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The Big Outdoorsy Guide to All RV Manufacturers

The first comprehensive online list of every manufacturer whose RVs are D.O.T approved for U.S. roads.

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Trying to make a decision about which RV to buy and struggling to find a comprehensive overview of all RV manufacturers? We know how you feel. We created this resource after we couldn’t find one ourselves. (You might also be interested in our Big Outdoorsy Guide to RV Classes). Here’s the official list of virtually every manufacturer whose RVs are D.O.T. approved for driving on North American roads.

How the big guide to RV manufacturers works: RVs are listed in alphabetical order by class. Each listing includes site link, model types, and a piece of of trivia. (One-offs and commercial RV builds not included.)

Class A RV Manufacturers

Class A RVs are the largest drivable motorhomes, perfect for families and full-time RVers. Note: All of these coaches are diesel-powered unless otherwise specified.

American Coach

Models: Eagle, Heritage, Revolution, Allegiance, Dream, Tradition

Based on the renowned “Liberty Chassis,” American Coach is one of the foremost suppliers of RVs to musicians, sports teams and movie stars. American coach models have some of the highest resale values of all the RVs made.


Models: Cross Country, Cross Country SRS, Mirada, Mirada Select, Pursuit

Coachman has been producing RVs for more than 50 years. Started by 3 brothers, the company initially made truck caps as their major source of revenue. They’ve snew over 600,000 RV units to date.

Cool Amphibious Manufacturers International LLC

Model: Terra Wind

If you’re looking for something completely different, the Terra Wind is for you. It’s equally at home on land or in the water, and if a house boat on wheels is your thing, the Terra Wind is your land/ship.

Custom Coach

Model: Mauck 2

Based on a Mercedes Benz Sprinter truck chassis, this is a custom-made Class A/B hybrid RV that has been built to incorporate an automobile-type feel. The automotive aspect gives this vehicle far better handling than any conventional Class A vehicle, and the diesel engine gives much better milage than a conventional gas powered engine.

Entegra Coach

Models: Insignia, Anthem, Inspire, Cornerstone

Touted as “The quietest riding and best handling coach on the market today. Period.” These hand-built coaches are a member of the Jayco family of RVs, that come with a 2 year warranty and 3 years of roadside assistance.

Fleetwood RV

Diesel Models: Discovery, Expedition, Pace Arrow LXE, Excursion

Gasoline Models: Southwind, Bounder, Bounder Classic

Fleetwood has the widest variety of models to choose from between gas and diesel powered models. With American Coach, it’s part of the esteemed REV RV group. All Fleetwoods come with a 3-year structural warranty.

Forest River RVs

Diesel Models: Berkshire XL and XLT, Charleston, Legacy SR340

Gasoline Models: FR3, Georgetown 3 Series GT3 and XL

Created in 1996, Forest River RVs have something for everyone, from the beginner to among the most advanced RV’ers. They feature one of the strongest owners groups among RV makers. It’s called FROG, featuring over 35,000 members, and it’s growing.

Foretravel Motorcoach

Models: ih-45, Realm FS6

Custom-made by hand since 1967, their exclusive monocoque (meaning one shell, or single hull) TravelRide chassis gives a ride like none other. They’re incredibly innovative with such things as an avoidance detection system and engine fire suppression.

Hemphill Brothers Coaches

Model: H3~45

Taylor Swift, Kenny Rogers, Oprah and other luminaries have Hemphill Brothers Coaches to get around in style. This full-service coach company will sell or rent you a coach and provide a driver if needed. Since 1980, Hemphill is one of the foremost coach suppliers in the country.


Models: Allante, Precept

Jayco is one of the most trusted names in the RV world. Their new Class A models are like taking your home with you, and each features queen sized beds, multiple slide options and the Jayco name. Jayco began by making small pop-up campers, and for 2017, they are using their expertise in Class A coach building.

