Winthrop Blues Festival

Do you want to experience one of the finest music festivals in Washington State? The well-known Winthrop Rhythm & Blues Festival is a go-to choice for lovers of music and endless fun.

Event information

The Winthrop Rhythm & Blues Festival is a fun-filled event that will give you a memorable three-day experience seasoned with musical performances. The event is hosted at the Blues Ranch, which can be found on the banks of the Methow River in Winthrop, Washington.

The area surrounding the venue is perfect for summer activities. Okanogan County takes up much of Northwest Washington State and is home to Patterson Lake, Twin Lakes, and Pearrygin Lake State Park. With onsite camping, food, and musical entertainment, the event is sure to provide you and your crew an adventure that you will not soon forget.

Like many festivals around the United States, this one takes RV camping seriously. Of course, the region lends itself well to the festival's main objective of ensuring everyone enjoys all three days of the wide-ranging music festival. Attending a favorite music festival in this region is a joy anticipated by RV enthusiasts ready for outdoor family fun.


Winthrop Blues Festival fans can select from a handful of ticket options. Festival Weekend Passes are often the best way to go if you plan to camp. Beer Garden activities usually happen on Friday evening and are included in some ticket choices. Festival tickets are required for all guests camping on site. Get your tickets for the Winthrop Rhythm Blues Festival online.

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A popular way to arrive in Winthrop from the west is through North Cascades National Park. Winthrop can be found on Highway WA-20 (North Cascades Highway), which is in the northcentral part of Washington State. US-2 and US-97 may also bring motorists to the area from the east. RVers will want to observe routes in advance as most are paved but also include mountainous curves and may be subject to closure. The Washington State Department of Transportation keeps motorists up to date with insight on current highway conditions.

Parking areas

Parking options vary based on whether or not you plan to camp. Local youth organizations often operate some of the day parking areas with proceeds going to the respective groups. Day parking for vehicles has been around $10 in the past; overnight parking is only available in the camping areas with a camping pass. Parking options may also be different for different days of the festival.

Public Transportation

In past years, a shuttle service has been offered by Classic Mountain Cabby that provides transportation for both campers and non-campers. For a small fee, guests may be able to utilize these shuttle services between the Blues Ranch, Downtown Winthrop, other local businesses.

Where to stay


Camping passes typically sell out far in advance, and then onsite campsites are assigned based on a first-come, first-served basis. Each campsite is intended to have no more than four people and one vehicle. For parking of additional vehicles, campers will need to purchase a parking pass. The Winthrop Rhythm & Blues Festival offers dry camping only, where portable toilets and showers are provided. Generators are allowed during designated hours.


If you are looking forward to having a more private individual space for yourself, family, and friends, Winthrop offers several full-service RV parks within a 15-minute drive of the Blues Ranch. Winthrop / N. Cascades National Park KOA sits just under three miles from the festival site. Pearrygin Lake State Park is about five miles to the east in case you would like to add fishing, hiking, or birding to your RV vacation.

Getting around

Getting around the festival grounds on ATVs, golf carts, bikes, scooters, or anything with two wheels is not allowed. Driving a vehicle in camp is permitted during daylight hours. Foot travel is the primary form of transportation between the campgrounds and concert sites at Blues Ranch. Shuttle services are usually available between the ranch and other nearby areas in Winthrop.

What to pack


The summer sun is great, but ensure you arrive with clothing that covers your skin. Additional items should be sunglasses, rain boots, shorts, as well as a hat or headscarf. Casual but comfortable summer attire is generally seen at the Winthrop Rhythm and Blues Festival. Bring a t-shirt to support your favorite musicians or pick up a new one as a souvenir while at the event.


Do not forget to take your phone, a phone charger, and a camera to capture some of the beautiful moments you will share with your camping crew. A few other camping supplies you might need include flashlights, food preparation items, a camp stove, and any water gear for excursions you plan to enjoy.

Health & Safety

Although water will be provided at the venue, it is still important to keep a supply of drinking water with you as you travel. A few extra items to add to your travel list might include trash bags, bug spray, sunscreen, a first aid kit, your medical prescriptions. Winthrop Blues Festival encourages a non-smoking environment but does offer designated areas for smoking and vaping.

Where to eat


Cooking in the campground is encouraged during the Winthrop Rhythm & Blues Festival, but the use of charcoal or propane fire pits is not permitted. To prepare meals on site, you can use a propane BBQ, a camp-stove, or the items in your RV kitchen. It may be simplest to stock up on supplies before arriving at the festival site, but grocery options are available within a 15-minute drive of the Blues Ranch.


From a wide range of Italian and Mexican restaurants to American and BBQ restaurants, you may find the perfect place for your local dining within a 20-minute drive of the venue. Travelers may also appreciate visiting a local winery while in Winthrop. Keep in mind that most restaurant locations will require a vehicle to get there, or you may also be able to take the shuttle between Blues Ranch and some eating establishments.


Winthrop Rhythm & Blues Festival brings vendors that handle the distribution of creative arts, events, and food. Cash and credit or debit card payments are an option for most vendors. Food vendors offer a variety of gluten-free, vegetarian, and meat meal options. Share a meal with a friend or try something new on your own.



Winthrop Rhythm & Blues Festival works with security staff to ensure the safety of campers and festival-goers. Rules have also been laid out to enhance security, such as no pets, no propane fire pits, and no late-night driving. Vehicles are searched before entry, and it is requested that people do not bring valuables.


Summer weather in the Northwest often means a bit of rain and mild temperatures, usually in the 60 and 70s. Before leaving for the event, you may want to check the local forecast for Okanogan County, Washington; keep an eye out for rockslides as a result of any rain. Be prepared to shield your skin from the summer sun as you enjoy your RV vacation.


Festival organizers allow for the use of service pets and provide basic first aid support if needed. Advanced medical care may be a bit of a drive away depending on what might be required, but Winthrop does offer some care options through the local clinic. Pharmacy services are available in the downtown area, about a 15 to 20-minute drive or shuttle ride from Blues Ranch.