Tampa, FL RV Rentals and Motorhome Rentals

$275 / Night
02015 Airstream International  Tampa, FL
12015 Airstream International  Tampa, FL
22015 Airstream International  Tampa, FL
32015 Airstream International  Tampa, FL
42015 Airstream International  Tampa, FL
52015 Airstream International  Tampa, FL
62015 Airstream International  Tampa, FL
72015 Airstream International  Tampa, FL
82015 Airstream International  Tampa, FL
92015 Airstream International  Tampa, FL
102015 Airstream International  Tampa, FL
112015 Airstream International  Tampa, FL
122015 Airstream International  Tampa, FL
132015 Airstream International  Tampa, FL
142015 Airstream International  Tampa, FL
152015 Airstream International  Tampa, FL
162015 Airstream International  Tampa, FL
172015 Airstream International  Tampa, FL
182015 Airstream International  Tampa, FL
192015 Airstream International  Tampa, FL
202015 Airstream International  Tampa, FL
212015 Airstream International  Tampa, FL
$200 / Night
02018 Thor Motor Coach GR22  Tampa, FL
12018 Thor Motor Coach GR22  Tampa, FL
22018 Thor Motor Coach GR22  Tampa, FL
32018 Thor Motor Coach GR22  Tampa, FL
42018 Thor Motor Coach GR22  Tampa, FL
52018 Thor Motor Coach GR22  Tampa, FL
$120 / Night
02018 Prime Time Avenger  Tampa, FL
$280 / Night
02015 Winnebago Trend  Tampa, FL
12015 Winnebago Trend  Tampa, FL
22015 Winnebago Trend  Tampa, FL
32015 Winnebago Trend  Tampa, FL
42015 Winnebago Trend  Tampa, FL
52015 Winnebago Trend  Tampa, FL
62015 Winnebago Trend  Tampa, FL
72015 Winnebago Trend  Tampa, FL
82015 Winnebago Trend  Tampa, FL
92015 Winnebago Trend  Tampa, FL
$150 / Night
0Family Fun Trailer!  Shreveport, LA
1Family Fun Trailer!  Shreveport, LA
2Family Fun Trailer!  Shreveport, LA
3Family Fun Trailer!  Shreveport, LA
4Family Fun Trailer!  Shreveport, LA
5Family Fun Trailer!  Shreveport, LA
6Family Fun Trailer!  Shreveport, LA
7Family Fun Trailer!  Shreveport, LA
8Family Fun Trailer!  Shreveport, LA
$130 / Night
02015 Coachmen Clipper  Tampa, FL
12015 Coachmen Clipper  Tampa, FL
22015 Coachmen Clipper  Tampa, FL
32015 Coachmen Clipper  Tampa, FL
42015 Coachmen Clipper  Tampa, FL
52015 Coachmen Clipper  Tampa, FL
62015 Coachmen Clipper  Tampa, FL
$147 / Night
02015 Dutchmen Coleman  Tampa, FL
12015 Dutchmen Coleman  Tampa, FL
22015 Dutchmen Coleman  Tampa, FL
32015 Dutchmen Coleman  Tampa, FL
42015 Dutchmen Coleman  Tampa, FL
$90 / Night
02017 Keystone Outback  Tampa, FL
12017 Keystone Outback  Tampa, FL
22017 Keystone Outback  Tampa, FL
32017 Keystone Outback  Tampa, FL
42017 Keystone Outback  Tampa, FL
52017 Keystone Outback  Tampa, FL
62017 Keystone Outback  Tampa, FL
72017 Keystone Outback  Tampa, FL
82017 Keystone Outback  Tampa, FL
$70 / Night
02012 Coachmen Catalina  Tampa, FL
12012 Coachmen Catalina  Tampa, FL
22012 Coachmen Catalina  Tampa, FL
32012 Coachmen Catalina  Tampa, FL
42012 Coachmen Catalina  Tampa, FL
52012 Coachmen Catalina  Tampa, FL
62012 Coachmen Catalina  Tampa, FL
$105 / Night
0Road Comforts  Tampa, FL
1Road Comforts  Tampa, FL
2Road Comforts  Tampa, FL
3Road Comforts  Tampa, FL
4Road Comforts  Tampa, FL
5Road Comforts  Tampa, FL
$90 / Night
02014 Jayco Jay Flight  Riverview, FL
12014 Jayco Jay Flight  Riverview, FL
22014 Jayco Jay Flight  Riverview, FL
32014 Jayco Jay Flight  Riverview, FL
42014 Jayco Jay Flight  Riverview, FL
