allowed to take medications that you require, provided it is in its original packaging, and a valid photo ID is presented. Special viewing areas and accessible restrooms will be set up for patrons with disabilities.