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What is contactless key exchange?

contactless key exchange

The paperless handoff is here! Gone are the days of printing and signing paperwork. Now, you can take your key exchange digital using your Outdoorsy dashboard.

What does the contactless key exchange look like for owners?



  1. Go to bookings on your dashboard.

  2. Select the booking.

  3. Hit “Begin Key Exchange”

  4. Specify if you’ll be meeting the renter.

  5. Upload vehicle photos.

  6. Acknowledge the rental and departure agreements.

  7. Sign and finalize the key exchange.

  8. Message your renter to have them sign.


Make sure you give your renters a thorough walkthrough before they hit the road. You can download the rental contract, which will now have your digital signature!


How do renters complete the digital key exchange?



  1. Go to the trip page.

  2. Once your reservation is confirmed, you can “Begin Key Exchange.”

  3. Inspect the interior and exterior photos the owner uploaded.

  4. If there is damage not already noted, you can upload your own photos of it.

  5. Complete a walkthrough with the owner and acknowledge that you’ve reviewed the departure checklist.

  6. Sign to finalize the key exchange.

  7. Click “start trip.”


You’re all set! The downloadable RV rental contract should now have signatures from both you and the dealer.


What do owners need to do when the vehicle is returned?



  1. Go back to the booking page.

  2. Click “Return Vehicle.”

  3. Upload photos to document the current condition of the vehicle.

  4. Optionally, report vehicle damage, if any.

  5. Complete return.


If no damage was found, release the renter deposit. And, make sure to leave your renters a review so they can keep on renting and adventuring!


What do renters need to do upon return?



  1. Click “Start Return.”

  2. Report any damage that occurred during your trip and upload photos.

  3. Complete your return and review any extra usage fees with the owner.


Help other renters out and leave a review!


The key exchange and return processes have never been easier! Going digital, you can iron out all the nitty-gritty details and documents in minutes.