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Keeping Your Pets Safe in the RV When You are Away

One of the greatest things about traveling in an RV is that you no longer have to leave your fur kids at home while you travel around the country.  It definitely makes it easier to bring your dogs, cats, or in our case, our pet silkie chicken named Brienne of Tarth, everywhere you go. But,…

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Best Tips and Recipes for RV Tailgating

RV Tailgating is the best. You’ve got everything you need to make great food, great drinks, and to entertain guests. If the weather is uncooperative, you have shelter. And if you need a little rest or relief, well, you have that covered too! So, get your apron ready, and warm up the grill for the best tailgating recipes and tips from the outdoorsy community.

How To Create a Valentine’s Day Package for Your RV

Valentine’s Day will be here soon. As an RV owner, offering rentals through Outdoorsy can be a lucrative income opportunity. But depending on your rental market, you may find that your RV isn’t getting booked. That can be especially true during slower seasons. One way to combat this is to create packages, just like you’d get…

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Best Places to Spend Valentine’s Day in Nature

If you’re looking for the best places to celebrate Valentine’s Day out in nature, you may be looking for a spot with just the right amount of drama and perhaps a dash of romance. A place to park your RV that stirs the heart and soul and inspires awe and gratitude. Most of all you…

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Why You Should Camp at State and County Parks

When you think about your dream camping location, whether you’re going for a weekend excursion or if you live full-time on the road, do you imagine wide open spaces, maybe right on a lake or river, or secluded in the mountains with trees as far as the eye can see? How about for a small…

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The Best Burgers in Every State

Eat your way through America on this tour of the country’s best burgers. (Don’t forget to rent an RV for your post-feast nap!)

How to Brew the Perfect Cup of Coffee on the Road

Coffee, the beverage that powers so many of my favorite mornings in nature. Whether watching the soft light of the sun emerge over a mountain range or a serene beachfront landscape, coffee is inevitably tied to experiencing these moments in a perfectly ideal manner. But which method is best to easily produce a consistently excellent…

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Telemedicine for Travelers

What do you do when you need to see a medical professional while vacationing away from home? This is exactly what happened while I was spending a month vacationing in Big Bend National park. I got my first case of gout, but the nearest doctor’s office was nearly a day’s drive away. I tried various…

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How to Add Outdoorsy to a Smartphone Home Screen

How often do you use the Outdoorsy website with your smartphone? If you’re taking the time to read this article, we’d be willing to wager… enough. 😉 Sifting through multiple websites on your smartphone is about as easy as finding that mysterious missing sock. Want to save some time and make it easier to access?…

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How To Ask Your Renters To Leave Positive Reviews

We totally get it. Awkward situations, can be well… awkward. Waving to someone who wasn’t waving at you, saying, “you too”, to the waiter when they say, “enjoy your meal”, the barista grossly misspelling your name on a coffee cup. As an Outdoorsy owner — we aren’t immune to these situations. Sometimes it can be…

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