White Pines Forest State Park
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White Pines Forest State Park, also known as White Pines State Park is a gem of an RV camping destination tucked away in the heart of Rock River Valley. White Pines also happens to be Illinois’ gateway to Chicago as the park serves as the southern boundary of the iconic Iowa-Chicago Trail, a limestone rail system from Illinois to Chicago and vice versa. The park is rightfully called White Pines for preserving Illinois’ native beauty of white pine trees. The park is resplendent in nature; from remains of Illinois’ white pines, an exotic ambiance fabricated by its Spring and Pines Creek, moss-covered cliffs to splendid displays of richly colored trout lily, hepatica, and marvelous exhibits of squirrels, raccoons, and chipmunks, nature is alive and thriving at White Pines in unimaginable ways.

The 385-acre park is home to a diverse variety of joyful activities – when you bring your RV you will find numerous ways to spend a vacation you can cherish for many years to come. You can hike splendidly scenic trails, try to bait your next dinner in the streams, picnic in a well-shaded picnic shelter, hunt for deer, ride your snowmobile, or ski through four-and-a-half miles of snow-covered trails. 103 campsites and two group campsites offer serene RV and tent camping. The peak season lasts May to October. Plenty of other lodging options are available at the White Pines Inn resort.

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White Pines Forest State Park is situated on an area of 385 acres, just a few miles away from the cities of Polo and Oregon. Apart from the locals of Polo and Oregon, the villagers of Mount Morris can also reach the park on a less than a fifteen-minute drive. As the park lies on the boundary of Iowa-Chicago Trail, Chicago residents can also visit this beautiful Illinois state park in two the three hours driving.

There are no driving restrictions for RVs, cars, or bikes. You are free to drive on park roads in your motorhome, trailer, rig, camper, or whatever vehicle you are bringing to camp at White Pines State Park. You will find a total of three areas to serve your parking needs with the main parking lot located just near the entrance. Parking along roadways is restricted.


Public Transportation

Campgrounds and parking in White Pines Forest State Park

Campsites in White Pines Forest State Park

Reservations camping

Fox Canyon Campground

Fox Canyon Campground offers RV and tent camping in class B/S campsites. A few electric sites are only available on first-come, first -served basis, while rest of the campsites (non-electric) are available on the park reservation system. A restroom without showers and drinking water can be found in the heart of the campground. The peak season lasts May to October.

Uneven grounds due to melting snow can cease camping at Fox Canyon anytime during March and April. Most sites can only accommodate smaller RVs. There is a maximum occupancy limit is four people and two vehicles per campsite. You can bring over your pets, but you will have to submit a rabies vaccination proof. You may have to walk or drive to access the only dump station at the park located near Sunny Crest Campground.

Sunny Crest Family Campground

Another family-friendly campground, Sunny Crest Campground offers a mix of reservable non-electric and non-reservable electric campsites. The campground is pet-friendly with well-shaded sites, two restrooms without showers, and two hydrants. A maximum of four people and two vehicles are allowed per campsite. Camping lasts throughout the year with an irregular hiatus in March and April due to weather conditions. April to October is the best season to camp. A dump station is located at the intersection of Cedar Ridge and Sunny Crest Campgrounds.

Cedar Ridge Family Campground

You have another option in the form of Cedar Ridge Family Campground offering non-electric RV campsites, a hydrant, a restroom with the availability of showers and another without showers. This is the only campground with facilities for persons with disabilities. The park’s only dump station is located within a short walking distance. All sites are reservable. The campground may be closed in March and April due to unsuitable camping conditions. It is better to check for availability in advance before coming to camp. You can bring a camping party of up to four people and two vehicles in your campsite. Pets are allowed, but excessive barking is prohibited.

First-come first-served

Fox Canyon Campground

Fox Canyon Campground offers RV and tent camping in class B/S campsites. Three electric sites are only available on first-come, first -served basis. The rest of the campsites (non-electric) are available by reservation.

Sunny Crest Family Campground

Sunny Crest Campground offers a mix of reservable non-electric and non-reservable electric campsites. If you are planning a spontaneous trip to White Pines Forest State Park you might be able to snag some spots on a first-come, first-served basis at this campground.

Seasonal activities in White Pines Forest State Park



Wander through White Pines State Park’s limestone cliffs, captivating pine trees, rumbling creeks, and rocky pathways during your next RV camping adventure. Whispering Pines is an easy, roughly half-mile trail. Sunset, Lookout, Grey Squirrel, and Red Squirrel trails are moderately challenging. If you are a beginner, hiking any of the above trails will be no less than a cakewalk. If you are looking for a more challenge trek, opt for either the half-mile Razorback or the one-mile Sleepy Hollow. Follow the color-coded markers on the trails to avoid getting lost.


White Pines State Park boasts two incredible freshwater streams that channel unexplainable natural beauty. Besides spectacular sightseeing, the creeks happen to be excellent fisheries. Fishing is not usually a part of White Pines’ regular recreational activities, but whenever fishing there is a fishing season, there are a lot of exotic species to aim. Drive your RV to the Pine Creek as soon as you begin sporting at White Pines. A variety of supreme quality species like smallmouth bass, suckers, carp, crappie, and sunfish make Pine Creek an anglers’ absolute delight.


The abundance of picnic areas including picnic tables and four picnic shelters make picnicking a must try while vacationing at White Pines State Park. One of the best picnic spots at White Pines happens to be near the lovely Pine Creek. The ambiance and scenery are breathtaking. A sufficient number of picnic tables rest in the shades of towering trees and water rumbling in the creek creates perfect melodies. You can also reserve a picnic shelter for your next family getaway at White Pines. There are also four picnic shelters, two of which you can reserve before bringing your rig to White Pines.


Cross-Country Skiing

Get a chance to enjoy skiing like never before on the trails of White Pines Forest State Park. Bring your skis and burn some calories on the snow-covered trails. Two trails covering four and a half miles permit this ridiculously enjoyable sport. Bring your whole family on the trails and celebrate winter festivities laughing, gliding, and racing. Cheers for the snow, enjoy beautiful winter outdoors, and much more while you bring your RV to White Pines for a spectacular winter vacation.


There is an abundance of nature to explore and marvel at White Pines State Park. Visit White Pines and check out the undiscovered aspects of nature. Drive your trailer or motorhome through the park’s stunning roadways displaying the irresistible charms of colorful vines, rocky cliffs, resonant streams, and astounding varieties of mammals and birds. Did you know you can drive your RV above the freshwater streams? This is undoubtedly the most romantic driveway at White Pines where you can drive your camper on concrete fords through the beautiful flowing streams.


Not included in White Pines Forest State park’s regular recreational offerings, hunting is one of the top things to do while RV camping at the park. If you get lucky enough to visit during any established deer hunt season, seize the chance and immerse yourself in the thrills of firearm and archery hunting. Archery hunters can hunt from Monday to Thursday in October and seven days a week beginning in November during the hunting period. Firearm hunting dates are also usually less or more the same.