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The Best Places To Visit In Northern Arizona

When most people think about Arizona, they picture a hot desert landscape. But did you know that the northern part of the state is surprisingly versatile with greenery? Did you know that it even gets cold enough to snow in the winter? If you have any doubts about your desire to visit northern Arizona, you must put it on your list. It’s an amazing part of the state to visit.

The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is truly worthy of all the hype. First of all, it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site that draws crowds from all over the globe. Stare in awe at the majestic power of nature and the amazing canyon that has been created over millions of years by the raging Colorado River or take in an amazing hike in and around the canyon.

Challenge yourself with a 24-mile hike all the way from the North Rim to the South Rim or for a multi-day trek, don’t miss a venture down the canyon to Havasu Falls. Just remember: it’s easy to go down, but it’s very difficult to get back out. If you’re a photographer, plan on being at the canyon for either sunrise or sunset, as the lighting is the most beautiful at these times.

The Grand Canyon is one of the most magnificent places to visit on this planet and there’s a reason why this is on everyone’s “must-see” list, so don’t miss it. 

Grand Canyon | Outdoorsy
Photo Credit: VeganVoyagers.com


People flock to Sedona to experience the unique energy center, or vortex, that can be found here. The unique rock formations in the area are said to emit energy from the earth. You can also find many palm- and tarot-card readers, crystal shops, and UFO tours that speak to the unique vibe of this town.

Sedona also has a very rich artist community where you can find lots of unique artwork and high-end jewelry.

The red rocks in the area are a hub for outdoor enthusiasts and you can find many beautiful hikes and rock climbing in the area. Sedona is artistic, mystic, and rustic—all at the same time—and is a truly unique place to experience.

Sedona | Outdoorsy
Photo Credit: VeganVoyagers.com


Flagstaff is an eclectic city with a rich railroad history. Northern Arizona University gives the town a youthful, college vibe. Located in the high-desert, it’s a very cute mountain town with something new to experience in all four seasons. You can find giant pine trees, mountain peaks, and even perfect skiing conditions in the winter.

Conveniently located on Route 40 between Albuquerque, New Mexico and Las Vegas, Nevada, chances are you’ll pass through this city at some point during your travels. Nestled right in the center of the other amazing locations on this list, it’s the perfect home-base to be able to explore Northern Arizona.  

Flagstaff, AZ | Outdoorsy
Photo Credit: VeganVoyagers.com

Page, AZ

A short drive from Page will take you to many beautiful natural attractions including Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon. Horseshoe Bend, a near-perfect circle that has been carved into the canyon by the Colorado River over millions of years, has become an iconic spot for photographers, drawing massive crowds. Visitors can walk straight up to the edge of the cliff to admire the clear, blue-green water down below.

Be careful because there is no barrier on the rim and it is a 1,000 foot drop. It gets very crowded during sunset, so make sure to get there early in order to get a good spot.

Horseshoe Bend | Outdoorsy
Photo Credit: VeganVoyagers.com

Antelope Canyon is an ancient slot canyon that is invisible on the surface. Upon entering a discreet opening and climbing down into the canyon, you will walk through the gorgeous sandstone formations.

The walls of the canyon have been smoothed by thousands of years of water and wind erosion, allowing for the now-famous light beams to peek through the top of the canyon. These light beams are the reason many photographers flock to this area. Sitting on an Indian reservation, you must book a tour through one of the local Native American tour companies in order to visit. Note: There are specific photography tours that you can take if you want to bring a tripod.

Antelope Canyon | Outdoorsy
Photo Credit: VeganVoyagers.com

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