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An Assateague Island RV Trips Brings Horsepower to Your Life

RV travelers have a leg up on everyone else, with their transportation and accommodations rolled into one. Waking up in the middle of a forest, high in the mountains, or right on the shore, lets you experience the world on a whole different level compared to those waiting to get in at the gates in the morning. Adventures get a little more real when they don’t have to happen during business hours, and that’s a big part of what RVing is all about. For horselovers in particular, an Assateague Island RV vacation is best experienced in exactly this way–as wild, direct, and personal an experience as you can get.

Assateague Island is a horse lover’s paradise that lets travelers get up close to the action and adventure. The island, which straddles the Maryland and Virginia border, is home to Assateague State Park and Assateague Island National Seashore.The island is also home to hundreds of wild horses, the only of its kind in the nation. It makes this narrow strip of land a paradise for anyone who loves the sun, the sea, and the beauty of these amazing creatures in their natural habitat. If you’re in your RV, you can camp at either the seashore, which is a National Park, or the State Park. If watching the sunset while wild horses graze on the beach in front of you isn’t already on your bucket list, you’ll wonder why when you see these historic animals that date back to the 17th century.

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Getting up close to, and for a short periods of time being able to live within, some of the natural wonders of our country is what RVing is all about. So get out on the road and into the wild this season in an RV that’s perfect for you.

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