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William Lake Provincial Park


Surrounded by scenic views of Manitoba prairies, with a natural lake, beautiful beach and an endless list of recreational options, William's Lake Provincial Park is a premium destination for nature lovers. Located on Turtle Mountain in the Rural Municipality of Morton, Manitoba, the park is one of Canada's best displays of nature's beauty.

The standout feature of this park is its nature and diverse plant and animal life. Manitoba has one of Canada's most diverse ecosystems and visitors to William Lake can experience the region's natural beauty first hand.

Manitoba is located within three migration corridors, with almost 400 bird species recorded in the area to date. The diversity of landscape also makes the park home to a wide range of wildlife like bears, foxes, bighorn sheep and moose. The park also offers other recreational activities, including the legendary Turtle Back Hiking Trail and a lake area and boat launch for all sorts of water sports.

RV campers will have a blast at William Lake. The park has a large campground with 52 campsites available to campers. Camper or not, however, Williams Lake is a brilliant destination for both adults and kids and should be at the top of every outdoor lover's travel destination list.

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William Lake can be accessed by RV and other vehicles about 11km south of Boissevain off Highway 10. It's a provincial park, so visitors will need a entry pass to access the park and other necessary licenses to access the park and enjoy its offerings to the fullest.

The roads within the park are well paved, taking you from the entrance to other parts of the park. Vehicle users are advised to maintain speed limits on road ways, keep to roads and only park in designated areas.


Public Transportation

Campgrounds and parking in William Lake Provincial Park

Campsites in William Lake Provincial Park

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William's Lake Campground

William Lake Campground offers 52 pet friendly campsites open to reservation by visitors. The campground features picnic tables, showers and running taps.

The campground also a golf course and a few other outdoor games. The beach is a few hundred feet away and a kiosk is also nearby where visitors can purchase basic amenities they may need.

Seasonal activities in William Lake Provincial Park



Hiking boots are the first thing a visitor should pack when coming to William's Lake Provincial Park. The trails are the park's major attraction, with the famous Turtle Back Trail in particular bringing lots of visitors to the park.

The Turtle Back Trail spans 6.9km (4.3 miles), taking you to the top of the Turtle Mountains, giving hikers a scenic and rewarding view of South West Manitoba.


William Lake has a rich fish population, which attracts anglers from all over the region to the lake. The lake is stocked with brown trout which is the most common catch alongside salmon.

Salmon population rises considerably as the year nears its final few months and bull trout is also a regular catch by anglers at the lake. Fishing is regulated at this park, so be sure to know the regulations before fishing at William's Lake.


The large lake at this park means anglers aren't the only ones who get to enjoy the warm lake waters, but the lake is used for all sorts of water recreation including swimming, diving and boating.

There are three boat docks by the lake, as well as a rental for fishing, swimming, and boating equipment. The tide at the lake can be erratic at times, so only expert swimmers are advised to venture far from shore.



As is usually the case with most lakes, William supports a strong population of animal life. The marshlands and trees at William Lake has made it perfect birding habitat with over 400 bird species recorded in the area.

Great Blue Heron, tree swallow, warbler and northern cardinal are just some of the birds attentive visitors can sight at the park. Woodpeckers, merlins and green-winged teal have also been spotted at William's Lake.


A picnic by the lake is a good way to spend a dull day in the off season at William Lake. The scenic lake view is the perfect setting for a family outing or even some personal time.

There are also picnic tables available at the campground if visitors don't want to go down to the lake.

Golf and other sports

There is a modern golf course at the park's campground. Visitors have free access to it as well as other outdoor games such as tennis and basketball. It's a great way to burn off energy and get some exercise in the warm weather. Vehicles are not allowed on the golf course.

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