Woodward Elks Rodeo

Ready for a summer vacation? Polish your cowboy boots and set your RV in the direction of the four-day Woodward Elks Rodeo in Woodward, Oklahoma.

Event information

In 1929, a local grain dealer and his son, a businessman, and a merchant got together to form a committee and plan a rodeo event. It wasn’t meant to be anything too large, but it was to be the start of something significant.

They had just $50 but had to find a way to get bucking chutes, fencing, judges stands, and a whole host of other things necessary for a successful rodeo. Their $50 rodeo turned into a $3,500 show and an annual event that spanned several decades. The result, today, is a standout event known as Woodward Elks Rodeo that brings the Woodward County Fairgrounds and Crystal Beach Arena to life every year.

Those who travel to Woodward, Oklahoma, are treated to eight days of entertainment and four days of rodeo. There’s barrel racing, steer roping, mutton bustin’, dances, barbeques, rodeo shows, rodeo parades, and more. Everything that celebrates the wild west and traditional rodeo is wrapped up into one action-packed summer schedule.

For those who have a little time to spare on their RV vacation, there are also plenty of things to do in Woodward, Oklahoma. You can go hiking at Boiling Springs State Park, or RV camping there and swimming at the Crystal Beach Water Park. Even a beautiful summer’s day trip to the Crystal Beach Lake could be in order.

Come to Woodward, Oklahoma, for the rodeo, but stay for the recreational activities that are bound to create long-lasting memories.


Tickets for Woodward Elks Rodeo are in hot demand and often go on sale in the month before it’s set to kick off. While your ticket provides you general admission access to the rodeo shows, additional entertainment may cost extra. Consider arranging your tickets at the same time you find somewhere to stay in Woodward, Oklahoma, with an RV.

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Woodward, Oklahoma lies along the North Canadian River just 125 miles from Guymon, Oklahoma, and on the eastern edge of Texas and Oklahoma panhandles. It’s a mostly agricultural region with farmland on either side of the main highway into the city, OK-15 which is also seen as US-412. Those who decide to journey in their RV will enjoy the serenity of the landscape, but also the pleasant weather conditions in summer.

However, if you want to ensure you don’t come across any expected congestion or problems, tune into a traffic app such as ODOT or check them out online. You can then be well prepared for any eventualities as you approach the Woodward County Fairgrounds from 1st Street.

Parking areas

There is limited parking around the Woodward County Fairgrounds, which means that RV-goers must plan to ensure they can find somewhere safe and secure to park their motorhome during the rodeo. If you are not able to secure onsite parking, which is a possibility, then you may like to arrange alternative transport, such as a ride from your accommodation host, a rideshare service, or a taxi.

Public Transportation

Woodward, Oklahoma, is home to plenty of public transportation options to ensure you’ll never be stranded without a set of wheels. For those who prefer to leave their RV at their accommodation while they attend Woodward Elks Rodeo, you can book a taxi by phone, download an app for rideshare services, or ask your accommodation provider about alternative options. Fortunately, the Woodward County Fairgrounds are close to most central points of the city.

Where to stay


While onsite camping would be ideal for those who plan to stay in Woodward, Oklahoma, for the entirety of the rodeo event, that’s not an option. Instead, book your tickets for Woodward Elks Rodeo and organize your accommodation at the same time. You will be amazed at what is accessible with a large RV in Woodward, Oklahoma.


The Woodward County Fairgrounds is not equipped to handle RV campers, but the city itself is. You can experience primitive RV camping at Boiling Springs State Park or the luxury of service hookups at other RV campgrounds in the city limits. Even within ten miles of Woodward Elks Rodeo, you are spoiled for choice.

Getting around

The conservative size of the Woodward County Fairgrounds means that not only is walking recommended, but it’s the most convenient form of transportation, too. Upon being dropped off or parking your motorhome, you can walk into the facility and take your seat in the grandstands. There will also be rodeo-themed events around town, with information available for how to get there and where they are from the center of the action at the Woodward County Fairgrounds.

What to pack


As Woodward Elks Rodeo is in the heart of summer, you can pack a range of summery attire to make you more comfortable during your daily activities in Woodward, Oklahoma. Don’t forget your best cowboy boots and hat either, if you want to fit into the rodeo crowd.

As nighttime temperatures drop, make sure you’re well-equipped with a few extra layers for comfort. There are many night events as part of the schedule, such as dances, that could see the need for warm clothing.


Whether you’re attending the rodeo performances, a dance, or a barbeque dinner as part of Woodward Elks Rodeo, you want to leave yourself as free as possible. Leave anything you don’t need in your locked and secure RV, and travel light. Anything you do bring could be subject to a search, so a “less is best” approach can see you fly through security with no problems at all. Bring cash, payment cards such as debit and credit, and your favorite cowboy hat. You can buy food and beverages on site.

Health & Safety

Those who visit Woodward, Oklahoma, in summer will get to enjoy warm sunshine throughout most of their stay. While it’s likely to be pleasant, it’s also imperative that you put your health and safety first. Wear sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, and drink plenty of water. Don’t forget to pop any prescription medication you need, and a first aid kit, safely in your RV too.

Where to eat


RV camping rules can be different depending on where you stay. For example, RV parks may offer communal fire pits and permission to light campfires, while state parks may prohibit it. Be on the lookout for signs and ask your host if you’re not sure. If you’ve got a hankering for hot dogs, then you can stock up on all your necessary cooking supplies along Downs Avenue within a few miles of Woodward County Fairgrounds.


Woodward might be a small city, but they go big when it comes to food. Not only will you be treated to rodeo barbeque events throughout your stay, but high-quality permanent eating establishments too. Try Mexican, Italian, Chinese, or traditional American cuisine. Why not treat yourself and indulge in something you’ve never had before? Many of Woodward’s eateries are within a short five-mile drive of the rodeo.


With so much to see, do, and experience during your stay in Woodward, you’re likely to work up a thirst and hunger. Never fear, for as long as you have cash, credit, or debit cards, you can purchase some of the finest food in the area. The vendors at Woodward Elks Rodeo go all-out to ensure you get to experience traditional American BBQ and grill food that fills bellies and satisfies palates.



The rodeo shows, which are held over four days at Crystal Beach Arena, are designed to be family-friendly and safe for all. Therefore, when you arrive at the gate with tickets in hands, security officials will be around to make sure everything you bring in is suitable. To speed up this process, leave unnecessary items in your motorhome. You can then take your seat and enjoy the show.


Woodward loves to put on a show in summer, so visitors can expect temperatures of between 64 and 88 degrees Fahrenheit in June during summer. Rain is often unlikely but is a possibility, so it wouldn’t hurt to pop an umbrella in your RV for some wet weather gear just in case. Otherwise, prepare for a full week or more of beautiful sunny days and blue skies.


If you’ve come down with an illness or find yourself injured, then it’s never nice to be in an unfamiliar place. Fortunately, help is close at hand. There is a medical center within a two-mile drive of Woodward County Fairgrounds and a pharmacy for supplies within three miles. If you injure yourself at the Woodward Elks rodeo, approach an official for assistance or dial 9-11 if it’s an emergency.