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Top 3 RV Tips for Beach Camping

There are some great waterfront overnight locations that only campers and RV users can enjoy. From Anastasia State Park in Florida to Kalaloch Beach in Washington, there are beachfront properties set up for RV-goers to enjoy nature and views in style. Beachfront RV parks and campgrounds are a specific type of destination that involve more strategy than your…

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Tips for Staying in an RV in a Big City

Visiting a major metropolitan area on an RV-based vacation can add a layer of planning to your trip. The good new is that staying in an RV in a big city is doable and can be a great way for your family to explore new places without breaking the bank. Here are a few tips for…

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Making RV Dreams of Escape Come True

If you have RV dreams of summer fun but are unsure about long road trips, you’re not alone. Few look forward to long hours spent on the road, and embarking on the journey in a small family car can be especially daunting. That may be why so many people turn to the RV lifestyle when they finally have…

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Are RV’ers the Modern Nomads of Our Time?

There are a lot of advantages to a nomadic lifestyle, as modern nomads are beginning to discover. Throughout history, nomadic societies have served as the cultural glue that held often fragile relationships between states and nations together.  Most nomadic cultures, such as the ancient Baluchs, developed moral codes that focused on honor, hospitality, and asylum….

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Why You Should Try a Small-Town Campground

When you’re setting out for a camping adventure,  you can find yourself overwhelmed by a surprising amount of options. Is it better to go for something in the wilderness or close to amenities? Is it important to be near a well-known destination? Could it be overrun with tourists? While it depends on what kind of experience you are…

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RV’ing to America’s Top Swimming Holes

Cross-country RV’ing is even more special when you have your sights on a special location. With summer here, there’s nothing like jumping into the fun and sensory overload of one – or several – of America’s top swimming holes. Of course, planning is essential as many of these locations are set in pristine state parks…

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RV’ing at the Camp Euforia Music Festival in Lone Tree, Iowa

If you love live music outdoors, nothing could immerse you into the summer mood better than the experience of Camp Euforia. Started in the year 2004 as a small barnyard party, the camp features performances from over 25 artists in an incredible communal setting. The festival always happens around the middle of July, and is kicking…

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RV or Tent Camping: Which is Right for You?

You want to replenish your soul in the Great Outdoors over your next holiday. But where do “The Great Outdoors” begin? How do you get there? And is it wrong that you’re interested in the comfort of an RV but you also desire the rugged authenticity of pack-trekking with a tent? Which should you do: RV or Tent Camping? (Photo…

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Beginner’s Tips for How to Drive an RV

When we talk to people about what keeps them from renting an RV for the first time, the same thing come up again and again: “I know how to drive a car, but an RV is huge!” Jimmy Fallon even joked on the Tonight Show that he thought it must be like driving a car attached…

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