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Success Story: Building An RV Rental Business on Outdoorsy

David Womack and his wife Marina opened the doors on their new RV rental business, Georgia MotorCoach, in April of 2016. Their first RV was a 2013 Winnebago they rented out on April 29th. (“Oh, I know the date,” he says with a chuckle.)

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Within the same month, Georgia Motorcoach acquired its second RV, a Forest River Solera, for their RV rental business. It was snapped up for a Bonnaroo music festival booking within days. RV owner story

Both RVs did very well through the summer of 2016, with a high utilization and RV rental rate. David knew he had a chance, and he was going to take it. It was time to keep growing their RV rental business.

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This is when Georgia Motorcoach acquired their third RV, an Itasca Cambria. It was August of 2016. He says, “I literally purchased the Cambria to substitute for a rental for the Solera, since the RV dealer was having trouble getting the paperwork done for the tag, and the temporary had expired. But there I was, with 3 RVs. And RV’s just kept renting!”

Then the Hurricane Happened

September was great for David’s growing company, but then October happened and things went through the roof. Ironically, it was because something that would otherwise be considered a disaster: Hurricane Matthew. And it wasn’t just Georgia Motorcoach: Every RV and trailer in Atlanta was booked throughout October. All 3 of David’s RVs had been rented for every single day of the month. One tree company rented one of their RVs for two weeks to house crews working in Savannah.

owner success story

This January, Georgia Motorcoach just kept growing their RV rental business. David acquired RV’s #4 and #5, a Thor Vegas and a Phoenix Cruiser.

owner success The expansion of the RV rental business doesn’t end there. Georgia Motorhomes is about to move into a new space and just bought RV #6! David’s in the middle of purchasing new facilities and he’s hired 3 employees. All of this, and he still works in IT at Turner Broadcasting. David’s wife Marina runs the day to day operations, and both of them collaborate on decisions around the business.

What’s the hardest part of running Georgia Motorhomes, David?
“The hardest part is keeping everything running  the way you need to. Making sure everything is in perfect condition. Refilling propane tanks, etc.”

“It’s easiest to say what the easiest thing is. Working with the people. People show up excited about their trip. It’s really fun to work with people who are already in a good mood…Really, there are too many good moments to list! Both my wife and I just really enjoy serving people.”

What are your dreams for Georgia Motorhomes?
“We want to continue to grow our fleet and get moved into a more practical facility. After that, we want to get into side, complementary businesses like RV storage, RV Repair, consignment rental, propane sales, and RV accessories retail sales. But for now I’m busy and I like that. Things are a little crazy with the Falcons in the Super Bowl–thank you Falcons!”

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