Benefits of RV Travel vs. Air Travel

Shelley DennisJune 7, 2019

Benefits of RV Travel vs. Air Travel

I have done a fair amount of air travel in my life, hopping airplanes to domestic and international destinations. I have also just spent a year-and-a-half traveling full-time in an RV. Between both experiences, I think I can give a pretty fair report on the pros and cons of each means of travel. Here’s my tongue-in-cheek take on RV travel versus air travel:

Photo Tripping America - RV Travel - Outdoorsy

The Pros of RV Travel

  • RVers see the countryside from the ground level
  • RVers get to sleep in their own beds
  • RVers can eat outside if they choosePhoto Tripping America - RV Travel - Outdoorsy
  • RVers have more leg room
  • RVers don’t have to stand in line (unless it’s at the dump station!)
  • RVers don’t have to take off their shoes or have a full body scan before departure
  • RVers can wake up by a lake, or on a mountain, or in a forest, or…Photo Tripping America - RV Travel - Outdoorsy
  • RVers don’t have to eat airline food
  • If RVers don’t like their neighbors, they just leave
  • RVers can carry on liquids of any size
  • RV pets are not put in cargo areas
  • RVers choose their own inflight movies
  • RVers can roast S’mores over a campfirePhoto Tripping America - RV Travel - Outdoorsy
  • RVers don’t have to take taxis from the airport
  • RVers don’t have to deal with chatty seatmates (well, maybe on occasion!)
  • RVers don’t breathe canned air
  • RVers don’t have oxygen masks (unless they carry a CPAP machine)
  • RVers don’t endure crying children (unless they are YOURS)
  • RVers have no baggage claim
  • RVers don’t schlep luggagePhoto Tripping America - RV Travel - Outdoorsy
  • RVers get more than a pack of peanuts per trip
  • RVers have little chance of getting hijacked
  • RVers aren’t charged a fee when they change their minds
  • RVers can be acrophobics and still enjoy the trip
  • There is no Mile High club in RVing (that I am aware of ?)

The Pros of Air Travel

  • Air Travelers don’t have to do dishes
  • Air Travelers get to their destination faster (usually)Photo Tripping America - RV Travel - Outdoorsy

This is just a humorous look at some of the things we all put up with to get somewhere quickly. Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely times when traveling by plane make more sense, and I can honestly say that I’ve never had a truly horrible trip by jet. In fact, some have been quite entertaining, like the stewardess who hid in an overhead bin and popped out to greet us as we boarded! I enjoy the slow journey of an RV. Meeting interesting characters and exploring fantastic destinations along the way makes my excursion around the country all the more meaningful. See if you don’t agree by renting a motorhome or travel trailer from Outdoorsy and hitting the road when you’re not flying the friendly skies.

Photo Tripping America - RV Travel - Outdoorsy


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