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Owner Of The Week: Kacey Marner

Have you ever wanted something that was just out of reach? Most people do. For Kacey and Brycen Marner, that something was traveling in an RV with their kids. However, unlike the majority of people, this couple finally decided to go for it. “It had always been a distant dream to travel the country with…

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Owner Of The Week: Jerry Dufour

“Growing up and traveling across the country for bike races, I fell in love with the idea of traveling by RV,” says RV owner Jerry Dufour. “Once I owned my first RV, it was my home as I traveled from Alabama to California and everywhere in-between all year while racing mountain bikes.” Not wanting to…

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Owner Of The Week: Tammy Quiles

When Tammy and Richard Quiles picked out their RV, they were very careful about what they chose. “We picked our RV for the awesome tailgating options and bedroom space,” Tammy Quiles says. “Our RV features a tailgating feature where you can drop the porch and fish right off the back of the rig, or just…

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Meet Outdoorsy Owner Justin Schwab

Ever wish you could be in the presence of a famous music artist? That’s exactly what Outdoorsy Owner Justin Schwab of Barton Creek Rentals got to do on a recent gig. “The event was the Formula 1 Pirelli US Grand Prix at Circuit of the Americas (COTA) in Austin, Texas,” Justin shares. “We provided luxury…

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Get To Know Owner Ryan Brennan

“I’ve always loved road trips, but two years ago we moved from Vermont to Oregon,” Ryan Brennan recalls, adding that it wasn’t until they decided to rent a van and make a trip out of the cross-country move, that the family decided to buy a campervan and start their own camping and renting adventure. “We…

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Meet Owner Wes Gerken

As the co-owner of 13 equipment rental businesses across Kansas and Missouri, Wes Gerken is no stranger to the ins and outs of renting. In fact, some might even say he’s an expert. To rent or not to rent? That said, his original RV purchase was not made with the intention of building a business….

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Meet Owner Mike Markowski

Adventure has always been a part of Mike Markowski’s life. He’s been an on-again, off-again RV owner since the ‘70s, and he hasn’t stopped exploring since. Mike’s love for travel was obvious as he told us about one of his recent excursions. “Our last big travel adventure was a circumnavigation of the Caribbean for six…

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Meet Owner Tracey Conley

Everyone wants what’s best for their children. That’s a huge part of why Tracey and Russ Conley jumped into the RV rental world. “Our oldest just graduated from OSU and we have a second one still attending there,” Tracey explains. “Russ and I have been going broke paying their tuition, but we’ve been trying to…

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Meet Outdoorsy Owner Curt Chandler

Curt Chandler is a veteran in the world of renting vehicles, and his experience definitely shows. Before renting RVs through his current business, San Francisco Bay Area Private RVs, the savvy businessman ran a limousine rental business, and he’s been in the rental business for decades now. All of this experience is hugely helpful when…

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Meet Owner Ben Pryce And His Campervan, Ruby

For Ben Pryce, his rental rig is more than just a part of his business. It’s his creation, his pride and joy, and it once served as his home. Ben actually lived and traveled in his campervan—also known as Ruby—for quite some time before listing it as a rental. Why? For adventure of course, but…

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