Best Spots to See the Great Solar Eclipse of 2017

Team OutdoorsyDecember 12, 2016

Best Spots to See the Great Solar Eclipse of 2017

total solar eclipse 2017In 2017, a total solar eclipse (aka the Great American Eclipse of 2017) will occur. The last time this happened in the United States was in 1991, and at that time it was only visible in Hawaii! The time before that was1979. A total solar eclipse a rare and wonderful moment when the moon passes between our planet and the sun.

Several American cities are within the expected path of the moon’s shadow, so if you aren’t already a resident of any of them, it might be time to plan an eclipse road trip.

The Path of Totality

 If you want to get the best view possible, and assuming you can’t leave planet Earth, the eclipse will be visible over several cities stretched across 12 US states. To find the best place to see the total solar eclipse, follow what astronomers refer to as the Path of Totality. solar eclipse 2017There are several US National Parks within the Path of Totality that welcome both RVs and tent campers, such as Grand Teton and Great Smokey Mountain. Some locations have a longer duration, while other venues offer unique views and ideal geography as stellar eclipse viewing locations.

The Moon and the Cornfield

Sandhills of Nebraska

The Sandhills of Nebraska will host one of the longest durations of the eclipse, in addition to hosting one of the most dependable weather forecasts. North Platte is the nearest urban center to the path of totality, in case you need accommodations or directions.

Several RV parks are within just a few miles from the city center, such as the Holiday RV Park and Lincoln Highway RV Park. During the clear summer nights, you can also get a stunning view of other celestial bodies in the place they call Big Sky Country.

total solar eclipse 2017
The North Platte Community Playhouse

Party at the Airport

Enjoy a bustling social event along with an eclipse with a duration of more than two and a half minutes in St. Joseph, Missouri, which is also organizing an eclipse viewing party at the Rosecrans Memorial Airport. This location is only minutes away from Beacon Hill RV Park on the banks of the Missouri River. The event will include solar telescopes and guest speakers, and will be attended by several professionals in the astronomy field. This event promises to be educational as well as compelling.

Go See it On the Mountain

If you want to get away from the city entirely, enjoy an unobstructed view of the eclipse, and also get a chance to see the shadow of the moon that the sun casts on the face of the earth, head to West Virginia. The most mountainous corner of Smoky Mountain National Park is just on the northern side of the path of totality. You can conveniently camp in the park if you’re on the road and need accommodation. There are several front country campsites within the park that can accommodate RVs.

total solar eclipse 2017
Smokey Mountain National Park

A total solar eclipse doesn’t happen very often, and it’s even less likely to be visible over such an accessible area. Find an RV now and get out there! Don’t miss this rare opportunity to see a total solar eclipse and explore some rare locations in the United States at the same time.


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