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About Abc RV Sales

ABC Motorhome & RV Sales started as a one-man motorhome business in Anchorage, Alaska in 1985 with nothing more than a dream and a business plan. The owner, John Marquardt, was a partner in various lumber yards in Anchorage, Alaska and in Seattle, Washington. During that time, oil went down to eight dollars per barrel which threw the economy into a steep tailspin. Over 20,000 people left Alaska and thirteen banks went under. Some of those people leaving were contractors, and ones that owed a lot of money to the lumber yards. Tourism seemed to be the one bright spot in all of this turmoil and picking up on that being the savvy businessman that he is, John started renting a motorhome from the front counter of the lumber yard to the tourists of Alaska. That first motorhome [see photo] was in use constantly so the following year six more motorhomes were purchased, and the fleet grew from that point forward giving us an opportunity to embark on an exciting new adventure. During that period of exciting times, ABC began renting to Hollywood's finest in an effort to assist the movie stars; they needed housing due to the of the lack of infrastructure in Alaska regarding outlying hotels, motels, and restaurants. About that time, the Exxon Valdez went aground on the Bligh reef in the Prince William Sound in March of 1989, causing the Coast Guard to need 48 units to house 200 Coasties in Valdez. They also needed 15 pass vans to bring the boys to Anchorage for some good times ... That was a plus for sure! Now it was time to start selling off units, so John found property on the Old Seward Highway that was formerly L&K RV Sales a perfect new home for ABC Motorhome & RV Sales. It proved to be ideal with signage, sales offices, restrooms, lobby, etc. ABC was now a full-blown dealership acquiring only the BEST sales units on the market. Top of the line units, such as Lance, Jayco, Gulfstream, Springdale, Wildwood, Rockwood, Sunseeker, Dynamax, Passport, Cougar, Outback, Georgetown, R-Pod, Grand Design, and many others. The next progressive step was setting up an office in Elkhart, Indiana where ABC Motorhome & RV Sales could send company drivers to pick-up units and renters to drive to Alaska on their way to vacation. From Elkhart, Indiana to Seattle, Washington to Phoenix, Arizona to Skagway, Alaska and clear down to Palm Harbor, Florida. ABC Motorhome & RV Sales was now renting RVs nationwide. Housing for employees was purchased in Phoenix, Arizona; Elkhart, Indiana; and in Seattle, Washington. This was all accomplished before the advent of the cell phone! ABC Motorhome & RV Sales has since drawn back to Anchorage, Alaska because of age. Although John had reduced his workload, he did not stop dreaming! In 2018, John built Alaska's only indoor showroom that was 20,000 square feet and it can hold up to 35 motorhomes, trailers, campers, etc. ABC has since grown to 5 lots (estimated to about 10 acres) of RVs with two sales locations in Anchorage, Alaska. We are extremely proud of the wide range of products ABC Motorhome & RV Sales handles come check out our awesome selection of quality travel trailers, 5th wheels, toy haulers, motorhomes, and truck campers! ABC Motorhome & RV Sales is committed to serving our community with indisputably the best selection of RVs available on the market. We are open seven days a week and we would like to personally invite you to shop our stock in a genuinely no-pressure, comfortable, and laid-back atmosphere at your leisure. We guarantee that you'll experience the best service in town and you will have the ultimate shopping experience. Our Sales Force constantly develops their knowledge so they can best serve Alaska's outdoor clients. You will be pleased that you stopped by! We are YOUR local RV dealer that cares! My sincerest thank you for a really memorable ride! Warm Regards, J.M.

Location info

8103 Old Seward Highway in Anchorage, AK

Phone number

(907) 561-1982

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