Emily Butterfield
by Emily Butterfield
Posted March 21, 2019

When dreaming up your next road trip excursion, don’t forget to include your pooch in the planning. From walks around camp to dinner by the campfire and sleeping under the stars, dogs can be the perfect camping companion. Just add their necessities to your packing list (don’t forget the treats!) and you’re off on a pup-approved adventure.

Just in case you need further convincing, here’s a few perks you can expect to benefit from by playing together in the great outdoors. 

Sleeping bag snuggles. Photo by Emily Butterfield.

No. 1: You’ll stay warm with snuggles

We’ve all experienced those cold, chilly nights in a tent — even in the dead of summer. This is one area where your fur baby comes in handy; they’re a lifesaver when it comes to providing some much-needed warmth in your temporary abode. Go ahead, let them snuggle in the sleeping bag. It’ll get them off the cold ground and help warm you to the core. Even if you’re cozy in your campervan, you might just rest easier next to your pup.

Camping in the Mt. Baker Wilderness. Photo by Emily Butterfield.

No. 2: You’ll get more exercise

From bike rides around camp to walks on the beach and hikes on the trail, there’s plenty of ways to get in exercise with your pup on a camping trip. Before you leave home, check for dog-friendly trails where you’re going. On a hot day, don’t miss the opportunity to swim in a lake or river together! It’ll encourage you to put down the S’mores stick, stray away from the campground, and take in more of the local scenery.

No. 3: You’ll de-stress together

Spending time outside has been scientifically proven to reduce stress and anxiety and improve your mental state — so much so that doctor’s in Scotland are starting to prescribe nature as medicine. So it comes as a no brainer that letting your four-legged friends tag along on your outdoor adventures can be a fun way to unwind together! Even if your pup isn’t the most adventurous or active mate (who doesn’t love a lap dog?), a breath of fresh air is guaranteed to be good for any soul.

Pro RV rental tip

Many of our RV owners are pet lovers too. When searching for your next Outdoorsy rental, check the “Pet Friendly” search filter to ensure you find the best rental for you and your pup.

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Emily Butterfield


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