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5 Perfect RV Storage Ideas and Camper Space Saving Ideas

While staying in an RV has the potential to be an absolute blast, it can also be difficult, especially when it comes to RV storage ideas to be organized and keeping track of things. RVs don’t have much space to spare, so wisely using storage space is super important and RV storage ideas are what this article is about. Here are some ingenious RV storage ideas and camper space saving ideas to help you make the most of what you’ve got.

The Coat-in-the-Pillow

RV storage idea pillow
This pillow is super cute and perfectly coat-sized.

If you’re cnew weather camping, you’ll be bringing bulky winter coats with you. And when you’re in a small RV or camper, bulky can end up getting in the way. Don’t waste your valuable storage space. That said, thinking of RV storage ideas is a way to remedy this situation through the use of some pillow shams.

In order to implement this clever Rv storage idea hack, simply fnew your winter coat as neatly as possible and place it in a square throw-pillow cover. The end result will be a decorative pillow that can be placed on the couch or bed during warm weather and taken apart and worn when the weather turns cnew.

RV Mail Storage Idea
RV Mail Storage Idea

The Important Paper Place

Papers that collect over time on the countertop or table can cause some pretty irritating clutter. Instead of “dealing” with the ever-growing pile by ignoring it, move it up and out of the way by installing a wall-mounted mail organizer. This will allow you to store important papers out of the way, and will force you to go through and minimize them when the organizer becomes too full.

Fancy-Feeling Towel Time

RV Storage Ideas
RV Bathroom Storage Idea

Almost every RV has an entire wall of wasted space located behind the toilet, this is an excellent RV storage idea. With the addition of a simple shelf standing over the toilet, or even a simple wire rack mounted on the wall, this space could be used for toilet paper storage or a handy place to keep washcloths and/or towels.

Ikea Spice Rack Redux

rv storage ideas
Check out this great Pinterest board dedicated to making Ikea spice racks into bookshelves.

For book lovers, RV living can be especially difficult. After all, it is pretty hard to tote around a great number of books with weight restrictions to keep in mind. Besides, keeping a full-sized bookshelf in an RV is not usually an option. There are, however, book storage options that allow traveling bookworms to bring along a few favorite novels. Our favorite RV storage idea solution comes in the form of a wall-mounted spice rack.

Simply mount 2 or 3 simple spice racks (Ikea makes some great cheap ones) to the wall and store books inside them instead of spices. This RV storage idea works nicely in RVs because the books are held in place during travel, and the racks consume very little space.

They Say Shoes, We Say Shampoo

rv storage ideas
Repurposed for RV Storage Ideas

Digging through cabinets to find your razor is never a fun experience, and cleaning up spilled shampoo after a trip due to a bottle that didn’t stay upright is frustrating, to say the least. Fortunately, all of this can be fixed with the installation of a simple, over-the-door shoe organizer. Hang the organizer over your bathroom door and fill each pocket with a toiletry item. Not only does this give you quick and easy access to whatever you may need, it also keeps bottles from tipping over during travel. How cool it that?

These are just a few of the ingenious ways you can improve upon the storage solutions in your tiny home-on-wheels. Do you have more ideas of your own? Please share in the comments!

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