Liberty Coach

Models: Prevost Custom Builds for the Liberty Lady, Elegant Lady

Liberty takes Prevost coaches and custom builds them to your specifications. They all use a Volvo Diesel engine for reliability and durability. The first custom coaches were made over 50 years ago, but the first Prevost conversion occurred in 1979.


Models: Dynasty, Diplomat

The Monaco brand has been resurrected in 2016, and is now part of the REV group. Featuring Cummins Diesel engines and built on a Roadmaster chassis, their goal is to return to an industry leading power and luxury coach.

Newell Coach

Model: Newell

The Newell coach has world class pedigree design, engineering and performance from the Porsche Design and ZF Friedrichshafen suspension firms. It features electronic steering for low turning effort with precise handling and stability in any weather condition.


Diesel Models: King Aire, Essex, London Aire, Mountain Aire, Dutch Star, Ventana, Ventana LE

Gasoline Models: Canyon Star, Bay Star, Bay Star Sport

For over 50 years Newmar has been making quality RVs. They entered the Class A market in the 1980’s, and their longest running models are the Dutch Star and Mountain Aire. They were the first to introduce slide-outs to a Class A motorhome.


Diesel Model: Bentley

Gasoline Model: Maybach

This Diesel pusher is made on a Freightliner rail chassis, while the gas powered unit has a Ford F-53 chassis and a V-10 engine. The factory direct sales approach makes these two of the most affordable Class A machines on the road. To keep costs down, Nexus follows a very specific floor plan with not much individual customization added. Laminate floors and slides make them exceptionally roomy and functional.

Rexhall Industries

Models: Aerbus, RexAir, Roseair, American Clipper, Vision

Started in 1991, Rexhall made the #1 spot on Business Weeks Hot Companies Growth list by 1990. The major innovation of the Rexall coach is the T-Rex slide room that can be placed on both sides of the coach for an amazing amount of extra space. No other coach maker does this.

Thor Motor Coach

Diesel Models: Palazzo, Tuscany, Tuscany XTE, Venetian

Gasoline Models: Axis, Vegas, A.C.E., Windsport, Hurricane, Miramar, Challenger, Outlaw

Rated as North America’s Top Rated RV Manufacturer, you can get one pre-built or have them build one to your exact specifications. In 2010 they merged with Damon Motor Coach and Four Winds International. They feature 24/7 support technicians to keep you going down the road no matter what service problems you may experience.

Tiffin Motorhomes

Models: Allegro, Allegro Red, Allegro Breeze, Allegro Bus, Pheaton, Zephyr

Founded in 1972, Tiffin has sold more than 65,000 motorhomes and counting. This family-run business started out in the 1940s as a lumber yard and general merchandise store and grew into Tiffin RVs.


Diesel Models: Tour, Grand Tour, Journey, Forza, Via, Ellipse, Ellipse Ultra, Meridian, Solei

Gasoline Models: Adventurer, Sightseer, Vista, Vista LX, Suncruiser, Sunova, Sunstar, Sunstar LX

If you know anything about RVs, then you know about Winnebago RVs. They even have the most familiar nickname, Winnie, of them all. Winnebago features the most models of Class A RVs than anyone else, and if ever there was a go-to RV maker, Winnie is the one!

Begun in the mid-1950s, Winnebago has been at the forefront of innovations since its inception. To keep the costs down and the quality up, Winnebago has purchased many smaller suppliers that make holding tanks, supply aluminum, a sawmill for wood working, plastic sheet makers, and they even manufacturer their own chassis in house.

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Class B RV Manufacturers

Class B RVs are the celebrities of the #vanlife movement, captivating rock-climbers, skiers, and active millennials. Note: The Class Bs listed below do not include conversion vans, which are modified after-market van chassises. 

Advanced RV

Models: CruzMobile, Kinder, Maggie Mae, Peanut, Stewie

These RVs are built around the Mercedes Sprinter light truck chassis coupled to a Diesel engine, and they handle more like an oversized automobile than a truck. The overall design philosophy came from the owner backpacking and canoe camping, and he wanted to make an RV capable of supplying its own power and functioning off the grid.


