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Safely Hitching and Unhitching a Travel Trailer

Safety is job one when it comes time to hitching or unhitching your travel trailer. Hitching especially is something you want to pay close attention to every time. Do it wrong, and you have the potential of completely destroying your trailer. Do it correctly and you should have nothing to worry about as you head down…

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A Guide for Camping With Pets: What You Need To Know

My wife and I have been on the road with our two cats — Kia and Kekovar — for two years straight. Everywhere we go, we are surrounded by RV travelers who bring their beloved dogs or cats on their journey. I’m going to share what you what we have learned ourselves and what we’ve…

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Should You Buy a Used or New RV?

If you are in the market to buy an RV, you might be pondering the most common question, “Should I buy a used or new RV?” Hear that? Those are crickets. You know why? Because for me there’s no contest — buy used. I say that even though I bought a new RV. But heed…

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How To Save Money on Camping

In the 20 months my wife and I have spent on the road, I’ve learned a lot about how to save money on camping. I hope these tips help you save money and get the best experience while traveling. Enjoying Your Trip Matters Most If you are RVing for adventure and experience as we do, my…

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The Ultimate Guide For Finding the BEST Spots to Park Your RV

You’ve purchased or rented an RV and have chosen a route, but now what? You’ll need to plan ahead for where you’ll park your RV during your travels. If you’ve never gone RVing before, this can feel a little overwhelming. Sure, you can Google “RV parks in [add location]”, but do you want to know…

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A Comprehensive Check List For Your Next RV Camping Trip

You’re so excited that you can hardly contain yourself…you’re GOING CAMPING in an RV! But hnew on there, you need to compose yourself because you’ve got a lot to pack! We’re going to help by putting a whole new spin on PACK and PLAY! We’ve made this check list and categorized everything you’ll need to…

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4 Reasons You’re Missing Out if You’re Not Renting Your RV

In this post I share 4 reasons why you’re absolutely missing out if you’re not renting your RV. The RV has become America’s sweetheart. If you’ve been keeping up with the RV world lately, you’ve definitely noticed the rising trend of RVing. Pinterest is glittered with camping hacks, #vanlife seems to be the only hashtag…

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5 Reasons You Should Rent an RV Before Buying One

Learn from my mistakes: rent an RV before buying one. My husband and I’d never stepped foot in an RV before we decided to buy one. This is crazy, right? I agree. There is a better way to do this (and I wished I’d known about it), which is to rent an RV before buying…

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Our Experience Renting an RV from Cruise America

Disclosure: In this post I share my wife’s and my experience renting an RV from Cruise America while on a media trip down to the Keys. As part of that experience we were comped an RV for the week through a third party (not Cruise America). We are also Outdoorsy users who rent our RV on…

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The RUV is a New Trend for New RVers

RV Pro always introduces great stories from the manufacturing side of RVing, but their latest cover story particularly caught our eye. In The Rise of the RUV, Steve Bibler describes the origins of a new category of motorhome that whose star seems to be on the rise. Bibler says that the first recreational utility vehicle, or RUV, was introduced…

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