Wolverine Canyon


The Wolverine Canyon is located near the Caribou Range of Idaho. It is best known for the plethora of outdoor activities that visitors can enjoy. With large natural rock formations that are painted beautiful shades of orange and red, rock climbing is a popular hobby that people visiting the area enjoy. In that same range, mountain biking and hiking are other great activities within Wolverine Canyon.

The area has unique vegetation and is easily one of the best places to go stargazing in Idaho. It is managed by the Bureau of Land Management and is incredibly well-maintained. It looks as if humans have never stepped foot in the area. Idaho is home to plenty of amazing wildlife creatures. In and around Wolverine Canyon you may get to spot a grizzly bear, American black bears, mountain lions, and red deer.

If you have a keen eye, you may even be able to see bald eagles flying around. Wolverine Canyon is a beautiful place to stay for a weekend and explore. Thankfully, there are plenty of campgrounds in the area. You can even enjoy dispersed camping within Wolverine Canyon.

RV Rentals in Wolverine Canyon



Getting to Wolverine Canyon isn’t too hard of a task. Because it is located just south of Idaho Falls, Idaho, it’s fairly easy to access. The roads around Wolverine Canyon are paved and well-maintained, even though the majority of the canyon is natural gravel terrain. Highway 91 and Interstate 15 are not too far away. Wolverine Road will lead you right to the entrance of Wolverine Canyon.

One thing that may make travel a bit difficult is the mountain roads. It’s not that they’re too steep or rough, but they are a bit curvy. If you’re driving an RV or pulling a trailer, take extra caution during your trip. Blackfoot River runs throughout Wolverine Canyon and many people access the canyon from the river.

This can be done from the beginning of spring until the end of autumn. Once you’ve parked the RV and are ready to explore, there are a handful of different transportation methods. For starters, you can explore on foot with a pair of hiking or mountain climbing boots. You can also bring a mountain bike during the warmer months. During the winter, you can get around on skis, snowshoes, or snowmobiles.


Public Transportation

Campgrounds and parking in Wolverine Canyon

Campsites in Wolverine Canyon

First-come first-served

Malad Summit Campground

Malad Summit Campground is a great option for people visiting Wolverine Canyon. This place isn’t too far and is great for all group sizes. It’s important to note that Malad Summit Campground is open from the beginning of spring until the end of September. The largest campsite at this campground can hold over 120 campers at once. Each campsite is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

You will find comfortable pads for tent campers and plenty of space for RVs to park. There aren’t any modern amenities, but each campsite has a picnic table and a fire ring for you to use. Malad Summit Campground also offers drinking water and vault toilets that are shared by the entire campground. This place is surrounded by trees and is near the river. It is a beautiful spot to rest for a few nights. There are also plenty of hiking trails for campers to enjoy.

Cherry Creek Campground

Another lodging option for those sleeping in a tent or an RV is Cherry Creek Campground. Cherry Creek Campground is open from June until October. There are just five campsites available there. Each campsite is available on a first-come, first-served basis. You’ll have access to a fire ring and picnic table at all five campsites. Cherry Creek Campground itself offers campers vault toilets and potable water.

This campground is a bit unique because it can be accessed via the water or on land. It’s a great place to stay to get away from the hot summer heat that Idaho has. These campsites at Cherry Creek Campground are quiet and perfect for the person looking to become secluded within nature. There are tall trees all around and the river makes for the perfect background noise to fall asleep to. It’s the perfect choice for solo travelers visiting Wolverine Canyon.

Heart Mountain Springs

The last option you have is a bit further away, but it may be well worth the drive for some adventurers. Heart Mountain Springs Recreation Site has dispersed camping throughout the area. This is ideal for people who don’t need any amenities and really want to immerse themselves in nature. Heart Mountain Springs Recreation Site has just four campsites available. They are not reservable and come on a first-come, first-served basis. There are picnic tables, grills, and fire pits at all four campsites.

One of the more popular reasons people stay at Heart Mountain Springs Recreation Site while visiting Wolverine Canyon is for the stargazing. Because it’s far from pollution, the stars shine extra bright there. Easily one of the best summer activities for people to enjoy while staying at Heart Mountain Springs Recreation Site are water-based activities. There is a watering hole that is near the campsites and is the perfect way to cool off after a long day exploring the canyon.

Seasonal activities in Wolverine Canyon


Rock Climbing

Easily one of the most obvious activities that people enjoy while visiting Wolverine Canyon is rock climbing. If you’re looking for a laid back climbing session, this may not be the area for you. It’s best known for intense black diamonds and incredible natural rock formations.

When rock climbing in this particular canyon, you do have to bring your own gear. Make sure you have plenty of experience and have safety gear packed as well.


A less intense, but still vigorous activity that you can take part in while visiting Wolverine Canyon is hiking. There is plenty of ground to cover in this area of Idaho. There are intense hikes that will make you sweat buckets and will require a good long stretch after you’re done to benefit your muscles. There are also areas where you can enjoy a brisk walk in the warm sun. This is a great way to explore the canyon!

Mountain Biking

The theme of Wolverine Canyon is that the majority of activities visitors enjoy there are pretty adrenaline-inducing. Mountain biking is another of these activities. Not only is mountain biking a great way to explore the area, but it’s also an amazing experience. You do have to bring your own mountain bike and safety gear is a must. The terrain can change quite quickly so it’s important to have plenty of experience.



The canyons aren’t always beautiful shades of orange, yellow and red. Because of the winters in Idaho, Wolverine Canyon gets painted white for a few months. This is a great reason to tow the snowmobile to the area and get ready for quite the ride. This is a fun activity that the entire family can enjoy and it’s definitely a thrilling way to get around the canyon. Be sure to bring an extra couple gallons of gas in case you run out.

Wildlife Viewing

Speaking of activities that the entire family can enjoy, wildlife viewing is easily one of the best things for visitors to do during the off-season. There are so many wild animals in the area to see. There are tiny pygmy shrews, calliope hummingbirds, and bald eagles soaring around.

You may also spot a wild Appaloosa horse, wolves, and mountain lions. It’s important that we leave animals alone and do not approach them for any reason.


Lastly, Wolverine Canyon is a great place to enjoy an afternoon of skiing. There are casual cross country options, in addition to black diamond paths. There aren’t any rental places in the area, so it’s important that you bring your own equipment.

This is a fun way to see the amazing views that Wolverine Canyon has to offer. Visitors of all ages can enjoy a beautiful day of skiing. Be sure to bring a thermos of hot chocolate to make the experience even more memorable.