Models: Interstate Lounge EXT, Interstate Grand Tour EXT

Built on the Mercedes 3500 chassis, this Diesel engined Class B coach is second to none. Airstream has been in business for over 80 years, and although they are mainly known for their travel trailers, they have used that knowledge and manufactured a very credible Class B RV.

American Custom Vehicles

Models: Executive Series, Diamond Series

ACV custom builds Class B RVs using the tried and true Mercedes Sprinter Chassis. They build to suit your needs making them a true custom RV builder. Their motto is “Driving Towards Perfection,” and for people who adore the Sprinter, it rings true.

Coach House

Diesel Models: Platinum 2 and Arriva on the Mercedes Springer Chassis

Gasoline Models: Platinum on the Ford E-450 Super Duty Chassis

This custom Class B builder gives you your choice of chassis and engine power. With a 3-year warranty on drive train and structure, it is one of the best warranties in the business. The Platinum models feature an electric fold-out bed and full bathroom. R-18 insulation makes these one of the most energy efficient units available.


Models: Westy Conversion, Weekender Conversion

This unique company will convert any van into a Class B camper. Their motto is “The Driveable, Garageable, Pop-Top Camper.” You can either bring in a van with either a Diesel or conventional gasoline engine, ansd they will convert it for you. They can do either a pop-yop, or deck the inside out with all of the goodies, from chairs, beds and appliances to any other type of RV addition.

Leisure Travel Vans

Models: Serenity, Libero, Unity, Wonder

Built on the heavier duty 3500 Mercedes Benz Sprinter chassis, this custom Class B company is celebrating its 50th anniversary. It’s roots began with in a heating and plumbing shop in Manitoba, Canada, called Triple E. In 1972 the factory was gutted by a fire, and in 1978 the company was renamed Leisure Travel Vans. In house steel fabrication, hand crafted fiberglass molds and quality woodwork components make these some of the best custom vans on the road.

Phoenix Cruiser

Diesel Models: 2350, 2400 Mercedes Sprinter Chassis,

Gasoline Models: 2100, 2350, 2351, 2400 Ford E350 Chassis, 2551, 2552, 2910, 3100 Ford E450 Chassis

Most models have single or dual slides with the 2910 having triple slide outs for maximum sleeping and dining options. factory direct sales mean better prices, and ther are even 4 wheel drive options available.

Pleasure Way

Models: Ascent on the Mercedes Sprinter Chassis (Short Wheelbase), Lexor TS on the Dodge Promaster Chassis, Plateau Florida on the Mercedes Sprint Chassis (Long Wheelbase), Plateau TS on the Mercedes Sprint Chassis (Long Wheelbase), Plateau XLMB on the Mecedes Sprint Widebody Chassis (Dual Rear Wheels), Plateau XLTD on the Mecedes Sprint Widebody Chassis (Dual Rear Wheels)

These hand-built RVs take up to 6 weeks each before completion. Hand crafted tubular steel make up the floor, walls and roof, while in home fiberglass technicians create the coverings. These are Canada’s #1 selling RV, and such amenities as a sink, microwave, and an electrically heated sofa and a shower can be installed.


Diesel Models: E-Trek on the Mercedes Sprinter Chassis, RS Adventurous on the Mercedes Sprinter Chassis, CS Adventurous on the Mercedes Sprinter Chassis, SS Agile on the Mercedes Sprinter Short Wheelbase Chassis

Gasoline Models: Simplicity on the Dodge Ram Promaster 3500 Chassis, Zion SRT on the Dodge Ram Promaster 2500 Chassis, Zion on the Dodge Ram Promaster 3500 Chassis, 210 Popular on the Chevrolet Express Chassis, 190 Popular on the Chevrolet 3500 Express Chassis, 170 Versatile on the Chevrolet 2500 Chassis

With so many models and designs to choose from, the smallest Agile sleeps 2 while the bigger Zion sleeps 3 and the largest E-Trek sleeps 4. Begun in 1974, Roadtrek features the most chassis designs for regular build or custom built to your specifications. The E-Trek is the worlds first environmentally-friendly RV on the road today.


