Airstream Interstate 19 – The Ultimate Review

Jen YoungMay 12, 2022

Airstream Interstate 19 – The Ultimate Review

If you’re on the hunt for a Class B RV, the 2022 Airstream Interstate 19 Touring Coach is one of the most luxurious nimble campervans that money can buy. It has all the high-end functional items you can imagine, all packed in a smaller 19-foot package. Without a doubt, this elegant RV redefines what camping in a van means in 2022.

In this Airstream Interstate 19 review, we will tour the van to familiarize ourselves with everything this touring coach has to offer. Buckle up as we set out to discover its interior and exterior features, special technologies, capabilities, price tag, and everything in between. 

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A Word About Airstream

Before we dive deep into the features, let’s have a look at its creators, Airstream. Founded by Wally Byam in the 1920s, Airstream has nearly 100 years of experience and is famous for its iconic capsule-like, aluminum-clad RV trailers. 

The company has reinvented itself over its long tenure, and today, it combines the classic elements of the brand with the latest technology and interior design in the industry to create luxurious mobile abodes. In the last few decades, Airstream has partnered with Mercedes Benz and started to produce a line of adventure vans.

One of their latest offerings is the Airstream Interstate 19 Touring Coach. Airstream used the Mercedes Sprinter van that comes completed as a shell and then outfitted the interior, turning it into a rather compact, yet classy, class-B motorhome. 

This touring coach has the quality craftsmanship and high-end features synonymous with Airstream campers. Every single inch of this rather small RV is completely solid and refined enough to keep your adventurers lavishly pampered.

Introducing the Airstream Interstate 19

The Airstream Interstate Nineteen Touring Coach is a Class B RV aimed at the luxury touring market and perfect for couples and solo travelers. It’s built around the Mercedes Sprinter 2500 chassis with a 3.0-liter V6 turbo diesel engine. 

At 19 ft 5 inches long,  6 ft 7 wide, and nearly 10 feet high, it’s one of the nimblest touring coaches in the market. Just slightly larger than the average SUV, you can comfortably get into normal parking spots, maneuver through tricky park roads, or fit in that tiny storage parking spot in your yard. 

From the outside, the Interstate Nineteen has a high-end appearance, and you can choose between Silver Metallic, Jet Black, or Arctic White colors. Inside, it’s every traveler’s dream—a full self-contained unit complete with a bed, kitchen, bathroom, and living area. 

The interior has posh elements, beautiful styling, and top-of-the-line comfort. What further sets the Interstate 19 apart from its peers is the clever technology features that make driving and operating different systems a breeze.

Airstream Interstate 19 Touring Coach Inside Review

Here’s what the Interstate Nineteen’s interior looks like:

Sleeping Arrangement 

The Airstream Interstate 19 sleeps two and has the largest bed in its class. It has a power sofa and side seats that convert into a sleeping space. When you’re ready to get some shut-eye, simply push a button, and the sofa will fold out into a bed. 

In addition, the side chairs also fold down flat and attach to the sofa bed to create a sleeping space larger than a queen-sized bed. If you’re a group of three, there’s an aftermarket option that allows you to turn the cockpit of the camper into an extra bed.


This touring couch comes with a functional galley with everything you need to prepare your meals. The kitchen features a two-burner gas stove and a large stainless steel sink and faucet. Under the kitchen sink, there’s a slide-out to create extra counter space, plus a pre-divided wood container for your utensils.

Directly above the kitchen counter is a modest-size microwave, and across from the sink a marine-grade fridge. There’s a clever pull-out organizer under the fridge, which acts as a pantry. You’ll also appreciate the ceiling fan when you want to remove odors and smoke when cooking. 

Living Area 

The living space of this touring couch is designed to be comfortable, open, and airy. It has an interior height of 6 ft 2 inches and a width of  5 ft 10 inches. At the rear is a comfy sofa with two side seats that all accommodate 4 people. 

The back and side windows offer a wide-open view for you to enjoy the scenery outside. For added ventilation when the temperature is on the rise, open the back doors. Worried about the bugs? Use the inbuilt power bug screen to keep them out. Enjoy your favorite show on the LED wide-screen Samsung.

On the floor is a tightly woven vinyl mat that’s used in the marine industry thanks to its durability and resistance to water. You’ll also love the power sunshades, adjustable LED lighting, and reflective aluminum ceiling that won’t deteriorate or absorb odors.


You must be wondering, does the Airstream Interstate 19 have a shower? Sure, this Airstream RV may be small, but it has everything you need to stay fresh on the road. It comes with a spacious European-style wet bath behind the driver’s cabin. 

The bath is complete with a toilet and shower, plus you’ll have a sink with an extendable shower wand that doubles as a faucet. There’s also an exhaust fan, a built-in soap dispenser to minimize clutter, a clothesline, and a shower curtain.


This touring coach has plenty of storage space to securely hold your outdoor gear, cookware, and clothes. There are many overhead cabinets and other smart compartments with locking mechanisms to ensure nothing falls off during a bumpy ride. Behind the backseats, there’s extra space for your grill or camp chairs. 

The Cockpit 

The front cockpit has an ergonomic design, with great headroom and comfortable heated seats made of supple leather that resists wear and scratch. You’ll find a storage compartment by the passenger seat and above the sun visor for your manuals, glasses, and maps. Want to stay hydrated? There are plenty of cupholders in the driver’s cabin.

Safety Features

The Airstream Interstate 19 has a suite of advanced features to keep you safe during your travels. It has lane assist that alerts you when you begin veering off your lane, as well as a collision-avoidance system. 

