West Texas Fair and Rodeo

The West Texas Fair & Rodeo in Abilene is 10 exciting days of games, carnival rides, awesome food, and of course, the rodeo.

Event information

When you attend the West Texas Fair & Rodeo in Abilene, you are sure to find something for everyone in your family to love. From the rodeo to the carnival rides, great food, and fun music, you and your gang will be glad you came. Not only can you ride some fantastic rides and play carnival games, but you can also watch the pig races, get in on the tractor pull, visit the livestock and horse shows, and see some adorable baby animals at the petting zoo.

With ten days to enjoy the fair, you can come back again and again so you can enjoy every part of the entertainment. Exhibits and food vendors are open daily, and the carnival rides start the night before the fair officially opens, which is usually the Thursday after Labor Day. Enjoy the exciting rodeo for less than $10 per person on weekdays, and students get in for half price. They even have a free parade in downtown Abilene.

Lucky for RVers, the West Texas Fair & Rodeo is RV-friendly, so you can park and camp right in the parking lot with hookups available. It doesn’t get much easier than that. Just park your rig and head over to whatever entertainment venue you are interested in, and you can walk back to your RV anytime to rest, change clothes, or get a bite to eat if you want a switch from carnival food. But seriously, how can you get sick of hotdogs on a stick and funnel cake?


Tickets for the West Texas Fair & Rodeo in the past have gone for between $5 and $10 on weekdays and under $15 on weekends. However, discounted days include college student day, Coca-Cola Can-tastic Night, and sneak a peek day. Veterans get in free every day. Carnival ride tickets are sold separately and have previously been sold for about $1 each.

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Just off TX-36 and TX-322, the West Texas Fair & Rodeo in the heart of Abilene is just 148 miles from Fort Worth, 179 miles from Dallas, 214 miles from Austin, and 246 miles from San Antonio. Being right off the highway and built especially for trailers, the streets and driving conditions in and around the West Texas Fair & Rodeo are easily maneuverable no matter how big your rig.

Parking areas

West Texas Fair & Rodeo has a huge 5,000-space parking lot with plenty of room for large vehicles, and parking is free of charge. However, if the lot is full, you can park at one of the surrounding lots such as the Abilene Zoo, East Shotwell Stadium, the 11th Street Parking, or the TX-322 Loop Parking Lot.

Public Transportation

Should you choose to leave your RV at a different campground and get a ride into the park, there are several options to get to the West Texas Fair & Rodeo from wherever you camp. You can use the City Link, cab, taxi, bus, car rental, or one of the rideshare apps. However, check with your campground because some offer shuttle service.

Where to stay


West Texas Fair & Rodeo has 502 RV hookups, which are first-come, first-served. Located by the livestock barn and covered outdoor arena off of TX-322, 452 of these spots have water and electricity while 50 have full hookups including sewer. The number of spots available can vary depending on the event and use of the facility, so it is best to call the Expo Center office to check the availability.


If the West Texas Fair & Rodeo RV spaces are full or you would rather have the ambiance and amenities of a campground, you can choose one of the many in and around Abilene. There are several fantastic campgrounds that can accommodate RVs and trailers up to 100 feet in length. Some of them are primitive, while others have full hookups with Wi-Fi, cable television, pools, dog parks, and activities for the kids.

Getting around

Walking will be your main form of transportation while you are at the West Texas Fair & Rodeo. They do not allow any kind of motorized or wheeled vehicles or personal transportation devices like skateboards, hoverboards, or Segways. However, wheelchairs and strollers are welcome for those who need them. Contact the Expo Center office if you need assistance or have any questions.

What to pack


When packing for the West Texas Fair & Rodeo, your best bet is to pack summer clothes like tank tops, tees, and shorts. However, it can dip down into the low 60s at night, so you may also want to pack some jeans and long-sleeved shirts. Of course, many people wear the traditional jeans and cowboy (girl) hats, which are perfect for protecting your head and face from the sun.


West Texas Fair & Rodeo allows backpacks, fanny packs, and bags as well as diaper bags for the tot supplies. However, they are subject to search at any time if security deems it necessary. Also, it is a good idea to bring some cash in case some of the vendors do not take plastic.

Health & Safety

West Texas is warm in the fall, so make sure you dress accordingly. Bring (and wear) sunscreen as well as bug spray to protect you from the sun and the hungry Texas mosquitos that come out when the sun goes down. Bring a refillable water bottle to stay well hydrated and take a break when needed.

Where to eat


West Texas Fair & Rodeo does provide water and electric hookups for your RV so you can cook in the rig with no trouble. Grocery and department stores are just a few blocks away so you can get food, ice, and other necessities. The Expo Center does not provide fire pits, BBQ pits, or picnic tables at your campsite, but you can find a plethora of places to enjoy a meal on the grounds.


The Lone Star State is known for its BBQ, chicken-fried steak, and Tex-Mex. Within a mile of the West Texas Fair & Rodeo, you will spot a huge variety of restaurants, from fast food to fancy food, tacos to tiramisu, burgers to brownies. Whatever you are hungry for, you can find it in Abilene or in the communities nearby.


The West Texas Fair & Rodeo is sponsored by Reliant NRG Company as well as many others that return year after year. Vendors who have participate in the fair in the past include Taylor County municipalities, PRC Rodeo, Coca-Cola, the Mill, Abilene AC, Wrangler, Tractor Supply Company, Whataburger, Coors, Ram, and many more. Drinks stations will be serving everything from water to beer, and the foods available include carnival favorites like popcorn, hot dogs, cotton candy, and funnel cake.



West Texas Fair & Rodeo security will be on duty 24 hours every day during the fair and will also have several members of the Abilene Sheriff’s Office on hand. In addition, the carnival and rodeo owners provide their own security. Do not bring weapons, drugs, cigarettes, or alcohol to the fair or leave the grounds with any alcohol you purchased there.


Of course, Texas is hot almost all year long, and the end of September is no exception. During the ten days of the West Texas Fair & Rodeo, typical weather averages 80 to 95 degrees for the high and 58 to 65 degrees for the low. However, in recent years, temps in the lower to mid-90s have been the norm.


The expo center provides excellent medical care at the rodeo with a first aid station for the rodeo riders as well as the visitors to the park. There is also private medical staff on duty to help with any emergencies. If needed, Abilene Regional Medical Center is less than a mile from the West Texas Fair & Rodeo.