Chassis Models: Merecdes Sprinter, Dodge Ram Promaster, Ford Transit Van, Chevrolet Van

You choose a van, choose a floor plan, sleeping arrangements, bathroom and appliances, and Sportsmobile will create the Class B van of your dreams. This is the newest van conversion company in the U.S., beginning in 1961 by converting VW micro buses.

Titan Vans

Models: Mercedes Sprinters (144, 170, 170 Extended); Ram Promasters (136, 159, 159 Extended); Ford Transits (RWB, LWB, LWB EL); Nissan NV (1500, 2500, 3500)

Titan Vans provides competitively-priced, high end upfits — all supported by a 3-year, 36,000-mile warranty, DIY products & kits, and a full service center (Webasto Certified). From start to finish, customer service is our No. 1 priority. Check out their modular builds that can be converted from a full-time living space to a cargo van in minutes without the use of tools.

The RV Factory

Models: Avion, Avion Azur

These custom made Class B vans are built on the ubiquitous Mercedes 3500 Diesel powered Springer Chassis. Made in both Canada and the U.S., The RV Factory builds custom vehicles around how many people you plan to carry. This is a factory direct sales operation, making these some of the most cost effective conversions available.

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Class C RV Manufacturers

All Class C models come with a sleeping compartment over the drivers cab; some have camper tops that fit a variety of truck bed dimensions.


Models: Eagle Cap 1200, 1165, 1160, 995, 960, 850

The 1200 model boasts 3 side outs, 2 at the sides and 1 at the rear, the 1165 model has a side and rear slide out with a kitchen island, the 1160 is the same as the 1165 except it has no island, the 995 has on side slide out, the 960 has one slide out and fits longer beds,  and the 850 maximizes space featuring a single slide out with a galley, cabinets and pantry in only 8 1/2 feet.


Gasoline Models: Leprechaun, Freelander

Built on several different chassis from the F-450 Ford, the 320BH Chevrolet, the 4500 Chevrolet, the 210RS with Ford V-10, you can custom order many different iterations with various slide-out configurations for maximum space. Coachmen have been on the road since 1964.

Cowboy Cadillac

Models: Your Choice

This fully custom conversion company will turn any chassis into a conversion RV. Bring in a pick-up truck and they will build a Class C camper exactly the way you want it. This is a world wide organization, found in 12 different countries on several continents.


Models: Freightliner Chassis Cummins Diesel DX3, Freightliner Chassis Cummins Diesel DynaQuest XL, Freightliner Chassis Cummins Diesel Force, Mercedes Diesel Springer Chassis Isata 3, Dodge Ram 550 Chassis Cummins Diesel Isata 5, Dodge promaster Chassis Gasoline Powered Rev

Dynamax is considered the Class A rides of the Class C world. The Freightliners are literally built on semi truck chassis, ands even the gas powered Dodge Ram will hnew its own against a Class A. The Freightliners have multiple slide outs with king size beds, and even the smaller models have queen sized beds. This is serious luxury in a Class C designation.


Models: XV, XV-LT, XV-HD

These are the most rugged Class C RVs you can find. They are made for expeditions from Alaska to Africa, and everywhere in between. They use a Ford F-550 engine has a 5 year 100,00 mile warranty, the chassis and structure both come with 3 year warranties. The Diesel powerplant is matched to a 4 wheel drive system for maximum versatility. The inside is laid out logically, and although not as luxurious as some, the basic amenities like appliances and sleeping arrangements are all present.

Fleetwood RV

Models: Jamboree Sport and Searcher Models, Tioga Ranger and Montara

All of these Class C RVs come with queen sized beds and full bathrooms, including showers. They all feature Ford powerplants and chassis, and Fleetwood is part of the REV consortium. Each features slide outs for even more space, and they bring a home-like atmosphere wherever you go.

