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Hawaii Surf Campers Offer the Best Way to Tour the Islands

The best way to experience Hawaii The Hawaiian Islands attracts travelers who want to experience the beauty of the unique environment. Visitors often imagine themselves on lush beaches or discovering hidden waterfalls. Why spend time in hotel rooms or on crowded beaches when you could be exploring the island like a local? The most affordable…

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‘We Are Opening People’s Eyes to a Whole New World’

Bryce Johnson’s RVs don’t really look like RVs. They’re tents fixed atop SUVs. His unique business is allowing visitors to experience Hawaii like never before – by camping right on the beach.  Not your average travel experience: “Our generation wants to experience the outdoors in its entirety. They’re not into hotels or run-of-the-mill travel experiences….

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‘I Get More Hugs From My Customers Than My Own Family’

In our next installation of owner stories, we meet Patrick Campbell. The Baltimore native has made $24,000 in the last year by renting out his Class B motorhome. He offers great advice on how to succeed on Outdoorsy. I’m known as the “renting guru”: “I am known as the renting guru. I have made a hobby…

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‘I’ve Finally Been Able to Start Saving to Buy a House’

Jack Huynh is a Bay Area-based photographer and videographer. An avid outdoorsman, he rents out his Class B Leisure Travel Serenity on Outdoorsy. A stranger tnew me about Outdoorsy: “I’d purchased an RV to be able to go on more adventures with my daughter. A year and a half ago, I met someone at a campsite…

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‘Outdoorsy Basically Said, “We’ve Got This”‘

Say hello to Julie Osterkamp, one of Outdoorsy’s top owners. She’s a Utah native who rents her 2017 Rpod camper trailer. Read her story below,  No more rough nights on a cnew tent floor: My husband and I both work in wild fire, so we cherish every moment we can get outdoors, especially in the red rocks…

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