We love to help.

We love to help.

Do I have to collect sales tax?

Depending on which state your RV lives in, Outdoorsy may be required to collect state sales taxes on your behalf.

Sales tax is an incremental charge to the booking and will not affect your pricing.

In states where it is required, Outdoorsy will calculate, collect, and file these taxes on your behalf. If it is not required in your state, you can still charge sales tax as an add-on to your bookings.

How does this affect you?

  1. Dealer-owned bookings: Your current tax collection process will be unaffected.
  2. Combo bookings: As it is mandatory for Wheelbase to collect taxes, they will be released to you with payout.
  3. Peer-to-peer rentals: Taxes must be collected in particular states. In mandatory states, taxes will be filed by Outdoorsy, not released to you. Where tax collection is optional, you may choose whether to collect or not.

Where does Outdoorsy collect sales tax?

Where does Outdoorsy collect and remit sales tax directly to states?

The majority of US states have enacted “wayfair”, marketplace facilitator, or peer to peer sales tax laws. These laws require online marketplaces to collect sales tax on behalf of the sellers operating on their sites. As Outdoorsy operates an online marketplace we may be required to calculate, collect, and remit sales taxes on your behalf.

In states without a marketplace facilitator law you as the owner are responsible for determining if your transactions are subject to sales tax, selecting the correct sales tax rate in outdoorsy.com, and remitting those taxes to your state or local government. You should consult with your tax advisor to determine which taxes you are responsible for.

Outdoorsy does not calculate or remit sales taxes for wheelbase bookings made outside of Outdoorsy.com. You should consult with your tax advisor to determine which taxes you are responsible for.

Sales taxes are a separate process to income tax. You should consult with your tax advisor about how your Outdoorsy transactions should be treated for income tax returns.

Currently, Outdoorsy is collecting and remitting state administered sales and use tax on behalf of owners in the following states:

Last updated: 5/14/21, 2:45 pm CST