Gulf Stream Coach

Models: Conquest

Built on either a Ford F-350 or F-450 chassis, they areb powered by gasoline engines. You’ll get a queen sized bed, standard bathrooms and extra spce if you choose to go with slide outs. These are some of the best bang for the buck Class C units, and they are known for a quality build.

Haulmark MotorCoach

Models: 45BH, 45DB, 45SB

These Freighliner-based Class C motor coaches are essentially converted semi trucks. The 45BH is a triple slide while the 45DB and SB are quad slides. They all feature king sized beds, hardwood choices, and a full wall mosaic backsplash in the kitchen. This is luxury at its finest, for the most discerning Class C aficionado.

Holiday Rambler

Models: Augusta, Augusta LX Flyer

Powered by a Ford gas engine on an E350 chassis, you’ll get a queen sized bed and a near queen sized bed over the cab. The optional twin slides give you an extra sofa bed/table nook and a larger lavatory. Since 1953, Holiday Rambler is one of the best known and most reliable makers available.

Host Industries

Models: Chinook, Rainier, Shasta, Cascade, Everest, Mammoth

These custom-built truck campers turn any pick up into a Class C. The Chinook and Rainier will fit short bed trucks while the Everest and Mammoth will fit long beds. The Everest and mammoth have triple slide outs, while the others can include option single or double slides. They all come with queen sized beds, with both a toilet and a shower.


Models: Renegade, Gulfstream

As pointed out by a knowledgable commenter on this post, the IWS isn’t for every budget, but the craftsmanship is beyond question and resale value is higher than average.


Models: Redhawk, Greyhawk, Melbourne, Seneca

Both the Redhawk and GreyHawk use Ford or Chevy gasoline powerplants and chassis. The Melbourne uses a Mercedes 3500 Springer chassis and diesel engine while the Seneca uses a Freightliner chassis and Cummins  Diesel with dual rear wheels. The Seneca features a king size bed while the others have queen sized beds. Jayco is one of the most recognizable names in RVs, and these Class 3 models are some of the best around.

Kibbi LLC Renegade

Models: Classic

This Freightliner-based Class C motorcoach has a queen sized bed, a full bath and with the optional slides, you can have more bed space, a separate dinette and a large kitchen. The owner was banned from showing his RV at the National RV Convention because he wasnt a member, so he showed it in the parking lot outside and was known as a renegade for doing so. Hence the name of the vehicle.

Lazy Daze

Models: 24 Foot, 27 Foot, 31 Foot

All Lazy Daze campers are built on a Ford F-450 chassis with a gasoline powered engine. This factory direct RV maker has been in business since 1956 and it is one of the smallest manufacturers known. It is one of the few RVs that don’t feature slides, but they are also some of the least expensive units made.


Models: Phantom 25 ford E350 Chassis, Phantom 31 Ford E450 Chassis, Phantom 32 Ford E450 Chassis

The Class C Nexus offerings are all gasoline powered and you can take a standard design or design your own. The single slide 25 comes with a queen sized bed, while the dual slide 31 gives you more kitchen area and the dual slide 32 gives you a bunk bed option. These factory direct units make them a great value in the Class C market.

Power House Coach

Models: Ultra Line 1- 8 all on aVovo or Freightliner Chassis, Diesel Engine

These Class C luxury machines are as close as you can come to a Class A without paying th Class A price. Fully custom built to your specifications, mlost come with kingsize beds, multiple slides and even a bunkhouse version for maximized sleeping arrangements, a cargo version and even a wheelchair accessible unit.

Showhauler Motorhome Conversions

Showhauler lets you choose virtually any semi truck chassis for conversion. These are 100% custom made to your specifications, you can get a fully functional motorhome or a towing version called a Toterhome.

