WOO Sprint Chico

Sprint your way to Chico, California, for the World of Outlaws Sprints. Time is running out to secure your tickets and plan your RV adventure.

Event information

If you want to be somewhere exciting to welcome the beginning of fall, then why not make it Chico, California? The World of Outlaws (WOO), which is a Concord, NC-based national dirt track racing and touring series, visits 23 states and dozens of tracks over the racing season.

Competitors in the series race 140 times at tracks across Canada and the United States, and the winged sprint cars are a firm favorite for racing enthusiasts across the nation. If you’re in and around Chico in September, then a visit to Silver Dollar Speedway at the fairgrounds is a must-do when the series visits the city.

In past years, competitors have also raced for close to $6 million in prize money, which means that competition is fierce. As a result, tickets for World of Outlaws Sprints in Chico, California, sell out fast. Those who manage to secure tickets are treated to four days of dirt track action, as well as camping opportunities, entertainment, and plenty of things to see, do, and experience.

Once the checkered flag goes down, there are also plenty of things to do in Chico to ensure you will want to hang around the area. Go walking at Upper Bidwell Park, enjoy time with family at Five Mile Recreation Area, or even take time out of your day to visit the Bidwell Mansion and State Historic Park. With an action-packed schedule ahead, there’s no better time to arrange your motorhome adventure than now.


Tickets for the entire World of Outlaws sprint series sell out fast, and Chico, California is no exception. In past years, tickets have been available online for sale around a month before the series visits the city. You can buy single-day tickets, general admission, or four-day tickets with or without camping. Reserved seating is available, too. Tickets often range between $15 for children’s access through to $150 for a four-day pass.

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Chico is California’s largest city north of Sacramento and is accessible from the Golden State Highway and CA-32 and CA-99. It’s nestled between Plumas National Forest, Tahoe National Forest, and Mendocino National Forest, making it a great city to get to for sightseeing.

The roads are easy to navigate and well-signposted from whichever direction you travel in your RV, but you may like to download a traffic app such as QuickMap via Caltrans. With this app, you can find out what congestion is like, any construction, and if the weather could alter the comfort of your trip. Upon arriving in Chico, you will find Silver Dollar Speedway near Stirling Junction and Chapmantown.

Parking areas

Where you park for the World of Outlaws Sprints in Chico can depend on whether you intend to camp overnight at Silver Dollar Speedway, or you are merely parking there during the day. Public paved parking lots are available both at Silver Dollar Speedway and next door in the flea market area.

The speedway parking lot is marked, but flea market parking is not. Those who are camping on site with their motorhome can do so in the grass areas of the facility or along the pit fence that borders the main parking lot.

Public Transportation

World of Outlaws Sprints in Chico is at nighttime, which means that public transportation options can be limited. While a bus runs the route of Fair Road adjacent to the facility, its times may not align with those you want to be at Silver Dollar Speedway. In that case, consider the use of a rideshare service or taxi that can prove more convenient than moving your RV after it’s all set up at your campsite.

Where to stay


Those who want to immerse themselves in the world of sprint cars will be pleased they can camp on site and do so in style. Many of the available grass sites have full hookups such as sewer, power, and water, but services can vary depending on where you are camping. There are over 300 sites from which to choose, and it pays to reserve these for one of the most significant events on the motorsports calendar, World of Outlaws Sprints. While you cannot bring your pets, you can enjoy a comfortable environment in which to camp, seamless access to the sprint car action, and use of your generator as well.


If you’ve missed out on an onsite camping opportunity, or you prefer a degree of separation between your accommodation and entertainment, then you’re not short of options. Set your sights to within 30 miles of Silver Dollar Speedway, and you won’t have any trouble locating somewhere to stay with an RV.

The natural surroundings of Chico also ensure there are plenty of primitive RV camping opportunities if that’s your preference, and there are others with service hookups such as water, sewer, and electricity. Don’t delay in making your booking, for spaces do not remain empty for long.

Getting around

The layout of Silver Dollar Speedway means that the best way to get around the site is on foot. Once you park in the camping area or public parking lot, you can meander into the center of the facility where an open grandstand, bleachers, and the dirt track are close to each other. Once you take a seat, vendor offerings are nearby as well.

What to pack


During the day, temperatures in September in Chico can be relatively comfortable and mild. However, as the World of Outlaws Sprints in Chico is a nighttime event, you are going to need warm clothing and maybe a jacket. Wear your favorite light and breathable clothing during the day, but make a quick change before you head to Silver Dollar Speedway. Don’t forget to pack your supporter’s gear if you want to show your favorite driver some love.


The beauty of being able to camp on site at Silver Dollar Speedway is that you can bring the bare minimum into the grandstands. You can lock everything else in your RV for access once the racing is over.

Bring a cushion to put on your seat, a jacket to keep that fall chill off your skin, and one sealed water bottle. It also pays to bring both cash and a debit or credit card, for food vendors often only accept cash, and ATMs may or may not be in service to withdraw it on site. Don’t forget your camping and cooking equipment for use once the checkered flag has fallen.

Health & Safety

Those who are visiting Chico, California, for the full four days of racing action will want to think carefully about the things they need for their RV trip in the area. Toiletries, bug spray, sunscreen, and prescription medication may all be necessities to pack into your motorhome. A first aid kit may prove convenient, too. While you are at Silver Dollar Speedway, you can purchase water and make use of the available restroom facilities.

Where to eat


While fire pits and campfires may not be permitted on Silver Dollar Speedway property, that doesn’t mean you’ll starve. You can cook up a storm on your RV kitchen appliances, and also pick up all your camping goodies nearby. There is an expansive grocery store across Golden State Highway, a two-mile drive from the sprint car racing.


If you’re tired of cooking or want to treat yourself while on vacation, then Chico delivers. Even within a short five-mile radius of Silver Dollar Speedway, there are plenty of cuisine options to pique your curiosity. Walk across the road from the racing venue for Mexican, or hop in your RV for burgers, sandwiches, fried food, and restaurant meals nearby. You’ll never go hungry in Chico, California.


The vendors that turn up for World of Outlaws Sprints in Chico are in a league of their own. With a focus on local food and preparation, you get to enjoy a range of drinks and stadium-style food to satisfy your hunger. You can even buy alcoholic beverages if you are over the legal drinking age.

Those who want to show their favorite driver support will also have the opportunity to purchase a range of merchandise, including shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, books, and more. Bring both cash and a debit or credit card. The merchandise vendors accept card payments, but food vendors may only accept cash.



Upon entering through the main gates of Silver Dollar Speedway, and into the grandstand area, security officials will be there to check your bags. They may also ask to inspect your vehicle. As spaces are limited in the grandstand, it pays to leave behind any bulky items and bring the bare necessities.

Silver Dollar Speedway officials also ask that you don’t bring pets, weapons, glass, fireworks, drugs, or food. You may bring one sealed water bottle. If you require assistance at any time, these same officials will be your first port of call for help.


Chico, California frequently experiences hot and dry summers, but temperatures begin to drop from August onward. By the time September hits for the World of Outlaws Sprints, you can enjoy average day temperatures near 89 degrees, which can then drop to around 54 degrees Fahrenheit overnight. Pack a few warm blankets to keep you comfortable at night, and make sure your heating and cooling systems in your RV are working before you hit the road.


Those who find themselves in an accident or with an injury can approach an onsite security official for assistance. They can direct you to the first aid area, or help you arrange outside medical help if you need it. In an emergency, dial 9-11 or make your way to the nearest medical center under four miles from the race track. You can also pick up medical supplies to top up your first aid kit at the pharmacy via CA-99 North around five miles away.