5 Hacks for Camping Coffee

Team OutdoorsyJuly 26, 2016

5 Hacks for Camping Coffee

The freedom and fun of RVing appeal to family and friends year-round, but especially during the warmer months… and with good reason. There’s nothing quite like hitting the highway for sites unseen or even those favorite hallowed camping grounds. But that excitement turns stale far too quickly if you have to start off each morning with a not-so-quick hop to a commercial barista for a morning pick-me-up. Camping coffee doesn’t have to be an issue with a little pre-planning and prep. The following tips will help ensure everyone in tow gets their caffeine fix without draining free time or the travel budget.

1.DIY Coffee Bags

DIY Coffee Bag

Hate the idea of carting a coffee pot, can of grounds, and all the full-sized supplies? Why bother when you can DIY it instead? Just spoon a teaspoon of grounds into a filter and tie it with floss. Each coffee bag makes a single cup. A little prep prior to your trip (or get the kids to do it on the road) can ensure everyone gets their caffeine kick.

2. Cheat with an Instant Fix

instant coffee choices

OK, so maybe instant coffee isn’t your typical idea of real coffee. But it works in a pinch and can be a quick and tasty treat over a lazy camping trip. Even the major baristas have instant packs of your favorite drinks that challenge the notion that instant is anything but amazing.

3. AeroPress It

Aeropress Coffee Camping Coffee Hacks

This $20-$30 “toy” might look like a giant syringe, but it makes great espresso-strength coffee for those who like it rich and dark. Super simple to use, you add the coffee, pour in the hot water, stir, and pump. Adding a steel filter saves money and mess over paper filters at the campsite or rest spot.

4. Pour it Over

pour over camping coffee

Believe the early bird gets the worm? Why not prove it to the rest of your group by making them a perfect cup of campfire coffee?

Just wake up early, get that fire going, grab a couple big pots, and start simmering. You just want the water to smoke, not boil, to avoid an overly acidic flavor. Prep a funnel with a filter and add in the grounds. Six cups water to one cup grounds makes a five to six perfectly strong cups of great pour over camping coffee. Pour the water over and enjoy. Heat and frothed some milk for an extra touch.

5. Cowboy Coffee

Cowboy Coffee Camping

If you’re really out for a low-tech, living-off-the-land experience, make up a batch of cowboy coffee. This simple solution requires nothing but what you likely already have on hand: a pot, a cup (or container), a campfire, coffee grounds, and water. Simply boil the water in a pot, add a rounded spoon of grounds right to the cup (or one spoon per cup’s worth), pour the water in, stir, and let sit for five minutes. The grounds will settle to the bottom and leave behind hot, delicious camping coffee that will grow some hair on your chest.

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