Outdoorsy Owner Stories

Owners of the Week: Andrew Rutherford and Cara Boggs

A Houston resident and Outdoorsy owner, Andrew Rutherford has hands-on experience with just how destructive natural disasters can be. “We first bought our RV for temporary living after our new home took on almost five feet of water from Hurricane Harvey,” Andrew tells us. Unfortunately, this emergency purchase left Rutherford in a bit of a…

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Owner of the Week: Rebekah Lawrence

Owner Rebekah Lawrence is surrounded by RVing. Therefore, it only made sense for her family to purchase an RV of their own. “I have wonderful childhood memories in an RV with my family,” she tells us. “All of our friends have RVs. We have two young boys and thought it would be a good way…

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Owner of the Week: Mike Morgan

Mike Morgan may have some tiny RVs, but he has some big advice to go along with those little trailers—and considering his rental success, we’re happy to listen to him. This wise RV owner listed his tiny T@B trailer for rent back in 2018, choosing Outdoorsy as his rental platform. “Outdoorsy is a well-designed platform…

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Owners of the Week: Michelle and Anthony Basurto

It’s always awesome to read an Outdoorsy success story. That said, while most people are able to rent their rigs right away, there are times when getting to the point of success takes a bit of perseverance. Camping enthusiasts Michelle and Anthony Basurto are a great example of this. Fortunately, they tried and tried again…

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Owner Of The Week: Christopher “Monk” Hackett

“Since I was a boy, my passion has always been VW campers,” says creative artist, talented musician, campervan designer, and Outdoorsy owner, Christopher “Monk” Hackett. “I love their innovative design, small size, and incredible versatility. But Volkswagen hasn’t sold a camper in the United States since 2003, and most of the vans out there are…

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Owner of the Week: Keith Malatesta

“We are a family that loves the Outdoors,” owner Keith Malatesta tells us. “We ski, snowmobile, hike, bike, boat, and everything between! As my kids got to an age they could enjoy all the outdoor activities, an RV was a logical choice to fuel our adventures!” Since it was such a logical move, the family…

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Owner of the Week: John Rutledge

Running an RV rental is no “get rich quick” scheme. It takes hard work, and building a solid business takes time. That said, there’s no reason a person can’t experience some level of success immediately. In fact, many people even get rental requests immediately after listing on Outdoorsy! That is exactly what happened to owner…

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Owner of the Week: Austin Kish

Austin Kish is a single mom with some seriously creative problem-solving skills. Therefore, when this clever woman decided she wanted to share the beauty of her home state of California with her 5-year old son, she figured out a way. “With being a full-time working single parent, I don’t have a ton of extra time…

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Owner of the Week: Sirnette Dickerson

Families who camp together, stay together, and Outdoorsy owner, Sirnette Dickerson, is well aware of this fact. “I enjoy traveling and spending time with my family, and RVing creates the perfect opportunity to blend the two,” she tells us. Interestingly, Sirnette first learned how amazing RVing is as a renter: “I actually rented a vehicle…

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