WOO Sprint Cotton Bowl

Speed into spring with an RV trip to the World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series at Cotton Bowl Speedway in Paige, Texas. The racing is about to begin!

Event information

Spring has sprung, and there are few better ways to mark the occasion than by dusting off the ol’ Airstream or Sprinter and making your way to Paige, Texas. While this small community doesn’t have a packed calendar of events, it is home to Cotton Bowl Speedway, and this is where all the magic happens.

Cotton Bowl Speedway is proud to host the annual World of Outlaws Sprint Car series with some of the nation’s best sprint car drivers. A prize pool of thousands of dollars is up for grabs, and drivers must put their best wheel forward to secure that top spot on the podium.

The high-banked, 3/8-mile track with bleacher grandstands encompassing it makes it an event you’re not likely to forget in a hurry. There have even been historical moments here, with Danny Lasoski achieving the track record of 13.517 seconds in 2016.

Young and old attend this event from across the state, and only the best sprint car drivers will make it to the checkered flag in the top spot. Could this be the spring adventure for which you’ve been waiting?

While you’re in Texas, you won’t be able to help but explore the area. Zilker Park in Austin is an excellent place to go swimming, kayaking, and running. Landa Park, which is within 80 miles of Cotton Bowl Speedway in New Braunfels, will astound with its hike, walk, and paddle boat opportunities. You can even go fishing at Buescher State Park if you’ve packed your rods and tackle box.

Let the WOO Sprint Cotton Bowl begin your adventure, but allow the wider Texas area to finish it on a high.


If you’re looking for an affordable and fun family outing, then the WOO Sprint Cotton Bowl can provide it. In past years, race night admission prices have been between $15 and $40. You can also buy reserved seating and pit passes if you desire. All tickets come with a wristband that, ideally, you should wear on your right wrist.

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Paige, Texas, is about 50 miles east of Austin, Texas, situated along US-290. The easy-flowing roads are smooth to navigate in your RV, and the small towns, cities, and communities dotted along the way will surely provide the perfect opportunities for breaks.

Paige is a convenient driving distance from Austin, Houston, and San Antonio, but a Drive Texas can help keep you on schedule by alerting you to any delays. Upon arriving in the small community of Paige, you will find Cotton Bowl Speedway at 1175 Co Road 202.

Parking areas

At many events, parking a small or large motorhome is a challenge, but it’s not at this World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series event. With plenty of lawn area surrounding the racing oval, you will be able to arrive early, secure a space with room to spare, then access your RV when and how you please. However, you must vacate the premises once the WOO Sprint Cotton Bowl is over for the day.

Public Transportation

Given the ease of parking at this racing event, there may be no need for public transportation. The small size of Paige also means you would be unlikely to find any convenient forms of public transit anyway. Use your RV as your primary mode of transportation with no problems at all.

Where to stay


Cotton Bowl Speedway opens its gates at night for WOO Sprint Cotton Bowl, but not overnight for RV-goers to camp. You may park your motorhome in the grass lot, but you must then move it once the event ends. When you decide to attend this racing event, look for somewhere to stay with an RV nearby at the same time.


There are limited places to stay when you are taking an RV trip to Paige, so you will need to factor in extra travel time before and after you attend WOO Sprint Cotton Bowl. There are a few campgrounds within a ten-mile radius of Cotton Bowl Speedway, but even more as well if you expand your sights to within 30 miles of Paige. One of the many standout RV accommodation providers near Paige is the Bastrop / SE Austin / Colorado River KOA Holiday, about 20 miles away in Bastrop, Texas.

Getting around

Once you park your motorhome on Cotton Bowl Speedway property, you’re immediately within arm’s length of the action. Sprint cars line up on the oval within sight of the car parking area, so you should have no problem navigating the grounds on foot. Watch your footing, though, as the grass and dirt lots can be uneven.

What to pack


Spring weather conditions bring mild temperatures to Paige, which means that during the day, layers and long sleeves will keep you the most comfortable. However, WOO Sprint Cotton Bowl is a night event, which means that jackets, long pants, and thick layers will ensure your comfort. It’s also worth bringing a woolly hat or two for those who feel the cold a little more than most.


The best viewing experience at Cotton Bowl Speedway is from the grandstands, which means there is limited space for items. If you choose to bring a cooler with beer, you may do so for a fee if it fits the allowed dimensions. Ticket takers require payment and ID for this privilege, and it must not contain glass. Other outside food and beverages are not allowed, and beer is not for sale on site either.

Bring cash for vendor purchasers, as not all will accept payment cards, and don’t forget your binoculars if you want to get a closer look at the action. Keep your cooking and camping supplies tucked away securely in your locked motorhome nearby.

Health & Safety

Given that WOO Sprint Cotton Bowl is a night event, there shouldn’t be any need to lather on the sunscreen, wear sunglasses, or a sunhat. However, if you have prescription medication or require specific toiletries, then consider keeping these somewhere to access during the racing event conveniently. It’s also worth carrying a first aid kit in your RV for peace of mind both during and after the event.

Where to eat


While you’re exploring Paige and the greater Bastrop County area, it’s easy to work up a hunger. While vendors cater to hungry bellies at the World of Outlaws Sprint Cars event, it’s up to you on the remainder of your travels.

Remember to check RV camping rules wherever you stay to find out what you can and can’t use to prepare your meals. Most places allow the use of your RV kitchen appliances, and others supply communal cooking areas for convenience, too.

Paige doesn’t offer a lot in the way of grocery goods, so consider making a food shopping trip in Austin, Houston, or surrounding small towns before you travel down US-290 to get to Cotton Bowl Speedway.


You are bound to come across a couple of eateries on your travel through Bastrop County, but these can be few and far between as you make your way into Paige. Stop for a substantial meal in Giddings or Bastrop, both of which are within a short driving distance of Paige and Cotton Bowl Speedway on the outskirts.


As WOO Sprint Cotton Bowl organizers do not allow outside food and beverages, except for beer, you can expect them to cater to the crowds with delicious food options. Bring plenty of cash and enjoy hot and cold food that fills hungry tummies and puts smiles on faces. There may not be an ATM on site, so withdraw cash at the nearest town center to Cotton Bowl Speedway.



Upon arrival at Cotton Bowl Speedway, ticket takers will be making sure you’re wearing your wristband and not carrying anything dangerous, damaging, or distracting. By wearing your wristband on your right wrist, you can speed up this process. If you are taking a cooler, it must be smaller than the specified sizing, and you must pay a small fee to bring it into the grandstands.

If you have any questions about the security process, you may approach an official. For anything else, the Bastrop Police Department is within a 20-mile driving distance of Paige.


Spring weather conditions are generally mild, but nighttime temperatures can plummet. Ensure your comfort by carrying extra blankets and making sure your motorhome’s heater is in excellent working condition. Rain is uncommon, but not unexpected. Tune in to a weather app so that you can be aware of all possible weather conditions on your Texas holiday.


First aid help is always available at Cotton Bowl Speedway during race events. The trained staff can help with any minor problems that may arise. However, for anything serious, you can make your way to the nearest hospital in Smithville, or dial 911 for emergency services. Pharmacy supplies are within the same distance.