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Class CFrisco, CO
6 seatbeltsSleeps 632 ftYear 2019

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Hi there, we are the Rawson's and we are happy you a looking at our RV to fuel your next family vacation! We love camping and we love the outdoors. We take our RV all over from hockey games for our son to boating on Lake Powell.

Enhanced clean

Outdoorsy guidelines

Your safety and health is key. This host has committed to a thorough cleaning regimen informed by CDC guidelines.

Class CRental #246341

Why start at the bottom when you can start at the top. Pickup your camper in the top of the mountains where the amazing views start as soon as your trip does! This is a new to use in very good shape Jayco camper that is setup to provide the most amazing outdoor adventure you and your family can imagine. Holds 6 people comfortably with each adult having their own real bed thanks to bunk beds. This RV is big but yet drives great. Always serviced and maintained to the upmost standards. Let us help you get your adventure started by getting you out of the city before you even start. Located right next to a Safeway grocery store as well as a short walk to a Walmart you can pickup anything extra you desire. Even if you are to fly into Denver, the airport shuttle will drop you off right next door to the RV pickup spot. A true unique experience. Get in touch with us today to find out how this might work for your family!

  • Sleeps: 6 guests
  • Seats: 6 seatbelts
  • Fresh water tank: 28 gallons
  • Fuel: Gas

Owner rules

  • Pet friendly
  • No music festivals
  • Tailgating friendly
  • No smoking

Please adhere to the following rules.
1. No smoking or drug use allowed in vehicle (this includes vaping). Your entire security deposit will be held until remediation can be obtained. Whatever the remediation specialist charges PLUS a service fee of $100 will be assessed out of the security deposit and any remaining balance will be refunded to the renter as long as there are no other overages or damages.
2. Furry friends are welcome no felines, rodents or reptiles. Please advise to the size, breed and age of your pets. We do require the supplemental interior insurance if you will be bringing your pets. Any smell, stain or damage from either urine, feces or destruction from pets will result in the holding of your entire security deposit until remediation/repair can be obtained. Whatever the remediation specialist or repair charge is PLUS a service fee of $100 will be assessed out of the security deposit and any remaining balance will be refunded to the renter as long as there are no other overages or damages.
3. Renter is responsible for checking/maintaining engine oil level, tire pressure and coolant levels at each refueling. Cost due to negligence resulting in mechanical damage or tire damage will be renter’s responsibility.
4. Owner will provide information on operation of coach at time of pickup and will provide instruction manuals for operation of coach systems, features and appliances. It is renter’s responsibility to understand and follow instructions. Failure to use proper handling of any of the systems, features or appliances in RV may result in damage and renter will be liable for cost to repair.
5. If there is a mechanical failure or problem requiring roadside assistance, renter should call roadside assistance number provided by insurer and alert owner immediately. RENTER SHALL NOT ATTEMPT TO MAKE REPAIRS. Out of pocket expense for repairs required and which are not covered by insurance or roadside assistance will be reimbursed by owner upon return of vehicle as long as the owner is made aware prior to such repairs and receipts are provided.
6. You are responsible for any ticket, tolls, tows and impounds. Even if the notice arrives after late fees and admin fees have compounded.
7. Returns are due from 8 am until noon, at 12:01 pm you are late and will incur a late fee of $50 per hour late. Pick up is from 3 pm until 5 pm, at 5:01 pm you are late and will incur a late fee of $50 per hour late. Delivery is from noon until 3 pm. The renter must be present at time of delivery, no first come first serve RV slots will be delivered to. RV slot reservation confirmation email must be forwarded to owner at least two days before delivery is due. If prior approval is made with owner before the rental is late, these fees may be waived.
8. Climbing on the ladder or roof of the camper by the renter will make renter responsible for all damages.
9. Always drive safely, no speeding, safe following distance and remember your driving a house on wheels so leave space all around to stop and/or turn.
10. Return all items to their original spots in their original condition.
11. If coach is returned with damages that will keep the next rental from happening the renter will be liable for lost rental income from future rentals until coach is repaired.
12. Coach shall be returned with both black and gray tanks empty and clean. There will be a charge for $100 to dump black and/or gray tanks.
13. Coach shall be returned with full fuel and propane tank. Should either not be full there will be a charge of $100 for each tank not full on top of cost of fuel and/or propane.
14. This coach uses regular gas and NOT DIESEL FUEL, should the wrong fuel be used this will cause major engine failure and the renter will be responsible for all repairs associated with the use of the wrong fuel type in the coach. Be very sure you are not putting DIESEL or anything other than standard fuel in the coach.
15. Should the coach be returned with damages that make future rentals not possible due to necessary repairs the owner will not be responsible for any fees or reimbursements to future rentals should they need to be cancelled.
15. If you have questions call, I would rather get a call then have you try something that might end up costing hundreds in fees.
16. HAVE FUN - Its your vacation after all. Enjoy the outdoors and live in style while you do it.


  • Daily$234.00 /night
  • Weekly$234.00 /night0% discount
  • Monthly$234.00 /night0% discount
Minimum stay
3 nights
Refundable security deposit
24/7 unlimited roadside assistance
Learn more about Roadside Assistance


100 miles free per day You will be charged $0.40 for every mile over per day.
Generator usage
4 free generator hours per day If you exceed the included hours you will be charged $3.00 per hour.

Owner fees

  • Inspect prepare and sanitize the coach prior to departure.

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Enhance your trip

  • Coach is returned without black or gray tank empty or clean.

  • Return without full fuel tank. Fuel will be charged at $4.50 a gallon plus penalty

  • Bring back the coach with any amount of fuel and we will fill it for you. $50 plus $4.50 per gallon.


This rental has a 3 night minimum.
January 2022
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