Thor Motor Coach

Diesel Models: Chateau, Four Winds, Citation, Siesta, Synergy, Gemini Compass  on the Mercedes Sprinter Diesel Chassis, Super C Chateau or Four Winds on the Ford E-550 chassis.

Gasoline Models: Four Winds, Chateau, Quantum, Outlaw on the Ford E-450 or Chevy Chassis

One of the largest and most respected RV makers, Thor has many models, engine and chassis configurations to choose from. Floor plans include king or queen beds, the Sprinter models are easy to maneuver and there is even a bunkhouse model for maximum sleeping accommodations.


Diesel Models: Navion on the Mercedes Sprinter Chassis, Fuse on the Ford Transit Chassis

Gasoline Models: Aspect, Cambria, Minnie Winnie, Spirit on the Ford E450 Chassis, Trend on the Dodge Ram Promaster Chassis

The most well known RV maker with models for virtually any budget. Featuring multiple slides with both extended bed and kitchen options, there is a Winnie that will fit your RV needs.

Xplorer Motor Homes

Models: Ford Xcursion on either the F-550 or F350 Chassis, Dodge Xcursion on the Dodge Ram 3500 Chassis, your choice of either Diesel or Gasoline Powered

This small RV maker keeps its prices down by offering a compact Class C without any slide outs. You get the basic amenities like a queen sized bed over the cab, your choice of lounge chairs of sofas, and a complete kitchen. Nothing fancy just a great value. 35 years of building and still going strong.

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Fifth Wheel RV Manufacturers

Fifth wheel trailers are essentially Class C RVs without an engine. They are some of the largest and most practical RV trailers on the road. All feature such amenities as optional slide outs, king and queen sized beds and large kitchen areas.


Owned by Keystone RV, Alpine Fifth Wheels are the #1 seller in the U.S. One of their main options is an actual built-in fireplace.

Americana RV

Models: Sequoyah, RT and Travel Bug

A major innovation includes self sustaining solar panels.

ATC Recreational 

Models: 34~3BR

ATC’s main claim to fame is 3 walk-in bedrooms.


Models: Brookstone, Chaparral, the Chaparral Lite and X-Lite

Coachmen uses Azdel Composite sidewalls for structural rigidity.


Models: Denali, Voltage

Crossroads Recreational Vehicles

Models: Cameo, Carriage, Cruiser Standard, Aire, Touring, Elevation, Rezerve, Sunset

DRV Suites

Models: Mobile, Elite, Fullhouse

DRV Suites offer some of the most luxurious fifth wheels available


Model: Trilogy

Need an RV that feels like a home? The Dynamax fifth wheels are built with 250 square feet of basement storage and a Dyson vacuum built-in.


Models: Bay Hill, Tesla, Alfa Gold, Bat View Select, Lifestyle

Owners of the Lifestyle RV name, Evergreen RVs feature an optional centrally-located mounted fireplace.

Forest River

Models: Black Diamond, Blue Ridge, Cardinal, Cardinal Estate, Cedar Creek Chamapagne Edition, Hathaway Edition, Silverback Edition, Cherokee, Flagstaff Classic and Regular Super Lite, Salem Hemisphere, Wilwood Heritage Glen, Silverstone, Rockwood Signature and Rockwood Ultra Lite, Sabre, Salem, Sandpiper and Sandpiper Select, the Sierra and Sierra Select, Surveyor, Vibe, Wildcat, the Wildcat Max, Wildwood

One of the premier makers of fifth wheels, Forest River prides itself on having the most fifth wheel options of any RV manufacturer.

Forks RV

Model: Continental Coach Elegance

This luxury RV features solid hardwood cabinetry and trim.

Gulf Stream Coach

Models: Canyon Trail, Sedona.

These fifth wheels are fully insulated and capable of handing all four seasons.

Heartland RV

Models: Luxury Class, Full-Profile Class, Mid-Profile Class

Heartland Fifth wheels command a higher resale value then most.