Front and back parking sensors will prevent you from hitting an object when maneuvering in tight spaces. Another safety feature worth highlighting is the powerful LED lights that will light up the entire road, allowing you to see clearly when driving on country roads or poorly lit areas. 

Special Features 

The cockpit’s infotainment center has a large super modern dashboard screen that offers better visibility and is loaded with features. It feeds you with info, such as oil temp, battery voltage, and fuel consumption, plus it acts on your voice commands. Use it to get a bird’s eye, front, and rear view when driving. 

There’s also an advanced, multifunctional heated steering wheel with plenty of touch controls. You can use it to check the current consumption, range, fluid depth, oil levels, tire pressure, change radio stations, or even dial someone on the phone.

The Airstream Interstate 19 Exterior Features Review

Here’s the Airstream Interstate 19 review of the exterior. 

Just like other Airstream campers, the Interstate 19 has a sleek exterior, allowing you to go on adventures in high style. The front has that large, distinctive Mercedes-Benz badge in the middle, and a subtle Airstream branding below it. Although the body has no graphics, it still looks elegant.

Opening or closing doors has never been easier. Just pick up the handle, and the sliding side door smoothly opens or buttons up. Plus, it has a mesh to lock out the bugs. The entry step also slides out automatically. Another nice feature is the heated windshield. It will get the frost and ice off when camping in winter.

Patio life at the campground is also well served by the touring coach, thanks to the automatic awning. The awning is fitted with nice subtle LED lights at the end to light your site in the evening. And they aren’t too bright to put off your neighbors.  

Engine and Other Specifications 

The Airstream Interstate Nineteen Class B diesel motorhome offers a state-of-the-art Mercedes-Benz turbo diesel engine that generates 188 HP, and 325 ft lbs of torque. The camper has a towing capacity of 5000 lbs, enough to bring plenty of adventure gear.

Another important thing to highlight is the holding tanks’ capacities; 21 gallons of fresh water, 16 gallons of grey, and 9 gallon black tank.

Does Interstate 19 have a generator? This touring coach has an onboard ultra-silent LPG generator. It comes in handy when you need to run an AC , water heater, or other high draw appliances, or recharge your batteries when not plugged into an electric hookup. There’s also a solar system that filters energy to both your house batteries and chassis battery.

The Airstream Interstate 19 4×4 Option

If you prefer camping off the grid, there’s also an optional on-demand 4×4 system that provides four-wheel-drive. This camper is ready to go off-road from the get-go. It sits a little higher than the average van, offering excellent ground clearance. Perfect for adventuring in rough terrain and traveling in winter weather.

Operation and Ease of Use

The Interstate 19 is easier to drive than expected. It offers car-like handling, and you have 360-degree visibility thanks to rear and side cameras that feed into the dashboard screen. Lane-keeping and automatic braking systems make driving this campervan a lot more easier and safer.

In addition, its small size means it can comfortably get into normal parking spots and tight campground sites, and maneuver through congested cities. You can also expect it to be silent when whizzing down the highway or off the beaten track.

Airstream Interstate 19 Touring Coach Pricing

So, what’s the cost and wait time for a brand new Airstream Interstate 19? The luxury of piloting the 2022 Airstream Interstate 19 will set buyers back $191,125 for the standard model. If you want the 4×4 option, expect to spend more. However, it’s still a bargain compared to Airstream’s other touring coaches.

Regarding wait time, Airstream doesn’t give a specific period. Their website says there are delivery delays due to overwhelming demand. They recommend you contact your local Airstream dealer to learn about product availability.

Pros and Cons of the Airstream Interstate 19

Our Airstream Interstate 19 review can’t be complete without mentioning the pros and cons.

What You’ll Love Most About the Airstream Interstate 19

  • Thanks to its small stature, it’s easy to park in any spot, and driving on busy city streets and down narrow country lanes is a breeze.
  • Car-like handling.
  • Has all the comforts to make you feel at home, from a living area, large bed to a functional kitchen.
  • It comes with a spacious, versatile bathroom.
  • Loaded with advanced driving safety technologies.
  • Plenty of automatic power controls, from opening the sliding door, bug screens, window shades to awning.
  • Technology to monitor your camper’s engine, fluids, power, tank capacity, and other systems from an easy-to-read digital screen.

Airstream Interstate 19 Problems

Just like all machines, the Interstate 19 isn’t perfect. Three are a few issues to note, although they were found in the previous models.

  • Around 180 2020 and 2021 Interstate 19 vans were recalled because of faulty radio systems.
  • There was also another safety recall concerning 188 2020 and 2021 models, which had a misleading weight limit. It could dupe drivers to overload the vehicle, increasing the risk of an accident.

Thankfully, Airstream fixes these problems free of charge.

Airstream Interstate 19 Review – A Nimble Van That is as Good as Home

Interstate 19 touring coach is a high-end Class B motorhome that literally allows you to take the comforts of home with you when you hit the wide open road. Apart from its small footprint, you’ll love the elegant exterior, beautiful styling on the inside, and advanced features, all creating a pleasant and confident experience on the road.

Put simply, this camper is like the swiss army knife of motorhomes. You can drive it on the major highways, country roads, and rough roads and use it for so many forms of camping, from glamping, off griding to tailgating. You can even use it to work while traveling, to impress your business partners, or as a place to accommodate visiting guests.

If you want to try out an Airstream before you purchase one yourself, check out some reasons to rent an Airstream travel trailer.

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