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Winnipeg Beach Provincial Park


Winnipeg Beach Provincial Park, which rests along the shores of Lake Winnipeg, helps support the recreation that takes place in and around the resort town of Winnipeg Beach, Manitoba. During the warmer months of the year, people emerge from their homes and escape to the places that offer fun-in-the-sun activities, events, and entertainment, like Winnipeg Beach. The waterfront town is a popular destination during every season, but the town is primarily active during spring through fall. Over one hundred years ago, the town became the place to visit in Manitoba, and today, Winnipeg Beach continues to build upon its resources to welcome visitors and guests to its sandy shores.

Winnipeg Beach Provincial Park is the place to visit for water recreation and camping. The park is continually improving, providing day visitors and overnight guests with the best services and amenities. The recently renovated campground is a full-hookup facility that supports any level of camper from tent campers to RV and car campers. The campground is large with different sections, called bays, and some of the bays, like the Moonlight Special Bay, are named after events in Winnipeg Beach’s early history.

In the early 1900’s Winnipeg Beach became the place for people to visit, especially on long weekends, holidays, and the summer months. Tourism peaked, and at one point, the Canadian Pacific Railway had 13 trains running from Winnipeg to Winnipeg Beach. The most famous line was known as the Moonlight Special, and this train ran from Winnipeg Beach to Winnipeg every Saturday night at midnight for over 50 years. The history of the Canadian Pacific Railway is still a pivotal piece in Winnipeg Beach’s tourism, and Winnipeg Beach Provincial Park celebrates and supports that history though some of the facility’s names as well as some of the park’s special events.

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RV Rentals in Winnipeg Beach Provincial Park



Winnipeg Beach Provincial Park is located in the town of Winnipeg Beach, and it is a quick drive, just 48 miles (77 km) north, from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. RVers should take Manitoba Highway 8 North and Manitoba Highway 9 North to get to the park. There are signs from Highway 9 North that direct you to Winnipeg Beach Provincial Park. All of the roads are paved except a small section of road leading into the park. The streets inside of the park accommodate large RVs and trailers.

Please note that after 11:00 pm only permit holders with a reserved camping site may enter the campgrounds.


Parking is available throughout the park and town of Winnipeg Beach.

Public Transportation

Public transportation such as buses, taxis, and ride shares are available in the city of Winnipeg. To get to Winnipeg Beach Provincial Park via public transport, you must take a taxi or a ride-share service as public bus routes don't extend outside of the city limits.

Campgrounds and parking in Winnipeg Beach Provincial Park

Campsites in Winnipeg Beach Provincial Park

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Winnipeg Beach Campground

The Winnipeg Beach Campground is a seasonally operating, pet-friendly facility. The large campground has different sections, called bays, where campers may reserve both tent and RV-friendly sites. All of the bays offer full-hookup camping with water, sewer, and 15 to 50 amp electricity, and every site has a picnic table and a fire ring. The gravel driveways accommodate RVs and trailers over 40 feet in length, with many sites permitting oversized rigs. Most of the sites are for single RVs or trailers, but the buddy bays allow group camping if you want to camp next to your friends. The campground provides modern washrooms, showers, and trash and recycle bins, all located throughout the different bays. For people who can’t disconnect while camping, many of the spaces are near a WiFi hotspot providing guests with internet if connectivity is necessary. Generators must not be used between 11:00 pm and 9:00 am or when a site is unattended. The Manitoba provincial park system aims to preserve the feeling of nature in all of its campgrounds, so if you must use a generator, please only use it for short periods.

Seasonal activities in Winnipeg Beach Provincial Park



The beach is one of the park’s most popular recreational areas, and there are two beach areas where it is possible to sit in the sand or go for a swim. The Main Beach is the largest stretch of sand. This beach area is closest to the boardwalk, restrooms, showers, and a playground. The smaller stretch of sand, the South Beach, is close to the campground, so depending on where you want to spend your day should help you pick the beach that is best for you. If you plan on swimming while enjoying your time lakeside, note that park staff or lifeguards do not supervise the swimming areas, so it’s best to swim with a friend or family member to ensure you are safe in the water.

Day-Use Area

Staying in a provincial park with a campground as well as a day-use area is a necessity for many campers. The day-use area at Winnipeg Beach is extensive because there isn’t just one designated space to spend time outside. The park has several strands of beach, a picnic area, a picnic shelter, a playground, a ball field, a tennis court, and a volleyball court. Restrooms are also close to many of these places, adding an extra level of convenience to your time outside at these day-use areas. Since there are many different activities to choose from, you can try something new each day.


Hiking near Winnipeg Lake is similar to walking along the ocean. The long stretches of sand make leisurely, barefoot walks possible. If walking in the sand is too challenging, the park has a beautiful boardwalk that runs along the Main Beach and most of the day-use facilities. You can spend hours walking back and forth on the boardwalk while staring at the lake because the view is so relaxing. If you prefer unpaved hikes, two smaller trails traverse through the park, giving hikers a more isolated walking experience. The hikes are generally easy and flat, so it’s possible for people of varying abilities to spend time on the trails.



Fishing is a year-round activity at Winnipeg Lake because it is possible to fish during every season, depending on the type of fishing you prefer. The lake’s most popular species to catch are walleye and sauger, and because of the popularity of these fish, the Manitoba Wildlife Federation has placed regulations on limits and size of a permitted catch. There are boat launches located both inside of Winnipeg Beach Provincial Park as well as outside of the park’s boundaries. If you don’t have a boat, visit one of the fishing charters located near the town of Winnipeg Beach and see what kind of trip best suits your needs. Before fishing, ensure you have the proper fishing license and that you understand the rules and regulations on fishing in Manitoba. The province requires that all anglers 16 and older hold a valid fishing permit.


During the winter, why not try a new sport? The Olympic sport of curling is a favorite activity for people in Manitoba, and there are several curling clubs located throughout the province, including in the town of Winnipeg Beach. Curling is a sport that is similar to shuffleboard, but the surface where the game takes place is a sheet of ice. Get your warm clothes ready, and sign up to watch or try curling, an activity that is sometimes called chess on the ice. For information on the sport, visit the Lake Winnipeg Curling Club’s website.

The Winnipeg Railway Museum

If the exciting history of railways interests you or a member of your family, you should add a museum tour to your list of must-do activities while visiting the Winnipeg area. The Canadian Pacific Railway has over 100 years of history in Winnipeg, and the route from Winnipeg to Winnipeg Beach during the 1900s was once one of the most active railways in the province. The Winnipeg Railway Museum offers daily tours and showcases Winnipeg’s Union Station as well as the history of trains and railways. The museum even has a gift shop where train enthusiasts might find a unique train treasure or souvenir to bring home.