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Melanie Scroggins
by Melanie Scroggins
Posted November 29, 2017

When RVers set off to begin their lives on the road, learning how to build an RV community can be daunting. Wherever we go, we’d like to know there are people around us who can at least lend us some sugar if we need it.

But the first thing to know about full-time RVing is that there is more than one way to build the kind of community us nomads seek. Here are the three main ways to build an RV community on the road!

1. Get to know the people where you live.

Probably the most common type of community you think of while on the road is with the people in the park where you’re staying. Depending on how long you are in one place, the people in the park can become like family.

Jeremy and I arrived here on the coast of Oregon at the beginning of September, and within the first week, we met the two couples who live on either side of us and learned they are both from Texas! Not only that, but the first couple we met has family in my hometown.

Crazy, right? Here we are in a small town on the coast of Oregon and we meet people we could have easily run into back in Texas.

Experiences like that make the world at large and the RV community seem so much smaller. It’s the small, everyday moments we share with others this lifestyle is all about.

Build an RV community at home
Our first surfing competition with our neighbors in Pacific City, OR.

2. Meet like-minded individuals online & in person.

In this day and age, finding friends and groups of people like you are so easy to find.

Before we decided we wanted to RV full-time, we were involved in an online community of full-time and prospective RVers.

Because the full-time RV lifestyle has its own niche online, it’s not hard to find like-minded people in these designated online spaces. We utilize our communities daily and have made some awesome friendships along the way.

Build an RV community online
RVE Summit where we finally met all of our awesome online RV community members.

Our RV community met for the first time early this year. The summit was specifically created for all of us to commune and network.

It has acted as one of the most life-changing communities we’re a part of. I love getting to talk to everyone online, but there was something magical about getting to meet everyone in person.

In 2018, there will be another RVE Summit in February, but there is also going to be a gathering of like-minded nomads at a new conference called NomadFEST. 

There are many opportunities out there. I would highly recommend finding a group that suits you and give it a try.

3. Build stronger relationships with friends & family.

It’s wonderful to create friendships within a community of like-minded RVers, but building stronger friendships with family and friends while we’ve been away has turned into an unexpected perk of being on the road.

When you don’t have the option of hanging out often, the time you get to spend together is more purposeful.

So far, we’ve had multiple family members and friends come to visit us (only one that stayed in the RV. What an experience!).

Through the holidays we will have more people we know and love coming to see us. Having time and space away makes the time together more meaningful.

building an rv community with family
My dad came to see us for Thanksgiving and we had a blast!

The Outdoorsy RV Owner Community is a great place to start in finding a community that is right for you. Contact the moderator and see if they have any meetups scheduled.

If not, maybe suggest the creation of one. Sharing stories and experiences can be invaluable not only to you, but to the journeys of others as well.

Community on the road is vital to thoroughly enjoying and experiencing all the nomadic lifestyle has to offer.

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Melanie Scroggins


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