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Naomi Millán
by Naomi Millán
Posted December 7, 2016

This holiday season, it looks like all the good girls and boys have camping trailers on their wish lists. From vintage truck with matching vintage trailer mantle decorations, to teardrops for fashion dolls, to gingerbread trailer kits, it seems retailers are tapping into the RV zeitgeist this season. Here are 6 of the most incredible Christmas presents for RVers this season:

1.Our Generation Lori Camper 

Christmas Presents for RVers

A teardrop with bunk beds and pretty sizable kitchen, this trailer is called the Lori Camper.

2. The LEGO Campervan

Christmas Presents for RVers

Don’t have the cash for a covetable VW Camper Van? Get your kids the LEGO version, and you’ll both be happy.

3. Fisher Price’s Little People Songs and Sounds Camper

christmas toys for RVers

 Even the littlest ones can get in on the RV lifestyle with Fischer Price’s Little People Songs and Sounds Camper. It opens to reveal a campfire scene!

4.Target Loves Travel Trailers and Campers in 2016

camper themed Christmas presents

Target is really getting into the camping trailer spirit this holiday season with multiple trailer-themed decor items: from mugs in the shape of a trailer, a car and camper salt and pepper set, and a vintage trailer in their Wondershop home decor line, among other items.

christmas presents for rv lovers

5. Wilton’s Gingerbread RV House

Christmas Presents for Rvers

Wilton has a gingerbread camper kit that adds a fun twist to gingerbread houses.

6. Peppa Pig and more.

Peppa Pig has a camper van. Calico Critters have a camping trailer. The list surely goes on.

Christmas Presents for RVers

The RV lifestyle is often painted as primarily geared at retired individuals of some means, but a quiet change has been occurring in the market. This past fall, at the Hershey RV Show (one of the biggest in the country), it was reported that attendance was higher than ever, and smaller trailers (less than 20 feet or so) were a big part of the new offerings from manufacturers across the board.

From the uber modern Airstream Basecamp to the nouveau retro Serro Scotty from Little Guy Worldwide, the new trend is definitely emerging. The Sero Scotty was called “the working man’s trailer” in their heyday for their accessible price point and smaller size/lighter weight, making them great for weekend getaways.

cutest christmas presents for RVers

The resurgence of smaller trailers might be meshing with one of the key toy trends in 2016. According to the Toy Industry Association, younger parents are seeking “unplugged experiences with their children,” such as nostalgia toys, craft activities, and outdoor games. Nostalgia and a power desire to unplug while still providing some creature comforts could be tapping into a younger demographic with children moving into the RV marketplace. And if Mommy or Daddy covets a teardrop, a fiberglass egg, a sweet canned ham, it’s highly likely their little one covets their very own as well.


Naomi Millán


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