Beautiful Vermont RV Parks Open All Winter Long

Team OutdoorsyNovember 17, 2016

Beautiful Vermont RV Parks Open All Winter Long

Instead of heading cross-country to the warmer states to escape winter’s chill, why not head out to snowy winter destinations for a relaxing break? Vermont may seem like an unlikely location for those winter RV excursions, but with careful planning and a whole lot of winter initiatives from the locals, it’s fast becoming a go-to RV’ing location. Travelers who make their way to Vermont RV parks open all winter long will want to pick the locations that take advantage of the rolling hills covered in blankets of snow while still having access to basic amenities.

Running Bear Camping Area

RV Parks Open All Winter

Campers who enjoy dense forests as a backdrop to their winter wonderland will find the Running Bear Camping Area to be a great fit. Campers have a variety of stands to choose from, all with stunning views of the forest. The camp provides fun entertainment throughout the year and also houses a convenience store on the premises for those mid-winter snack cravings. Roasted marshmallows and frothy hot chocolate around the fire pit sets the tone in this family-friendly location. Although pool will be out of commission during the winter months the playground, horseshoe pit, and basketball court make up for it.

Green Mountain Family Campground

RV Parks Open All Winter

A love of nature is all that is needed when heading out to this location. Rolling hills and dense forests may seem like a scenic cliché, however, RV campers who make their way to Green Mountain Family Campground will find it to fit the description perfectly. The campgrounds are well maintained and with a light dusting of snow, the location can only be described as magical. The Green Mountain National Forest, which happens to be adjacent to the campground, is the source of the lush foliage backdrop. The campground is situated near other attractions such as Lake Champlain, New Haven River, Sugarbush, and more.

Crown Point Camping Area

RV Parks Open All Winter

Large campsites and rustic scenery are what guests can expect from the Crown Point Camping Area. As far as activities are concerned, this place has it all. From fishing to mountain biking and hiking, this is the ideal place to hook up during the warmer months. It also happens to provide many activities and fun events during those winter months to ease the chill out of the bones. Guests can look forward to wagon rides, potluck dinners, and toasty evenings spent around a bonfire.

RV Parks Open All WinterShelburne Camping

A thick blanket of snow on the rolling hills and fields of the Shelburne Camping ground provide the ideal starting ground for those who want to test their sleds or snowshoes. The camping grounds provide a fun environment for the family and the picturesque setting will have RV campers with a love of photography capture some of the mot incredible shots on the grounds and surrounding areas. The campground is located near Lake Champlain which is well-stocked with salmon and trout throughout the year.

Vermont also happens to be packed with activities for families during the winter months. A short drive to a nearby museum to explore the historical relevance of the area is a treat for those holed up in a camper all day. Trout and salmon fishing are also prevalent during the winter months on the various lakes dotting the landscape of Vermont.

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