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Posted June 30, 2022

If you and your family are ready for new outdoor adventures, but your budget simply won’t allow it, we may have some ideas for you. While a tight budget might limit your RV options a bit, it is absolutely not a reason to set aside your family’s adventurous spirit. Instead, look at your budget as a fun added challenge, and figure out ways to work within it while still getting out on the road and having a blast!

One way you might be able to save some money on your camping adventures involves looking into various RV models to see if there is one that might fit your budget a bit better while still offering all the comforts you require. Two RV types that spring to mind are pop-up trailers and the less common A-frame travel trailers. Of those two, you may find that you prefer the A-frame trailer.

A frame trailerSo what exactly is an A-frame trailer? In case you’re unfamiliar, it’s a type of RV trailer that folds flat when being towed or stored, much like a pop-up trailer. However, when the camper is in use, the folded-down panels come together into a peak to create a roof. The A-frame camper gets its name from the “A” shape created by the panels coming together. These trailers are also known as triangle campers. Here is a list of ways A-frame campers could save your family big bucks on your next outdoor adventure.

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A-frame trailers have a lower rental price

Because they are smaller in size, A-frame travel trailers are less expensive to purchase. However, even if you plan to rent an A-frame pop-up camper rather than purchase it, these savings are almost always passed down to the renter. After all, most renters are aware that RVs with a lower value will rent for less, which means a less expensive adventure.

A-frame trailers are lightweight

There are a few ways that lightweight travel trailers, such as an A-frame, can save you money. The biggest one is the ability to tow with a smaller car. This means that even if you don’t own a truck, you may still be able to find an A-frame camper to tow behind your current vehicle, saving you the money you might otherwise spend on buying or renting a large truck.

A-frame trailer

Additionally, lighter trailers are much easier for a vehicle to pull. This, in turn, leads to less gas being used by the towing vehicle, which translates to saving money.

A-frame trailers fit at small campsites

Many national parks and state parks are not built to accommodate big rigs. Because of this, larger RVs are sometimes forced to stay in the generally more expensive private parks in the area. On top of that, a smaller rig like an A-frame pop-up may even save you money when staying in a private campground, as many of these parks charge extra for the longer sites or for 50-amp electric hook-ups. As you can see, an A-frame trailer is often much easier on the wallet when it comes to site rentals.

A-frames are perfect for year-round camping

A-frame trailer

So far, all of the benefits we have listed also apply to pop-up trailers. So why pick an A-frame specifically? Because an A-frame trailer is hard on all sides, it offers perfectly comfortable camping year-round, no matter what the weather decides to do. Meanwhile, pop-up campers — even hybrid ones — are notorious for both getting chilly in the winter months and staying annoyingly toasty on hot summer days. This is because pop-up trailers have canvas walls, which do not offer any sort of insulation, making temperature regulation next to impossible when the weather is extreme in any way.

Ready to rent an A-frame?

We hope you now understand the benefits of an A-frame travel trailer, and why this type of pop-up may be the best option for your family. Of course, it is always best to explore other options before making a final selection, but if you are looking for a low-cost seasonal-friendly find, an A-frame camper is a definite must-try.

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