52014 Jayco Jay Flight  Riverview, FL
$495 / Night
0Tuscany - 36ft Diesel  Gibsonton, FL
1Tuscany - 36ft Diesel  Gibsonton, FL
2Tuscany - 36ft Diesel  Gibsonton, FL
3Tuscany - 36ft Diesel  Gibsonton, FL
4Tuscany - 36ft Diesel  Gibsonton, FL
5Tuscany - 36ft Diesel  Gibsonton, FL
6Tuscany - 36ft Diesel  Gibsonton, FL
7Tuscany - 36ft Diesel  Gibsonton, FL
8Tuscany - 36ft Diesel  Gibsonton, FL
9Tuscany - 36ft Diesel  Gibsonton, FL
10Tuscany - 36ft Diesel  Gibsonton, FL
11Tuscany - 36ft Diesel  Gibsonton, FL
12Tuscany - 36ft Diesel  Gibsonton, FL
13Tuscany - 36ft Diesel  Gibsonton, FL
14Tuscany - 36ft Diesel  Gibsonton, FL
15Tuscany - 36ft Diesel  Gibsonton, FL
$495 / Night
0Monaco Knight  Gibsonton, FL
1Monaco Knight  Gibsonton, FL
2Monaco Knight  Gibsonton, FL
3Monaco Knight  Gibsonton, FL
4Monaco Knight  Gibsonton, FL
5Monaco Knight  Gibsonton, FL
6Monaco Knight  Gibsonton, FL
7Monaco Knight  Gibsonton, FL
8Monaco Knight  Gibsonton, FL
9Monaco Knight  Gibsonton, FL
10Monaco Knight  Gibsonton, FL
11Monaco Knight  Gibsonton, FL
12Monaco Knight  Gibsonton, FL
13Monaco Knight  Gibsonton, FL
14Monaco Knight  Gibsonton, FL
15Monaco Knight  Gibsonton, FL
16Monaco Knight  Gibsonton, FL
17Monaco Knight  Gibsonton, FL
$185 / Night
0Freedom Elite 26ft  Gibsonton, FL
1Freedom Elite 26ft  Gibsonton, FL
2Freedom Elite 26ft  Gibsonton, FL
3Freedom Elite 26ft  Gibsonton, FL
4Freedom Elite 26ft  Gibsonton, FL
5Freedom Elite 26ft  Gibsonton, FL
6Freedom Elite 26ft  Gibsonton, FL
7Freedom Elite 26ft  Gibsonton, FL
8Freedom Elite 26ft  Gibsonton, FL
9Freedom Elite 26ft  Gibsonton, FL
10Freedom Elite 26ft  Gibsonton, FL
$400 / Night
0Country Coach Inspire  Gibsonton, FL
1Country Coach Inspire  Gibsonton, FL
2Country Coach Inspire  Gibsonton, FL
3Country Coach Inspire  Gibsonton, FL
4Country Coach Inspire  Gibsonton, FL
5Country Coach Inspire  Gibsonton, FL
6Country Coach Inspire  Gibsonton, FL
7Country Coach Inspire  Gibsonton, FL
8Country Coach Inspire  Gibsonton, FL
$375 / Night
0Georgetown 2 - 32ft  Gibsonton, FL
1Georgetown 2 - 32ft  Gibsonton, FL
2Georgetown 2 - 32ft  Gibsonton, FL
3Georgetown 2 - 32ft  Gibsonton, FL
4Georgetown 2 - 32ft  Gibsonton, FL
5Georgetown 2 - 32ft  Gibsonton, FL
6Georgetown 2 - 32ft  Gibsonton, FL
7Georgetown 2 - 32ft  Gibsonton, FL
8Georgetown 2 - 32ft  Gibsonton, FL
9Georgetown 2 - 32ft  Gibsonton, FL
10Georgetown 2 - 32ft  Gibsonton, FL
11Georgetown 2 - 32ft  Gibsonton, FL
12Georgetown 2 - 32ft  Gibsonton, FL
13Georgetown 2 - 32ft  Gibsonton, FL
14Georgetown 2 - 32ft  Gibsonton, FL
15Georgetown 2 - 32ft  Gibsonton, FL
16Georgetown 2 - 32ft  Gibsonton, FL
17Georgetown 2 - 32ft  Gibsonton, FL
18Georgetown 2 - 32ft  Gibsonton, FL
19Georgetown 2 - 32ft  Gibsonton, FL
$375 / Night
0Ambassador - Diesel  Gibsonton, FL
1Ambassador - Diesel  Gibsonton, FL
2Ambassador - Diesel  Gibsonton, FL
3Ambassador - Diesel  Gibsonton, FL
4Ambassador - Diesel  Gibsonton, FL
5Ambassador - Diesel  Gibsonton, FL
6Ambassador - Diesel  Gibsonton, FL
7Ambassador - Diesel  Gibsonton, FL
8Ambassador - Diesel  Gibsonton, FL
9Ambassador - Diesel  Gibsonton, FL
10Ambassador - Diesel  Gibsonton, FL
11Ambassador - Diesel  Gibsonton, FL
12Ambassador - Diesel  Gibsonton, FL
13Ambassador - Diesel  Gibsonton, FL
14Ambassador - Diesel  Gibsonton, FL
15Ambassador - Diesel  Gibsonton, FL

