Yuba State Park
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Those looking for sandy beaches and warm waters may not expect to find them in Utah. But that’s exactly what you’ll get at Yuba State Park. With the pristine waters of the Sevier Bridge Reservoir, water lovers will find plenty to keep them busy, from swimming to water skiing.

And there’s more to do once you’re out of the water. Hike around the shore for some beautiful lakefront views. Or to the zip lines- the only ones you’ll find at a state park in Utah- for an elevated, scenic view of the reservoir.

RV campers will find two main campgrounds with a wide variety of sites, most featuring modern amenities such as electrical and water hookups. No matter the size of your campervan or rig, you should be able to find a site that fits your needs.

Yuba State Park makes for the perfect summer getaway, giving you everything you and your family need to enjoy the warmest days of the year. And visitors during the winter will find plenty to keep them busy too, making the park an excellent year-round destination.

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Located in the heart of Utah, Yuba State Park is within driving distance of most of the state’s main cities, making it a great place to park your campervan on any drive through the state.

If you are coming from Salt Lake City, take I-15 south out of the city, and you will arrive at the park in a little over an hour and a half. From Provo, you will also take I-15 south, and reach the park in around 45 minutes.

Once you arrive at the park, both of the main campgrounds can easily be reached by road, as there are no RV restrictions on any of the park’s roads.


Public Transportation

Campgrounds and parking in Yuba State Park

Campsites in Yuba State Park

Reservations camping

Oasis Campground

The main camping area, Oasis Campground, offers a wide variety of sites with full amenities, all within walking distance of the park’s main beach area. All of the sites are well-maintained, with plenty of shade provided by trees.

There are 28 sites in the campground open year round. Some of the sites have electrical and water hookups. The rest of the sites have no hookups of any kind. Keep in mind that the water is turned off during the winter.

Pets are allowed at all of the campsites. There are restrooms and showers located within the campground. The main hiking and biking trails can be accessed directly from the campground, and the beach area is within walking distance.

Painted Rock Campground

This campground is located across the reservoir from Oasis Campground. There are 38 sites in the campground, most of which feature electrical and water hookups; a few offer no hookups at all. There are restrooms throughout the campground. Pets are allowed at all of the sites.

There is a day use area located just outside the campground, with open space and picnic areas. And there is a beach and boat launch nearby as well, so you won’t have to go far to get to the water. The sites can be reserved online, where you can also find more detailed information on each site.

First-come first-served

First Come, First Served

Oasis Campground is first-come, first-served from January through March.

Seasonal activities in Yuba State Park



The main attraction at the park is its reservoir. The beautiful waters of the lake and the scenic views make for excellent boating of all different types, from kayaking to speed boating.

And the lake is large enough that there is plenty of space, even during the peak summer months.

The boat launch makes getting out onto the water easy. Motorized boats are allowed on the reservoir, so you’ll be able to water ski during the summer, or bring a jet ski.

Zip Lining

If you want a bit more of an adrenaline rush, head to the zip lines near the Oasis Campground. There are two lines, one 850 feet, and the other 650 feet, depending on how daring you are feeling. They run over the reservoir, so you’ll get spectacular views of the water and the surrounding landscape.

The zip lines are usually open from March through November, although check with the park office as dates may vary. During the peak season, the zip lines are quite popular, so you should consider calling ahead of time to reserve a spot.

Beach Activities

Those looking for a more relaxed way to spend their time at the park can park their camper at the beach to soak up the sun. The reservoir waters are warm, making it an excellent swimming location from May through September. The picnic areas located near the beach make it easy to relax after a swim.

The Docks at Yuba Lake is a concession stand and store where you can buy a variety of beach gear, as well as rent kayaks, canoes, and paddle boards. They also serve food during the summer, if you didn’t pack your own snacks.



Those that want to fish will find plenty to keep them busy on the reservoir. The lake is populated with a wide variety of fish species, including walleye, yellow perch, northern pike, and catfish. There’s a boat launch near both main campgrounds.

The fishing is best from April through September, although you’ll be able to catch most of the fish species any time of the year. Come in early March and you’ll be able to catch the northern pike as they spawn. And the reservoir is always well stocked with catfish for peak season in the summer.


Although the park is mainly known for its aquatic activities, multiple hiking trails will allow you to explore the area on foot any time of the year.

Loop around the reservoir for gorgeous lakefront views. There is a hiking and biking trail that leads out of Oasis Campground so that campers will have easy access to the trails. And you can also connect to hiking trails that lead outside of the park if you are looking for a longer, more challenging hike.


If you visit the park in the winter, consider bringing a snowmobile with your rig. The park connects to a network of trails that weave through the surrounding areas, and there’s a wide variety of terrain around the park for you to explore

Do be careful, especially when exploring off road, as snowmobiles can cause avalanches. And the trails and roads near the park are shared with hikers, so take extra caution, especially when coming around corners.