Joshua Schukman
by Joshua Schukman
Posted January 21, 2022

When it comes to the best travel trailer brands, you’ll discover a bunch of articles on the web heralding all sorts of top-rated RV trailers. But what does that really mean? 

How can you really know that you’re finding the best-made travel trailers?

And why do all those articles on top-rated RV trailers seem to mention some RV brands that really aren’t top rated?

The majority of travel trailer brands you see on the road today are owned by one large RV-making conglomerate. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it will impact your search for the best travel trailer brand when many different brands are really just the same company.

That’s why we wanted to put together something of a rebel’s list of the 8 best travel trailer brands.

8 best travel trailer brands

We want to take a look at some of the highest quality travel trailer brands that don’t always make other lists. When it comes to the best travel trailer manufacturers, we like the builders who have a long history, take a great deal of care with their customers, and stand by their products. Here’s our [rebel’s] list of the 8 best travel trailer brands:

best travel trailer brand

1. Airstream

Price: $43,000-$179,000+

Airstream has been one of the best travel trailer brands since its founding in 1931. While its current models are spectacular, it’s the vintage variety that we’d like to focus on for this list.

Remember, this is the rebel’s list of the 8 best travel trailer brands — and rebels think outside the box. Many RVers will tell you that the Airstreams built in the 80s and 90s were some of the best travel trailers ever built.

Airstreams from the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s feature real wood cabinetry, durable appliances, and ingenious space-maximizing floor plans. Airstreams for sale from these decades can still be found relatively easily and affordably today. You can find vintage Airstreams in good shape can be found from $15,000 and up.

Whether you decide to snag a new Airstream or a vintage bird, you’ll benefit from quite a few different trailer options.


  • Basecamp —  This new Airstream travel trailer is designed for backcountry experiences and is easily towed by SUVs
  • Bambi — Vintage or new, this long standing Airstream model packs a full living space in a nimble trailer ranging from 16-22ft. In length. 
  • Classic/Globetrotter/International/Flying Cloud Airstream has made these 4 models for decades, meaning you can find one new or used. These are their iconic travel trailers ranging in length from 22-34ft. 

Check out this vintage Airstream for rent on Outdoorsy.

2. Oliver

Price: $57,000-$65,000+

Oliver is consistently among the top-rated travel trailers because of its highly durable fiberglass construction and long-lasting luxury finishes.


  • Legacy Elite — This 18’ 5” single axle rig is one of the best-rated travel trailers on the market. 
  • Legacy Elite II — Coming in at 23’ 6”, this dual axle rig offers a variety of great amenities.

Rent a trailer like this on Outdoorsy. And if you buy an Oliver trailer, make sure to list it on Outdoorsy!

3. Winnebago

Price: $25,000-$55,211+

Winnebago has a storied history and has been regarded as one of the best camper brands over the years. They’re also one of the few manufacturers who has remained independent of a big conglomerate — meaning they can more easily march to their own drum.


  • Hike 100 — Nimble and designed for the backcountry
  • HikeLarger version of the Hike 100
  • Micro Minnie — A compact camper that’s still packed with features and space
  • Micro Minnie FLX — This high tech camper is a high rated RV trailer because of its ample features and ability to boondock for long periods of time. 
  • Minnie — A lightweight, feature packed, and spacious travel trailer

Rent a Winnebago trailer on Outdoorsy.

4. Keystone Montana

Price: $100,000-$120,000+

Montanas have been a top-rated RV trailer for the long haul due to their robust construction, luxury features, and top-notch customer service. Some models even feature 2 bedrooms! If you’re in search of a fifth-wheel travel trailer that is loaded to the max, look no further than a Keystone Montana.


The Keystone Montana features 9 different floor plans ranging in length from 35-41 feet. Plans feature up to 5 slides and 2 baths. Luxury is always included

Rent a Keystone Montana trailer on Outdoorsy.

5. Arctic Fox by Northwood Manufacturing

Price:  $35,000-$65,000+

As its name implies, Arctic Fox travel trailers are designed to withstand the harshest and coldest of elements. As a result, Arctic Fox has some of the highest quality travel trailers on the market.


  • Arctic Fox North Fork — Ranging in length from 22-32 feet these travel trailers provide ample amenities in a winter proof package.
  • Nash — Ranging in length from 17-29 feet, this is Arctic Fox’s standard travel trailer.

Rent an Arctic Fox trailer on Outdoorsy

best camper brands

6. Scamp

Price: $15,000-$22,000+

Scamp is one of the best camper brands because of their high-quality travel trailers and excellent customer care. As a family-run company since 1967, Scamp has always put a ton of love into their small travel trailers.


Scamp sells trailers ranging from 13-19 feet. Each of these trailers come in either a standard or a deluxe version.

Rent a Scamp trailer on Outdoorsy.

7. Bowlus

Price: $215,000-$265,000+

Not for the faint of heart, Bowlus makes the absolute highest quality travel trailers on the market today — and their pricing reflects that.

The Bowlus is where vintage meets modern. Their travel trailers look like jet-age pieces of aluminum flying down the road and feature some of the most creative styling we’ve ever seen.


Rent a trailer like this on Outdoorsy. And if you buy a Bowlus trailer, list it on Outdoorsy!

8. Volkswagen Westfalia

Price: $15,000-$80,000+

Remember at the beginning of this article how we said this was a rebel’s list of the 8 best travel trailers? Keeping to that rebel mentality, we figured we’d cheat a bit by rounding out our list with a camper that — while it isn’t a trailer — is nonetheless one of the best camper brands and has truly stood the test of time.

While they don’t make Westfalias anymore, you can still find used ones for sale in great shape. As the original campervan, VW campers will turn heads during your whole trip — all while keeping you camping in comfort and style.


Westfalia, Vanagon, Riviera, and others — check out this site to search for VW campervans for sale.

Many VW campervans feature a pop-up feature for extra sleeping space.

Rent a Westfalia on Outdoorsy.

Find the best travel trailer (or camper) for you

When it comes to the best camper brands on the market, you can find all sorts of lists online telling you which brands to buy. Most of the time, these lists will feature travel trailer brands that are actually all built by one or two RV-making conglomerates. The list above is more of an off-the-beaten-path list designed for folks who want to camp outside the box and buy from independent travel trailer manufacturers.

Looking to rent a well-built travel trailer for your next camp trip? Check out campers for rent on Outdoorsy

And here’s a guide to travel trailer camping, ways to safely hitch/unhitch a travel trailer, and a list of vehicles built to tow travel trailers

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