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Posted September 28, 2016

When you’re looking for an RV for a dream vacation, it can be tough to find the elusive sweet spot of RV luxury without a luxurious pricetag. The ideal we all seek: budget RVs that don’t feel like a compromise. We’ve sought out options and are sharing one from each class–an A, B, and C–that will make you feel like you broke the bank when you drive and enjoy them, but will not cause your stomach to sink when visit an ATM.

A Great Class A Budget RV without Compromise: The NeXus Bentley Diesel Pusher

The NeXus Bentley Diesel Pusher
Price taken from: on Sept 28, 2016

Built on a Freightliner chassis, these are some of the most deluxe Class A models on the road, yet they are also some of the least expensive. NeXus does this in two ways.

Unlike many Class A manufacturers, NeXus only offers 1 floor plan instead of several different ones. That doesn’t mean you can’t get a custom built unit with the amenities and sliders that you want, but in each unit there will always be a similarity about them because the basic floor plan will never change.

Budget RVs without compromise
The one basic floorplan of the NeXus Bentley Diesel Pusher

The other cost cutting aspect is always going factory direct for a purchase. Since there is never any “middle man,” there are never any tacked-on extra costs. What you see is what you get. It is one of the best deals in the Class A market.

A Great Class B Budget RV without Compromise: The RV Factory Avion

Avion Azur Budget RVs without CompromiseFor the price of a tricked out SUV, you can get into an RV Factory Avion Class B. Factory direct is one of the reasons, but all of their Avion vans are built on the Mercedes Sprinter chassis. The Sprinter is one of the most reliable and common commercial mass-produced vehicles made, and that equates to savings across the entire Avion line up.

Granted, you can tailor-make your Class B Avion any way you like it, but if you get one out of inventory, that really makes this the epitome of a budget RV that doesn’t feel like a compromise. In the Class B world, it doesn’t get any better than that!

A Great Class C Budget RV without Compromise: Dynamax

Isata Motorhomes Budget RVs without Compromise

Yes, they are not inexpensive and yes, you may not think of them as a “budget” RV, but when you add up all of the factors combined, it fits perfectly within this category.

First of all, this is the only Class C RV that can say it is the “Class A” of Class C motorhomes. You’ll get Class A luxury, Class A accommodations, Class A room, Class A driveability and Class A prestige all wrapped up in a Class C body. Regardless of the cost, that’s a budget model right there.

Even their smallest and least expensive Class C, the Isata 3, feels like a Class A. Plus, customer loyalty and the overall integrity of the company and its products make this a bargain through and through. Sometimes a budget RV pretends to be something it isn’t, but if you want Class A accomodations at a Class C price, Dynamax is the place to go.

For those budget RVs in any class that don’t feel like a compromise, check out our rental listings on Outdoorsy! The adventure of the open road awaits. We can help you get there with no compromises. It’s the easy way to follow your dreams.

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