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5 Underrated Things To Pack For Your Next Trip

Pat yourself on the back. You’ve secured an awesome RV and you’re ready for your adventure to begin.

Having extra space means you’ll be comfortable on the road, with the ability to bring more on the trip than you would if you were car camping, tent camping, or backpacking. But don’t this be a hall pass to go packing everything in reach. Start by creating a checklist of the important items that you’ll need—bedding, reusable water bottles, food storage, matches, kitchen ware, cleaning supplies, garbage bags, toiletries, First Aid kit, Tool kit, jumper cables, extension cords, duct tape, etc.

At the end, just make sure to leave room for these five underrated things you’ll need (and want!) to have along for the ride.

Light the way

Likely, you’ll find yourself wayfaring after the sun dips below the horizon, or you’ll set out in the wee hours of the morning to make the most of the day. You’ll want to bring along a variety of light options for safety and ease of travel. BioLite makes a practical and awesome-in-every-way Energy Bundle, which includes a camp stove, portable grill, kettle pot, solar panel and lighting ecosystem (flashlight, lantern, and power bank).

This kit will be a welcome benefit while you’re out and about should you find yourself without power. It’s a complete off-grid modular system in a packable kit. BioLite also makes headlamps, sun-powered lights, light strings and site lights.

Wardrobe essentials

Consider stocking your dresser and wardrobe with versatile pieces from PrAna like the Shelton Top, made with a hemp and polyester blend, complete with a large kangaroo pocket or the Meme Pant, with water-resistant fabric and cargo pockets perfect for holding campsite essentials.

Smartwool makes the best socks around, no matter what activity you’re doing—hiking, skiing, fishing, or while you’re snuggled up in your cozy RV.

Vasque hiking boots

Protect your feet with quality trail footwear made by Vasque, ideal for any adventure on a trail, around a campfire, or while fixing up your camper. The Sundowner GTX, for example, is made with waterproof leather and this men’s shoe will last you for years of quests on the road.

Another great footwear choice, for inside the RV or for comfort heading to and from the wash facilitates at any campsite, are felt Glerups, which come in kid and adult slip-on sizes—these will prove to be the most warm and comfy boots in your closet.

A tool for everything

You never know what sort of challenges you might have to face while on the road and while you should, of course, have a full tool kit on board, sometimes the job is simple and small. Enter: The Leatherman Surge, which comes complete with essentials like needle nose pliers, wire cutters, electrical crimper, knives, saw, etc. The Tread Temp is a Swiss-made watch that can break apart into 30 useful tools. Long-lasting and built tough, Leatherman’s knives, multi-tools and wearables may also be engraved with important health notes, or love messages if it’s a gift.  

Protect your phone

Of course you’ll have your cell phone with you while you’re out adventuring, and it’s important to protect it with a well-made case that’s designed to withstand adventures in snow, mud, ice and rivers or while immersed in a gooey mess of marshmallows and hot chocolate. LifeProof makes covers that will keep your phone safe, guarding it on all sides, while submerged in water, covered in dirt, buried in snow, or dropped from the roof of your RV. LifeProof has a number of athlete ambassadors that have tested the products—motocross, skateboarding, BMX biking, track and field, skiing—and if it’s good enough for them, well, likely it will be good enough for you too.

Land of comfort

You’ll definitely want to make room in your RV for all of those campsite essentials that make hanging out around a fire comfortable and long-lasting. Look no further than REI to supply your vehicle with everything you’ll need.

Camp furniture, like the REI Co-op foldable Camp X Chair with two cup holders, the REI Outlet WindRester Inflatable Chair, or—our favorite—the Kelty Discovery Low-Love Seat, which makes snuggling up with your pooch or significant other idyllic.

Pick up a foldable, easy-to-store camp table while you’re at it, made in every size and shape for one person or many. The extra large, lightweight, aluminum ALPS Mountaineering Dining Table, for example, easily rolls up for storage and can accommodate up to eight people.

Also consider picking up a camp blanket for extra warmth while outside, like the Woolrich Travel Blanket or the REI Co-op Camp Wrap, a wearable blanket that has a hoodie attached.

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