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The 5 Hottest Travel Trailers on the Market

The world of RVs has never been more exciting for adventurers and explorers. With well-thought-out floor plans, incredibly lightweight designs, and amazing features/amenities, the newest travel trailers are certainly something to behnew. This can often leave shoppers wondering where to begin when looking for a travel trailer or searching for a rental. Here are 5 of the hottest travel…

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RV Mattress – The Best Tips and Tricks For You!

Sleep’s an important part of our home life, which makes it an important part of our home-on-wheels and RV life. One of the questions RVers asked most often by renters about the RVs on our site: “How many people does it sleep? Are the beds comfortable?” Everyone’s committed to getting a good night’s sleep, even when on vacation. Even…

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Your RV Kitchen: Everything You Need to Know

One of the biggest benefits of taking a tiny home with you on the road: you can cook along the way! This saves money and allows you and your traveling companions to skip fast food and eat healthy meals throughout your journey. Both are incredible benefits well worth having. It’s good to know what you…

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Our 2017 Big Guide to RV Driver License Requirements

“Do I need a special license to drive an RV?” This is a question we are asked nearly every week here at Outdoorsy. Here’s the simple Answer: You don’t need a special license to drive most kinds of RVs. If you’re driving any vehicle under 26,000 lbs–and most of them are–you are clear to drive with a regular…

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RV Classes A, B and C…

When you’re first looking RV Classes to rent, you start hearing words like RV “Class A” and “RV Class B” — what do these words mean? We created this Big Guide to RV Classes for that exact reason. This is your framework for how to think about RV Class A, B and C. They aren’t…

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The 2017 Outdoorsy Big Guide to Music Festivals

Nothing quite says “RV roadtrip” like an incredible music festival. For this reason, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to put together a list of ALL the upcoming music festivals in the United States. This is the massive, comprehensive, 2017 Outdoorsy Big Guide to Music Festivals. From coast to coast, if there is a music festival scheduled…

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What’s the Difference Between A-Frames and Popups?

Although they are both compact–making them some of the easiest RVs to tow–pop-up trailers and A-frame trailers are actually very different in many ways. In fact, aside from their compact size, their ability to fnew down flat, and the fact that they are both campers, the two aren’t very similar at all. Here’s a look…

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Outdoorsy Big Guide to Our Favorite RVs of 2016

If you work on a music site, you have your favorite playlists. A news site, your favorite stories of the year. A tech site, app roundups you’ve bookmarked as the best. Well, we’re no different. At Outdoorsy, we all have our favorites. In our case, our favorites are RVs! Here are our favorite RVs of 2016….

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How to Download Offline Maps for Remote Travel

No breaking news on this front: We live in a hyper-connected age. We don’t often think of offline map needs because we don’t think of going offline. Road warriors are accustomed to having detailed maps and satellite photos available online at the swish of a finger or the click of a button to plan trips and…

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Big Guide to RV Parks

The lure of the open road–hear it calling? If you prefer creature comforts while adventuring, then RV or motorhome travel is the way to go. Before you take off, though, you’ll need to know a little about RV parks. That’s why we put together this big guide just for you. Make sure you scroll through to see…

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