‘We Are Opening People’s Eyes to a Whole New World’

Team OutdoorsyAugust 17, 2017

‘We Are Opening People’s Eyes to a Whole New World’

Bryce Johnson’s RVs don’t really look like RVs. They’re tents fixed atop SUVs. His unique business is allowing visitors to experience Hawaii like never before – by camping right on the beach. 

Not your average travel experience: “Our generation wants to experience the outdoors in its entirety. They’re not into hotels or run-of-the-mill travel experiences. My hope is that our vehicles offer them the freedom they’re craving. There are several restrictions around RVs being taken to beaches in Hawaii. Obviously this prevents visitors from truly experiencing the islands. But our Overlanders allow people to camp right on the beach.”

Outdoorsy allows me to run a debt-free business: “After listing on Outdoorsy, the original tent I’d bought quickly paid for itself. Since then, I have been able to purchase a new vehicle, pick up some new tents, and add a variety of other bells and whistles without ever going into debt. This is wonderful because it means I can continue growing as a business without the stress brought on by debt. Our long term goal is to build the business out and have it function in the background while we are free to travel.”

Sharing my passion feeds my passion: “A lot of the renters we get are first-time Outdoorsy users. I love that we’re helping open their eyes to a whole new world. This business also allows me to tie all of passions together. As a commercial photographer, I travel on a regular basis for work. I also spend a lot of time in the water taking photos and surfing. And I love the outdoors. Now I get to introduce people to each of these three things.” 

It’s like Outdoorsy knew what we needed: “When we first started renting, we wanted to be able to track our guests and see where they were camping. We wanted to make sure they were camping in legal locations — something that’s important on our tiny island with limited camping. We created our own tracking system, but the device would always die during trips. Outdoorsy’s new tracking system saved the day by allowing us to track guests without worrying about a single thing.”

– Bryce Johnson. Check out the Hawaii Overlander.

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