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Owner Of The Week: David Clapper

As an avid entrepreneur, David Clapper  knew exactly what he was doing when he purchased his first RV back in May of 2016. “I chose the RV I did for ease and comfort,” David says. “Renting it was the plan from the start.” Since that first purchase, David has grown his fleet to include a…

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Owner of the Week: Chris Rink

The Rink family loves RVing now, but this wasn’t always the case. There was a time not too long ago when Chris and Yasmina Rink had never stayed in an RV. Everything changed when the family decided to rent an RV for vacation.  “We have two young boys and wanted to have a different type…

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Owner of the Week: Lauren Levig

Being from Idaho means you are surrounded by gorgeous wilderness. This is why Lauren Levig first decided to get an RV. “Traveling with young kids, I wanted to be able to see more of our wild area,” Lauren said. “We live so close to amazing wilderness but I wanted the comfort of knowing we would…

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Owner Of The Week: Jared and Melanie Shipwash

For Jared and Melanie Shipwash, purchasing an RV has been a fabulous decision. “Our daughter has been doing competitive cheer most of her life,” Jared explained. “About 4 years ago we played with the idea of getting an RV so we could use it for leisure and travel for cheer. However, it wasn’t until August…

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Owner Of The Week: Tom Schmidt

Meet Tom Schmidt, a retiree who is as busy as ever, despite his retired status. You see, Tom and his wife Barbara are running an RV rental business, and with two RVs to care for, they certainly stay busy. “We had bookings within days of listing our RVs,” Tom says. “Better yet, we made over…

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Owner Of The Week: Shawn Kisielius

Shawn Kisielius is no stranger to owning a business. His personal enterprise — Canadian Barn Hunters— reclaims wood and other materials from old barns and keeps Shawn plenty busy during his day. Keeping up with this thriving business prepared him well for jumping into the world of RV rentals. Shawn didn’t purchase his 2008 Pilgrim…

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Owner Of The Week: Judith Mendez

Judith Mendez has a lot going on. She is a Wellness Educator & Therapist Massage Yoga Meditation provider, which alone would keep her plenty busy. On top of all that, she also works as an Event Producer, Film Producer, and an actress. As if those five jobs weren’t enough, the last three of them inspired…

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Owner Of The Week: Eric Bowman

Seeing all of the national parks in the country may seem like a lofty goal, but that is precisely what Eric Bowman and his wife Tonya set out to do when they purchased their RV. “We both love travel and adventure, we love the freedom of the open road,” Eric explains. “Visiting all the national…

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Owner Of The Week: Robert Lykins

Rob Lykins and his wife Brooke are a very close-knit couple. The two of them spent last summer together in their RV with their two kids, and not only did they survive, but they also had an absolute blast. “Our trip took us over the Rockies to Colorado, up to the Black Hills of South…

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Owner Of The Week: Michael Peterson

Outdoorsy Owner Michael Peterson bought his first RV back in 2011 — a whim purchase, he says. He and his wife loved it so much, they bought their current rig, which they now rent out on Outdoorsy, in 2013. “We loved the size of the second RV because it meant we could accommodate friends and…

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