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Westmoreland State Park is located on the Potomac River in the vicinity of northern Virginia. It is located within a couple hours' drive of Hampton Roads, Richmond, and Washington, D.C. This popular site for camping and hiking also has water access, so you can bring your boat to explore the river. When you come to the park in your rig, you also might want to bring your fishing rod and tackle, as fishing is a popular pursuit here.

Westmoreland State Park offers spectacular views of the Potomac River. You can trek up to Murphy Hall at the Horse Head Cliffs and see the expanse of the Potomac River below. Along the river, fossil hunters enjoy searching for ancient fossilized shark teeth. Bird watchers can enjoy the opportunity to see a variety of avian species, from North American bald eagles to kingfishers.

The park offers an Olympic-sized swimming pool with an adjacent bathhouse, so you can bring the family and enjoy a dip in the pool. As far as camping is concerned, there are a little over 100 campsites at the park. You can bring your RV up to 40 feet long here, with some sites having electrical and water hookups. In addition, there are cabins you can reserve.

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Westmoreland State Park is located approximately six miles northwest of the town of Montross, Virginia. It's just a few hours from most places on the eastern coast of Virginia, approximately two hours from Washington, D.C. and two and a half hours from Virginia Beach, Virginia.

The drive to Westmoreland State Park is relatively straightforward. While you want to exercise normal caution driving, there are minimal twisting turns or steep cliffs. There are rolling hills, so you'll want to be careful when driving under extreme weather conditions, such as rain or snow.

Two vehicles are allowed at each campsite in Westmoreland State Park. If you have more cars in your party, they will need to park in the parking lot and pay a parking fee. Guests that are visiting campers must pay the parking fee and park in the appropriate lot. All equipment and vehicles must remain within your campsite, without infringing upon other guests' campsites. Campers have access to the boat ramp for free, so you can bring your boat to go exploring the Potomac River.


Public Transportation

Campgrounds and parking in Westmoreland State Park

Campsites in Westmoreland State Park

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Westmoreland State Park Campground

Westmoreland State Park Campground has open sites throughout the year, although in the off-season these are predominantly through rentals of the cabins or Potomac River Retreat facility. The park has 133 campsites, some of which are large enough to accommodate RVs or camping trailers up to 40 feet in length. Some of the RV sites offer electrical and water hookups. At each camping site up to two vehicles are allowed to park; additional vehicles must park at the parking lot and will be charged a parking fee.

Campers have access to the Olympic-sized swimming pool when it is open, as well as the boat launch. You can rent boats at the nearby boathouse to use in the water, as well. Pets are allowed at the campsites but must remain on a leash less than six feet long at all times. In addition to the campsites, the park has several cabins that are available for reservations throughout the year.

Seasonal activities in Westmoreland State Park


Bird Watching

Naturalists can enjoy bird watching when they come to the park, so you should pack your binoculars or camera to view your surroundings when you pack your RV. Bird watchers can enjoy views of birds such as osprey and North American bald eagles. You can also enjoy views along the coastal plains of other animals. The park offers the opportunity to bird watch while walking on the trails or sitting down by the Potomac River.


In addition to being able to set up a picnic in different places around the park, Westmoreland State Park offers two picnic shelters that you can reserve for group usage. They include grills and picnic tables, and there are restroom facilities available in the area. The shelter nearest the pool is handicapped accessible via a ramp and has surrounding picnic tables which can be used by the general public. The boathouse also offers concessions when open.


When you come camping at Westmoreland State Park in your campervan, you can explore a variety of trails present in the park. There are seven trails present, which include interpretive trails, so make sure you pack your hiking boots on your RV. The park also has fitness stations that have been set up along the Conservation Corps Trail. While there is no swimming designated within the Potomac River, there is a beach trail you can walk along to enjoy views of the water.



You can't go swimming in the Potomac River, but don't worry, you should still bring your swimsuit when you come camping at Westmoreland State Park in your camping rig. The park has an Olympic-sized swimming pool, which also comes with a bathhouse for you to utilize while you are at the park. If swimming is very important to you, you may want to check with the park prior to your visit as it is not open on all weekdays.


Bring your boat when you come camping in your RV or camping trailer and enjoy the included access to the boat ramp with a valid campsite or cabin reservation. Power boats are allowed in the park's waters, and you can also rent boats from Westmoreland State Park's boathouse. These rentals include stand up paddleboards, kayaks, and paddleboats, so you can get out and explore the water even if you don't have your own boating equipment.


Fishing is available when you come camping at Westmoreland State Park, with both saltwater and freshwater fishing available. For saltwater fishing, you will need to have a valid saltwater fishing license and you must also register in the state's saltwater angler identification program. You can also go freshwater fishing within Rock Spring Pond with a valid freshwater fishing license. You can enjoy fishing for crappie, bass, catfish, and bream. If you have a boat, you can fish from it within the waters.