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A Tale Of Two Vans

It was the best of times, it was the better of times. One was a 2013 Mercedes Sprinter van, the other a 2003 Volkswagen Eurovan Weekender. Perhaps dreamt up in a moment of foolishness, yet purchased in a moment of belief that adventure and family togetherness would be had. They have everything ahead of them,…

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The Rhythm Of The Road

Years ago, when I was far younger, I found myself watching a band perform at a venue not far from my apartment. They were in from out of town and closing out a set to an audience of a dozen people. No one knew who they were. They sold a few CDs, made some gas…

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Top 10 #Vanlife Coffee Table Books

Need an extra push—or just an extra dose of inspiration—to hit the road and live your dream van life? Pick up one of these 10 wanderlust-inducing coffee table books and flip through photographs and stories from experienced travelers and lifelong road trippers. 1. Van Life: Your Home on the Road Today, we’re seeing more and…

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Weekend Getaway To Mount Rushmore

Many vacationers miss a most beautiful portion of the country when they bypass the Black Hills. But that just leaves more room for savvy travelers like us to explore the curving mountain roads enveloped by great pine forests, the quaint old mining towns and the astounding creativity and effort of stone carvers and dynamite experts….

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The History Of American Camping Traditions

Camping in America comes with a whole host of traditions. Most of us immediately think of a fire pit, a tent, roasting marshmallows, and the like. While not everyone camps in the same way, these cultural touchstones are part of our collective imagination. But where did they come from and how did they get so popular as to become iconic?

Life On The Road: Desk To Glory

Richard and Ashley Giordano spent 18 months traversing the U.S., Mexico, and Central and South America living out of their 1990 Toyota pickup. They started out with very little plan or preparation, but chased good weather wherever they went, in search of unbeatable landscapes. See more breathtaking images of their life on the road @desktoglory and hear…

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Adventure Or Bust, But At What Cost?

There’s a growing portion of the population (mainly comprised of millenials) who will stop at nothing—exploring new territories and trying new stunts—to generate attention, a following, or in some cases a business. Adventure doesn’t have to turn deadly, but for those in search of the “next best thing” or the “next best shot,” it often…

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Bucket List: Seeing The Milky Way

Unless you are agoraphobic, seeing the Milky Way in all its glory should be on everyone’s bucket list. In the ancient world, it’s something you couldn’t help but see. Today the light pollution in nearly any city makes it all but invisible. When you do get to see the Milkey Way, on a moonless night, in its full splendor, and you understand what you are looking at, it’s very hard not to be in complete awe. It is humbling, inspiring, and for many, deeply spiritual.

Life On The Road: Aubry Matney

Aubry and her partner, Christian, were living and working in San Antonio when they decided—somewhat spontaneously—to buy a van and set out on the road together. A year and a half later, they are staples in the vanlife community, hosting meetups for fellow van-dwellers and sharing their insights on re-renovating their van on social media….

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