Meet Our Owners

Meet Owner Wes Gerken

As the co-owner of 13 equipment rental businesses across Kansas and Missouri, Wes Gerken is no stranger to the ins and outs of renting. In fact, some might even say he’s an expert. To rent or not to rent? That said, his original RV purchase was not made with the intention of building a business….

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Meet Owner Mike Markowski

Adventure has always been a part of Mike Markowski’s life. He’s been an on-again, off-again RV owner since the ‘70s, and he hasn’t stopped exploring since. Mike’s love for travel was obvious as he told us about one of his recent excursions. “Our last big travel adventure was a circumnavigation of the Caribbean for six…

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Meet Owner Tracey Conley

Everyone wants what’s best for their children. That’s a huge part of why Tracey and Russ Conley jumped into the RV rental world. “Our oldest just graduated from OSU and we have a second one still attending there,” Tracey explains. “Russ and I have been going broke paying their tuition, but we’ve been trying to…

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Meet Outdoorsy Owner Curt Chandler

Curt Chandler is a veteran in the world of renting vehicles, and his experience definitely shows. Before renting RVs through his current business, San Francisco Bay Area Private RVs, the savvy businessman ran a limousine rental business, and he’s been in the rental business for decades now. All of this experience is hugely helpful when…

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Meet Owner Ben Pryce And His Campervan, Ruby

For Ben Pryce, his rental rig is more than just a part of his business. It’s his creation, his pride and joy, and it once served as his home. Ben actually lived and traveled in his campervan—also known as Ruby—for quite some time before listing it as a rental. Why? For adventure of course, but…

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Meet David and Nicole Rubio of Rolling Rubio Retreat

Yuba City, California residents David and Nicole Rubio have three things: a cute Jayco White Hawk trailer, an RV rental business called the Rolling Rubio Retreat, and above all else, hearts of gold. Much like other Outdoorsy owners, the couple rents their little trailer to families going on vacation, those exploring the world. But one thing…

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Meet Owner Juan Sandoval

“Imagine being part of something that brings family together to make memories.” This is what Long Beach, Calif.-based Outdoorsy owner Juan Sandoval imagined when he started thinking about renting his RV, and he loved the thought. “I started looking into Outdoorsy because I had been looking for something to do when I retire from plumbing,”…

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Meet Craig Niedbala of Craig’s Camper Sharing

The very definition of a go-getter, Craig Niedbala couldn’t be any busier. Niedbala works as a full-time mechanical foreman at BNSF Railway and as a part-time Zamboni driver. Additionally, he rents out cars on Turo, so it was only natural that he should branch out and add camper rentals to his money-making ventures. Saving customers a…

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Meet David Sodemann Of Boho Camper Vans

The very definition of a “go-getter,” David Sodemann is co-owner of Boho Camper Vans. Together with Brett Ellenson and Sarina Gomez, he runs this amazing business, offering luxury campervans to eager renters ready for adventure. Rent the original Boho Camper Van on Outdoorsy. The birth of an idea So what led this team to create…

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Meet Kevin Tumlinson Of The Written World

Kevin Tumlinson is the author of an award-winning book series. He’s a thinker, a speaker, a podcaster, and someone who’s always looking to learn something new. He’s also always on the hunt for inspiration. Often he finds his biggest and best inspirations while traveling. “I don’t really vacation much,” Tumlinson says. “Wherever I am, I…

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