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2016 Summer Music Festival Schedule

Don't you want to be there now?

Are you one of the millions of people who spend all year looking forward to warm evenings at summer music festivals? Do you mark your calendar and go for the music and stay for the food? If so, you likely know about at least some of the festivals listed on the schedule below. And perhaps you’ve experienced life on the festival campground, where you can park your RV and make to the festival without much of a hassle.

Let’s make sure you know all of your options for summer music festival going. Here’s the upcoming 2016 Festival Schedule including website links, camping info and a bit of background. Choose where you want to go during the coming festival months, and Outdoorsy will get you there in style.


June 29th to July 10th

Summerfest RV camping

Not only is Milwaukee known as Beer Town U.S.A. but if you like ethnic food like bratwurst, Polish pierogies and an incredible array of cheese, Summerfest is a must stop for serious festival goers. The acts this year include something for everyone, with Selena Gomez, Willie Nelson, Pitbull, Blake Shelton, Tim McGraw, Def Leppard and Sir Paul McCartney! Which means, for no other reason than just being a Beatles fan, this festival must be attended.

RV camping is available at the Wisconsin State Fair Park, which is on a major bus route right to the Summerfest grounds. Don’t miss Summerfest, it’s the biggest music festival in the world!

F.A.R.M Fest

July 22nd to the 24th

Farm Music Fest RV parks

For art, music, yoga, workshops for meditation, holistics, aquaculture and much more, F.A.R.M. Fest is the place you want to be. Education and inspiration all happen at the Paradise Lake Campground in N.J. RV’s are welcome right on the site, and you can park, camp and walk to the festival.

Featured musicians are The Floozies, Bombox, Eprom, CIA (X2) with members of Particle and the Disco Biscuits, and many more. Get spiritual, and get to Paradise Valley.

Newport Folk Festival

July 22nd to the 24th

Newport Folk Festival RV camping

This is one of the classic folk festivals of all time. In years past, Bob Dylan, Joan Baez and Peter Paul and Mary were all headliners, but there is a new wave of folkies that have taken center stage.

Featured this year: Patti Smith, Alabama Shakes, Norah Jones, Elvis Costello and Graham Nash (just to name a few). From classics to the newest in folk music, this one is hard to miss, with campgrounds scattered all around the festival.

If there is one folk music fest to attend, this one ranks high on the list.


July 28th to July 31st

Lollapalooza RV camping

Located on Lake Michigan, Lollapalooza is Chicago’s premier rock and roll music and arts festival. This is the 25th year, and it stands to be a good show.

 Featured acts are the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Radiohead, LCD Soundsystems, Lana Del Rey and Major Lazer, among many others. Plus, RV camping is nearby, so you can park, party and go! For rock and roll, Lollapalooza is just what your ears need.

Oregon Jamboree

July 29th to the 31st

Oregon Music Festival RV camping

For some of the best country music in the northwest, you’ve got to check out the Oregon Jamboree. This festival has been going strong for 21 years, and there is so much more to do than music.

Nestled in the foothills of the cascade mountains, here is more to do than listen to music. The reservoir is a boater’s dream. There are arts and crafts, nearby salmon and trout fishing, and you can even go water skiing. There are 14 camping and RV sites nearby, so you can take an RV trip out to the Cascades and enjoy the scenery and the music all at the same time.

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Here at Outdoorsy, we don’t want you to miss a single minute of the summer fun.  Browse RV’s nearest you, check your dates, quickly submit your rental forms and get going! Yes, it’s really that easy. That’s what Outdoorsy is all about.

Stay tuned for Music Festivals Around the U.S.: Part Two!

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