4 Ways to Save Gas on Your Next RV Trip

Team OutdoorsyJune 22, 2016

4 Ways to Save Gas on Your Next RV Trip

saving money on gas

While camping with a motor home throughout the US can be a great way to save money and connect with the outdoors, it can come with its own expenses. If you’re hitting the road this summer in your RV, one of your main expenses might be fueling up along the way. Even though on average gas costs have been low recently, fueling an RV can really add up. At $3 a gallon, the average RV tank can cost over $300 to fill. Here are a four ways to save gas on an RV trip.

  1. Keep up on RV Maintenance

Before you start packing for your upcoming road trip, be sure to have your RV serviced. Both an oil change and checking the tire pressure can increase gas mileage and save you money. If you are renting or borrowing an RV, inquire about recent maintenance so you can have peace of mind on the road.

  1. Pick a Spot Closer to Home

While you might have visions of a cross-country RV trip every summer, sometimes staying closer to home can be just as fun and save gas costs. By driving less and stopping at campgrounds more frequently, you can enjoy what the wilderness has to offer in your own backyard. Be sure that fuel efficiency is on your RV checklist before taking off for your summer trip.

  1. Enjoy Campsites for an Extra Night

If you get the itch to hit the open road every morning, it might be well worth it for both your family and your wallet to sit tight an extra night. You can get to know a campsite a little better, go on hikes, and get to know other campers if you stick around.

  1. Don’t Carry Extra Weight

RVs are heavy enough as it is, so there isn’t any reason to bring along additional weight that can decrease fuel efficiency if you can help it. You don’t drive with water and hnewing tanks full if you will be staying at campsites with hookups nightly. Buyings materials such as firewood on-site can keep the weight down as well.


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