York Fair

Be a part of the nation’s great history by turning your RV in the direction of the York Fair. This 10-day event is not one to miss!

Event information

The York Fair has been a part of American history since before America began as a nation. It has existed in various forms since 1765 and is now a ten-day event at 334 Carlisle Avenue, York, Pennsylvania.

With hundreds of years to perfect it, the fair has now become a must-attend event for RV travelers and day visitors alike. With a park-like setting encompassing 114,000 square feet and a myriad of all-weather facilities, there are plenty of reasons to visit.

The fair takes place as seasons change from summer to fall, making it the perfect time to jump in your RV and head in the direction of York. You may get to watch the brilliant shades of gold and orange begin to trickle into the trees, while still enjoying the tail end of summer weather. What’s more, there are thousands of vendors, exhibits, and stalls to peruse, making it a must-attend event for many.

Even though the York Fair doesn’t offer accommodation for RV travelers, it does offer plenty to do for curious travelers. There are plenty of accommodation providers within proximity to Carlisle Avenue that make visiting the fairgrounds a breeze. There’s no time to waste. Get your RV ready and be a part of the oldest fair in America.


Admission for the York Fair is affordable for the whole family. Pricing tiers include adults, children, teens, and college students with ID. If you intend on staying for the entire fair, then you can also buy a fair-long pass which includes parking. You can purchase your tickets at the gates when you arrive, or as soon as promotional deals are available on the website: www.yorkfair.org.

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The main highway through York is US-30 which runs adjacent to State Highway 83 with the two eventually crossing. No matter which direction you come from, you’ll find the way to York is well-marked for your convenience. However, there’s no harm in setting up your GPS to lead you directly to 334 Carlisle Avenue, York, Pennsylvania. Due to the sheer number of people in attendance, you may find it’s a good idea to arrive in York the day before so that you’re fresh and ready for the fair the following day.

Parking areas

There is limited parking available at the York Fairgrounds, but navigating the grounds in your RV may be tricky. If you are unable to secure day parking on site, some businesses open their lots to fair-goers for a price. Alternatively, you can set your RV up at a nearby campground and make use of public transport. This option lets you say goodbye to parking hassles during your days at the fair.

Public Transportation

Standard bus routes around York often head in the direction of the fairgrounds. Before you set off in your RV, familiarize yourself with the available options to make fair navigation a breeze after arriving. You can also make use of private ride services which can offer a more direct route from your accommodation to the York Fair.

Where to stay


Even though the York Fair encompasses 114,000 square feet of space, there is not enough room for onsite camping. However, that doesn’t mean you need to leave the RV at home! York boasts many different accommodation options nearby. You can enjoy full-service hookups or go entirely off-grid. The choice is yours!


Guests can choose from RV parks and camping resorts located within a 10 to 30-minute drive from the York Fairgrounds. Even though you can’t stay on site, you can still enjoy a full camping adventure with your family and friends nearby. Each campground differs in what it has to offer with some boasting full power, sewage, and water, and some with none at all. Make sure you book well in advance to avoid missing out during fair time.

Getting around

The best way to get around York Fair is on foot. By taking your time and wandering around, you’re able to get a better sense of what’s on offer than if you had a bike or scooter. If you tire, you can take a rest in the food court area or sit down on any of the bench seating areas dotted around the fairgrounds.

What to pack


As summer begins to close, the temperatures in York tend to plummet. While you’re not likely to get too cold, it’s not uncommon to want pants and sweaters for the full day. If you’re feeling optimistic, you can wear a t-shirt underneath and a warmer layer so that you’re prepared for all eventualities. However, you’ll need to haul out the flannel pajamas at night time, as temperatures can drop to the low 40s.


If you can arrange for a friend or family member to look after your pets while you’re away in your RV, then it might be a good idea. York Fair does not welcome non-disability pets, and leaving your pet in your RV while you’re not there is not an option either. You can bring a small backpack into the fair with daily essentials such as additional clothing, cash and credit, and a water bottle.

Health & Safety

Don’t be caught unaware during this ten-day event. Make sure you bring everything you need to remain happy and healthy on your road trip. That might include a first aid kit for any scrapes and cuts, toiletries, any medication you require while you're away from home, bug spray, and sunscreen.

Where to eat


While there will be no opportunities for cooking at the York Fair, you’re spoilt for choice back at your RV. You can bring along your personal cooker, then take advantage of the many different stores and markets for ingredients. Remember, never leave your cooking unattended at your campsite.


The beauty of the York Fair is how central it is to the surrounding community. After spending the day browsing the exhibitions, you can hit the town in search of a hearty dinner. There’s bound to be something nearby that tantalizes your taste buds with intimate dining establishments and family-friendly destinations. You can also choose to order takeout and enjoy your food in the comfort of your RV back at your campsite.


You can’t walk a foot at the York Fair without brightly-colored vendor signs grabbing your attention. Whether you’ve got a sweet tooth or a desire for something savory, you’re bound to find a vendor to tick all the boxes. ATM facilities are on site in case your chosen vendor doesn’t accept credit.



There will be a security presence with both local Police and York Fair officials to offer patrons a sense of safety. If you plan on attending the concerts in the Grand Stand, you can expect additional security. Guests will not be allowed to bring alcohol, bottles, cans, or weapons into the venue or do any video recording.


As temperatures start to drop at the end of summer, you may find a need for jackets and sweatshirts during the ten days. You may even need a warm hat from time to time. For the most part, temperatures in York average around a comfortable 70 degrees, but can drop into the 40s as well. Plan well and bring plenty of blankets and warm clothing to leave in your RV.


There will be both water cooling stations and a first aid area at the York Fair. Ask officials at the Information Station where to find these if you are in need. There will also be EMS on site to help with any minor injuries such as scrapes and cuts. For anything serious, both a police station and medical center are under a 20-minute drive to the fairgrounds.