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The Crazy Concept RV Everyone’s Talking About From CES

If you watch any of the video coverage of the Furrion ELYSIUM, the crazy concept RV everyone’s talking about from CES, you’ll understand pretty quickly why it turned heads and made journalists take note. “It’s a 40 foot RV with a helicopter in the back and a hot tub…” What? Did we hear that right?…

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The Cult of the Casita Trailer

The word “casita” means literally “little house” in Spanish. The Casita trailer is that and a whole lot more. Like other famous names in recreational vehicles, such as the Airstream and Winnebago, these small, sleek, and perpetually stylish camper trailers also enjoy an enthusiastic following in the mobile home community. The History of Casita The…

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Outdoorsy Big Guide to Our Favorite RVs of 2016

If you work on a music site, you have your favorite playlists. A news site, your favorite stories of the year. A tech site, app roundups you’ve bookmarked as the best. Well, we’re no different. At Outdoorsy, we all have our favorites. In our case, our favorites are RVs! Here are our favorite RVs of 2016….

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The Return of the Teardrop Trailer

The teardrop trailer: you’ve probably seen one before even if you’ve never seen the inside. They’re those those adorable little half circles being towed around by even the smallest of cars and SUVs. Teardrop trailers have been around since the 1930s. However, in the 1960s, these adorable little campers somehow fell out of style, and basically disappeared from the…

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Hollywood Airstreams and Celebrity RVs

Rescued, reclaimed, renovated, and customized are some of the words that come to mind when describing the cutting edge of recreational vehicle design. Only a design company in California would combine all of these crucial factors, add in Hollywood style, and apply it to the iconic and uniquely American Airstream trailer. When it comes to…

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6 Incredible Christmas Presents for RVers

This holiday season, it looks like all the good girls and boys have camping trailers on their wish lists. From vintage truck with matching vintage trailer mantle decorations, to teardrops for fashion dolls, to gingerbread trailer kits, it seems retailers are tapping into the RV zeitgeist this season. Here are 6 of the most incredible…

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Retro Campers, New Technology

The big names in recreational vehicles always make sure that their most popular and profitable designs stay on the market in some form. What about the daring, creative individuals who put together some of the first mobile homes using little more than their own materials and ingenuity? In Retro campers new technology, we look at…

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How to Download Offline Maps for Remote Travel

No breaking news on this front: We live in a hyper-connected age. We don’t often think of offline map needs because we don’t think of going offline. Road warriors are accustomed to having detailed maps and satellite photos available online at the swish of a finger or the click of a button to plan trips and…

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Retro RVs Made From Recycled, Reused, Rescued Rigs

No matter how many customization options an RV company offers, they can never match the unique look of a recycled or rescued rig. Even before the iconic Airstream and Winnebago appeared on American roads, there were many creative, handy nomads that were building homes on wheels from used, recycled, or reclaimed vehicles. These included everything…

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The 1985 Magical Unfolding Camping Trailer Design

A walk-in freezer. An oversize portable toilet. Maybe a horse trailer. That is all you would have thought of the Böhtlingk De Markies if you passed it on the highway. If you saw it at the campground, though, unfnewed in all its sleek, spacious glory, you’d never believed it was the same plain white windowless box you saw…

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