Models: Eagle, Northpoint, Pinnacle, Designer

Jayco is known the world over as one of the premier RV suppliers.

K-Z Fifth Wheels

Models: Durango 1500 and 2500, Gold, Sportsmen, Sportster, Venom.

K-Z fifth wheels are famous for promoting full-time luxury all the time.

New Horizons

Models: Summit, Majestic.

The Fifth Wheel models have the only 5 Star rating in the industry.

Northwood Manufacturing

Models: Arctic Fox Silver Edition, Fox Mountain

Want bunk-beds? No problem. You can custom build your own fifth wheel with Northwood.

Open Range

Models: Roamer, Open Range, Lite.

Open Range has been selected as one of the Top 50 RV Dealers every year. 

Pacific Coachworks

Models: Blaze’n, Pacifica, Panther, Powerlite, Rage’n, Sandsport, Tango.

Since 2006, Pacific Coachworks is the premiere builder of high quality recreational vehicles.


Models: Columbus, Puma, Puma Unleashed.

Purchased by Forest River, Palomino has been building RVs since 1968.

Recreation By Design

Model: Platinum

The Platinum is one of the easiest fifth wheels to tow.

Scamp Trailers

Model: Scamp 19.

This is one of the smallest and lightest fifth wheels ever made.


Model: Layton Trident

This is an affordable entry-level fifth wheel that will fit many budgets.

Space Craft

Model: 34′ Fifth Wheel

When you need to get out into open spaces, nothing beats a Space Craft. Want something special? These Space Crafts are custom built for your desires.

Starcraft RV

Models: AR-One Maxx, Travelstar, Solstice

Starcraft is a subsidiary of Jayco, and it’s obvious from the build quality, form, and function. 

Travel Units

Models: 35′, 40′

These are custom-made fifth wheels designed by you on a standard floor plan.


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Travel Trailers RV Manufacturers

These trailers are desined to be pulled on a hitch, generally by a truck. They are very similar to fifth wheel designs, featuring multiple slide out options, sleeping arrangements, small kitchens, and compact bathrooms. Some of the smallest, most lightweight and most easily portable full-sized RVs are in this segment.


Models: Land Yacht, Classic, International, Flying Cloud, Sport

This is the trailer that all others are judged by. From the big dog Land Yacht to the easily towable Sport, if you own an Airstream, you own one of the best there is.

Award Recreational Vehicles

Model: The Classic

Aerodynamic, lightweight and fuel efficient, that’s what the Award Classic is all about.

Casita Travel Trailers

Models: Patriot, Spirit, Freedom, Liberty, Independence

Compact, lightweight and aerodynamic, the Casita is a solid choice for small families.


Models: Freedom Express, Apex Ultra-Lite, Catalina, Catalina SBX, Destination, Clipper, Viking Ultra-Lites 


Models: Lantern, Ultra-Lite

Coleman trailers are some of the most affordable on the market.


Models: Altitude, Rezerve, the Sunset Grand Reserve, Super Lite, Ultra Lite, Z-1, Zinger

Cruiser RV

Models: Shadow Cruiser, MPG, Radience Touring, Fun Finder. 

A subsidiary of Thor RVs, Cruiser RV is a second generation RV builder.

Dutchmen RV

Dutchmen makes travel trailers for many other distributors including Coleman, Aspen Trail, Aerolite and Kodiak.


The Eggcamper, which is named for its distinctive egg-shape, is small and light enough to be pulled by many SUVs and crossovers.

Escape Trailer

Models: 17 Foot, 19 Foot, 21 Foot, Escape 5.0TA

The Escape is made in British Columbia, Canada, and is known for its high resale value.


Models: the Everlite, Sun Valley, I-Go Series, Element, Amped, Reactor

The EverGreen is one of the “greenest” RV makers that use sustainable materials, lean manufacturing techniques that leave minimal environmental impact.


Models: Hummingbird, Jay Feather, White Hawk, Jay Flight, and Eagle


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