Recent traveler reviews in Tampa, FL

For my requirements, Ondevan worked out fine. Julio was very accommodating and dropped the van off and picked it up as we discussed.
Julio Bendezu
Second time we have rented from Chris. Did a 12 day trip camping in Ohio/Tennessee. The RV is in excellent shape, very clean and well outfitted. We put our bikes on a rack and...
Christopher Crum
Christopher was very professional and polite. we had a single question and he call us back within a minute of us reaching out to him and walk us thru it very nice and with a...
Christopher Crum
We had a wonderful time and the RV was perfect! Thanks so much!
Christopher Crum
The Rv was awesome! Chris was so accomadating and our trip couldn't have been any better. Rv was clean and if we had any questions Chris was quick to call or text Us right back!
Christopher Crum
Chris was very helpful in setting us up for our first RV vacation. The RV was great and we enjoyed using it. I highly reccomend renting from Chris.
Christopher Crum
Eric made our first “Outdoorsy” experience wonderful! His RV was extremely well stocked including camp chairs and rug at no additional charge. Ellie was a joy to drive and very...
Eric is a great host, responding to questions in an efficient and friendly manner. We enjoyed meeting him, and his "Ellie" is a clean and great coach. Well stocked with the...
Damon and the camper were great. Everything worked out well, had a great time!
Damon was great. He was so helpful and replied to all messages and phone calls within minutes. We will definitely be renting from him again.
Very attentive and available to answer questions and address issues while on our trip. Few small glitches but nothing that had any real impact on our trip...If we need to take...
Ryan Stubbs
Georgetown 2 - 32ft

Information About Tampa, FL

When it comes to features that are quintessentially Florida, Tampa Bay has it all, from popular beaches to theme parks to historic places, including RV rentals. Renting an RV in Tampa is one of the best places on Florida's Gulf coast to rent an RV for exploring culture, arts, beaches and the Sunshine State's wild places. Viewing the incredible sunsets from your RV rental on the water aren't bad, either. Tampa is also home to the annual RV SuperShow that brings all of the leading RV manufacturers to this city in January to kick off the RV season... Why? Tampa is a RV dream and Tampa RV owners take care of their RVs. Renting an RV through Outdoorsy connects you with these RV owners in Tampa and allows you to rent an RV directly from them. Lock in a quality motorhome RV rental, travel trailer rental, or popup camper rental from local owners. Discover Tampa or cruise the Gulf Coast in your RV rental!

Top 10 Hiking Trails for RVers

Hiking Trail City State
Little Manatee River Loop Wimauma Florida
Morris Bridge Park Thonotosassa Florida
Wekiwa Springs Loop Trail Apopka Florida
Little-Big Econ State Forest Geneva Florida
Black Bear Wilderness Area Trail Sanford Florida
Weedon Island Preserve Trail St Petersburg Florida
Balm Boyette Nature Preserve Trail Riverview Florida
Pine Island East Loop Trail Orlando Florida
Alafia State Park Trail Lithia Florida
Belleview-Santos Trailhead Ocala Florida

Local RV Owners Suggest

Danny's All American Diner

4406 N Falkenburg Rd, Tampa, FL 33610, USA

Saint Petersburg

St. Petersburg, FL, USA
Known for
St Petersburg Grand Prix March 9 to 11, 2018 Fast and loud. Indy cars to Honda's it is great fun. Bring your earplugs! By Mike Markowski

Dunedin RV Resort

2920 Alternate 19 North, Dunedin, FL 34698, USA

Fort De Soto Park Campground

FORT DE SOTO PARK 2528, 3500 Pinellas Bayway S, Tierra Verde, FL 33715, USA

Sun-N-Fun RV Resort

7125 Fruitville Rd, Sarasota, FL 34240, USA

Siesta Beach

Siesta Beach, Florida 34242, USA